Tips to increase Smartphone battery time

It is no secret that smart phones are highly notorious battery bogs, with some other devices having quite embarrassing screen-on-time. It is obvious that the smart phone drain your battery and there are a number of scenes which are behind the scene for and android phone. Below are some of the battery saving tips which can make your battery last longer:

smartphone-battery life

Let the vibrator off


Switch off the vibration and turn it on only when you are in a dire need of it. It always consumes more battery of your phone and immediately drains it off.

Take a timeout

Set your phone display time to the minimum and take as short screen time out as possible for you. If the screen time out is set on a minute, it will be using four times more power. The ideal screen timer for an android phone should be set to 15 seconds.

Don’t let your notifications disturb at night

Set sleep timings to switch off WiFi when you do not need them. If your phone remains off during work hours, set your device not to ring, vibrant or connect to the internet while you are at work. Moreover, you can also keep your phone to the airplane mode when during sleep, work or meeting.

Turn on power saving mode

power saving
It is a Samsung feature which controls CPU and screen power as well as “haptic feedback” which use vibrations to signal a specific function should be utilized. It can be turned off & configure it by swiping down your home screen and then choose the ‘settings’ icon resembling a gear.

Utilize the battery saving features on your phone
All the ROMS, whether it’s stock android, like touchWiz or other custom ROMs like CyanigenMod, have got various settings in the menu to optimize battery conversion. These varied options help for your device and make them suitably work for you.

Master the art to update apps


See all the updates when you launch them. If you not so often open your app, it would be better to keep you update, despite of the automatic updates all the type and it will push notifications.If you only check email once in the entire day, why not you let app update then only, and in case you are on a widget, every couple of hours anyway then why not have it update each time despite of looking at it at intervals.

Make your local service be friendly for you

Turning off location services would be a perfect way to save your battery. Go to your settings and find location under personal heading & tap on it. At the top of the next page you will see the ‘mode’ in this menu and will also be able to set the options for how your smart phone determines location.

No animations

This may differ device to device but the core of it may remain the same. Go to your settings and also to the about phone and tap on the ‘build number’ for around seven times. You will be notified that you have become an android developer but don’t perturb over as it will only add another option in the setting menu.

Why I don’t ignore social media marketing?

Gone are the days when the executives have to hide them behind the walls of their bedrooms and take rest. The entire expectations form customers and employees have gone to the next level. There are small and big campaigns which run regularly for a string and effective representation of their business. Present day businesses need to demonstrate their strong commitment and make them fully accessible on the social media.
Game changing trends
If you want to understand the social mediaand the role it plays in making your business become most prosperous and successful. Social media used to combine the technology and an enhanced social interaction among many. These tools are typically used for the website and mobile purposes. The major social media platform includes; Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn etc.

here is average user stats of daily usage of social media websites:

SMM stat
What makes social media a voice?
Social media provides a platform to make a strong communication with your peers and potential customers. It helps you personalize your brand and spread your message in an entirely different way. It has made the interaction more advanced among the people worldwide.
What social media do?
Social media plays several roles and they can’t be ignored. It makes your business product successful within time and makes it available to everyone who doesn’t even know your product. An effective representation of your brand and product makes it known worldwide. This drags your loyal customers and turns them into your immediate customers.
Social media does make a difference
There are several ways in which social media cam be used:

  • Social media can be used to provide an identity to the new introduced products or existed ones
  • Relationship could be enhanced with other people who might get to know about their products
  • Social revels the real customers and services
  • It shows your real products to the consumers and target a big market
  • Social media can be used to talk about your latest product news
  • A strong interaction can be made with the consumers
  • You cannot entirely depend on the social media other marketing means must also be considered
  • Reflect your right product and determine what strategy would be effective to ring positive or negative impacts for yourself.
  • Last but not the least – consistency must be there otherwise, if it is missing then nothing is going to work at all & all the struggle comes to an end.

What are the Best ways to promote an app

There have been many entrepreneurs who have made an app without spending a penny for the promotional purposes. On the other hand, there have been entrepreneurs who have earned in millions that one could ever imagine. All of them have been using different strategies for doing it. For instance, some have been doing the publicity through social media whilst others went with the print media.

mobile app marketing

There are always ways to create an impressive app few of them are given below:

  1.        Keep your customers coming back for more

Customers prove to be the backbone for any business. It is because of the prospective customers that a company will be having ultimate success. It is crucial to hold your customers & make them familiarize about the apps. The app should be catchy & beneficial for customer. The right potential to hit the customers is all you need to keep you your business successful.
2.      Start a   blogging
It is pertinent to add interesting content to your website that must depict other’s attention. Content you write must be able to cope with the latest technology. If you would be successful in drawing other people’s attractions then provide them with something that is different and they must not have visited before.
3.      Share your content
Social media connects shares and transfers information in a more rapid way than any other platform can. For instance, Facebook, Google, LinkedIn and Twitter. Use these platforms for the rapid promotion of an app on regular basis,

  1. Product video

Another impressive way is to make an impressive video. Video must be able to cast an impact on the people. It could be funny, creative and thought provoking. People must be able to identify the message you are going to spread through your video.
5.      Post on pinterest
Make use of healthy images, infographics and also blog images. Visual content holds significance when let the visual content from your app create content on Pinterest board. Your value customers can be made happy by placing photos or any other activity like holding contests.
6.      Recruit customers
Drain as many customers as you can. Visit different platforms and bring them to the limelight. Post ads on different platforms and find the potential customers.
7.      Focus on your mobile website
If you have made a mobile website that gets decent amount of traffic. Extract the right benefit out of your app. Make it easier for other people too find your app while drawing maximum traffic towards it. There will always be a ‘targeted group’ who will be interested in your app. Pay proper attention to all such people and think of different ways to make it easier for them to access an app.



Why you need an app?

Mobile apps have become the most important part of every business, regardless of their size & industry. There are many small businesses which have made progress through developing mobile apps. Most of the small scale businesses have got their mobile apps. It has become more profitable to have a mobile app developed.

mobile-apps importance

Some amazing facts

Online business has shifted to a more progressive level where only in 2010,more than 50% of all the internet access was done through handheld of some type. 40% of mobile owners use these devices to download various apps. Around 35% of the android &iPhone users in the US use successful apps for they start their day.
Avail app as a promotional tool
A website proves to be a vital tool to make an effective display for your products& services. Mobile users are increasing day-by-day. A number of mobile users access internet through their smart phones. Things including commerce, trade, payments would be handled through the mobile phone. Would apps are significant that they have become the future of computing. Developing mobile apps & promoting them among your users is of dire importance.

Here is a survey about usage of mobile payments. :

mobile payments by age

Mobile-friendly websites

There are companies which don’t want to create mobile apps & consider making mobile friendly websites. They go along with their budget and utilize it well. Several web developing companies are there who are willing to create their websites on a minimal cost and intend tom engage mobile users in a pleasant user experience.

mobile friendly websites
Getting into partnership with other companies
Enter into partnership with other companies can support you and take you to success. It often helps dragging more customers to your site. Make connections with a number of other companies and run a mobile ad exchange program. Improve your status through mutual efforts.

Earn with your app

Small industries avoid making apps for their businesses because of fear of the costs. The budget goes far from their reach and become an expensive affair. But sometimes, the situation is entirely different, get the costs reduced through smart strategies and avoid doing extra fills. This will bring down your costs and the actual development starts here. What else do you require?

  • A professional app developer
  • A well designed logo
  • Make a planning in advance
  • Start the actual process of development
  • Pay focus on the images and content
  • Use modernized techniques s
  • This will help you make an excellent amount of money.
  • Don’t forget to focus on the app advertisement

Reach out as many customers as you can

Many benefits of developing an app have been discussed above. No one can deny their importance and they are widely used through the younger generation. Your existing customers are ready to pass on anything to their friends and acquaintances. Things to do:

  • Let the users make a generic search
  • Integrate social media network
  • Focus on the app marketing
  • Utilize differentsocial media platform
  • Make your product widely known
  • Be aware of Do’s and Don’ts of social media marketing

Make a brighter display of your products
Make an effective use of your app and make your products and services widely known thought consistent marketing efforts. Let the potential customers visit your website & provide them with instant features of your products. Give interesting features related to your product and spread all the relevant information as well.

mobile apps products


Things to Avoid Before Hiring Android Outsourcing Company

If you are skilled as an android developer & looking for an outsourcing company for the iPhone applications, then consider the best Android Application Development services in the market. You may come across a variety of Android App Developer in market and have a grip over the mist refined quality whenever you are thinking Android Outsourcing.

Now-a-days mobile application has become a bright option for the future. This field is amazing and creative especially for the youth. They are developing the skills and seeking excellence in their career. They are giving their full efforts in this field with the unique services. Android App Development Services are not done by the developers but they hire the best service providers whom are skilled in coding.

before - hire android-company

Three main things to keep in mind

o Option for profit sharing seems impressive and there are usually pitfalls in all such arrangements. The entire conditions for the agreement may be vague, entire goals of this project may be shared by both the sides.

o You need to be completely aware once you have hired an Android Development company and stick to their work if the outsources is responding too quickly to your proposals. Raise immediate questions whenever required and make sure what is getting done for you.

o Punctuality can never be compromised at any cost. When it comes to hire the project and deliver the services. On the other hand, various mobile development projects development projects are gaining attraction these days & outsourcing it is gaining even more attraction. Make the decisions carefully and find lower costs before you pass you pass your money.

What are the three qualities the developers must possess?

3 things to consider


Top 5 text editors used by Developers

A refined text editor must be there on the computer in any operating system. The humble text editor would manage the codes, taking quick notes which are solely based on your nominations.

Atom:                          Atom

It is termed as the text editor for 21st century & has gained a lot of attentions and praises in the nominations. Text editors have become the need of text developers today.It’s built by the team at GitHub and integrates lessons of the team learnt on regular basis. It’s fully customizable & flexible.

  • It has a large following with tons of plugins;it packs a tabbed interface, easy file browser & also an easy learning curve
  • There is also solid documentation which would help you get started. It is available in private beta & you will have to sign in if you want to make a try

Sublime text:                          Sublime

It’s a cross platform & featured packed, it used to be the favourite in the call for contenders thread because of its amazing feature set.

Plug-ins & add-ons are available for particular programming languages. The app feature is extremely powerful search and go-to features. Many keyboard commands will help you never to take your hands of the keyboard while using. Other features:

  • A distraction free mode will make you focus right on the work
  • Sublime text possesses a tabbed interface to open multiple documents at the same time
  • Select multiple rows for simultaneous changes
  • Customize shortcuts to suit your own needs, and even chain shortcuts together to perform complex but instant operations.
  • It’s extraordinarily powerful

Notepad++ :                         notepad-plus-logo-150x150

Notepad++ has been in use for a long period of time, many users have only ever used Notepad++ whenever they felt upgrading from Notepad or WordPad. It still remains under development & combines the simple interface of WordPad or notepad.

  • It has advanced features which will make developers happy
  • Many of them include a customizable interface
  • You also get customizable syntax highlighting, text folding and collapsible parts of the document
  • Also use other options to launch the app under certain parameters, just to make your work easier

Vim (and Its Iterations) :  vim-editor

Vim was designed to bring the simplicity of Vi to each platform & for a person who wanted configurable text-editor. Vim is cross-platform, free &while it’s aimed squarely at programmers who want an interface they can squeeze to their liking & really get some work done in, you don’t really need to be a programmer to use the most of it. Just find some time to configure it the way you prefer.

  • It is extensively helpful for beginners
  • Once you remember it downloads & shortcuts, use a number of scripts to apply on your work
  • When you learn around it becomes an essential tool
  • Keep a history of the actions to repeat them easily
  • Supports micro reading & automatically recognizes the file types once installed

Emacs (and Its Iterations):  Emacs

It has been around for decades and the major text editor to stay behind the Holy Text Writer in 1976.

  • It’s not the easier to use but one of the most powerful tools
  • It has a steep learning curve which is always ready for use
  • The version which majority use is GNU Emacs.
  • Emacs can handle any type of text with customized features & shortcuts to match your project
  • It has tons of modules created by third parties to leverage the app for non-programming purposes
  • Its major power lies in the fact that it is playful and can be moulded for everyone




Top Best SaaS examples

SaaS is becoming more popular day by day; most of the companies are dropping their previous business and shifting to this new technology. Many benefits are associated with the SaaS model, it is easier to administrate & all the users will have the same version of software because all the updates are done automatically. It makes the remote work more easier, reduces costs and improves performance.
Salesforce: The founder of SaaS industry is an American based known for the Customer Relationship Manager (CRM software), they also offer other services, for instance, PaaS. AppExchange (a market for cloud computing applications) or a social performance management platform. They also offer a SOAP/REST Web service API that enables integration with other systems.
Linkedin: There are many arguments to include it in a list of software-as-a-service;BVP has chosen to include the social networking for the professionals.
Workday: US make this cloud-based management software vendor form others;they offer online services at a fraction of cost of upgrading their mandatory vendors. They provide financial management, cloud integration applications and human capital management.
NetSuite: The well-known American software company offers SaaS integrated business management software that includes software for ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), accounting, order management, inventory, CRM, PSA (Professional Services Automation) and e-commerce applications.

ServiceNow: It is an American based company, established in 2003 & provides IT service management (ITSM0 software. It competes well with the companies, for instance, Hewlett-Packard, IBM in ITSM applications. It also competes with the SaaS/ PaaS companies like, like
Concur Technologies: It provides travel and expense management solutions from its Washington-based headquarters in the US. Concur’s SaaS solutions include Concur Travel; amp& Expense, a travel and expense management solution for companies, and TripIt, a mobile travel organizer for individuals.

Cornerstone on Demand: It is another American-based software company that provides cloud-based talent management solutions to more than 12 million users in 190 countries worldwide. All of its products are SaaS, and include from learning management systems to performance management tools to talent acquisition management and tracking solutions.

Athenahealth: It is an American health company that provides practice management and electronic medical record services for medical practitioners. Among its services they offer specialized medical software such as an integrated electronic medical records (EMR) service or a physician billing and practice management service.

The Ultimate Software Group
The Ultimate Software Group: It was Found int he 90s, this company develops and provides cloud-based human capital management (HCM) solutions for companies across all industries. Its software solutions are divided in two solutions: UltiPro Enterprise, designed for larger companies (+1,000 employees), and UltiPro Workplace, conceived for smaller businesses (200-999 employees).

Medidata: This American-based company specializes in developing cloud-based software solutions for the clinical development process, improving study design, protocol development, trial planning and management, site collaboration, randomization and trial supply management, monitoring, and many others.

Things to follow in new start-up

Many people come with great ideas but they don’t actually work because there the audience present there doesn’t pay much heed to the products or services. Here are some functional ways which may help you drive a clear strategy to launch your business & also provide you with some great ideas. A business success depend various ideas, moreover you need to do through research in this regard. A thorough research will help you generate big ideas that would be highly successful for a business.

Define a clear strategy for your business

No business would be able to climb the success the ladder unless the absence of a suitably devised strategy. Keep your focus on the target market and create a niche for your business in the market that is seen as key to success.

For a startup business, it is always a god idea to meet with an advisor or talk to a marketing expert. These sources can offer you complete guidance and help you decide what you want to. Mainly, you need to collect information on then following aspects:
 Complete industry information
 Target market
 Your competitors

Complete industry information

What happens on the industry is going to affect your business in one way or the other. You need to have an in-depth knowledge about the current trends and happening in the market. The more you have about your industry, the more advantage & security you will have. A business takes into consideration the following factors:
 Entire industry economics
 The participants
 Key factors for competition
 Nature of business

Internet cast an impact on the state of business information. There are websites available for the business analysis, statistics, demographics & everything you need to know for a startup business plan.

Target market

target-marketingDetermine your business target market and find out how to regulate it. If you don’t address this matter then a number of innovative concepts can become fragile and redundant. Once you have got a functional product, it becomes pertinent to consider the demographics and gather information about the products online. There arises a need to understand the target consumers & fundamental characteristics for a number of online resources.

Things to do:

 Create a profile for your consumers
 Develop an understanding for customer needs
 Pay focus to their employment status
 Understand their typical spending habits

Your competitors

CompeteYou cannot bring your business to the next level until you understand the nature of competition in the market. Pay focus on the frequent customer choices and preferences. You need to make an estimate about the ongoing competition in the market and follow the key to success.

Things to consider:
 Why customers prefer one provider over the other
 What buy factors matter the most
 Bring into limelight the product features
 Pay concentration on the brand names

How to build long term relationship with a new customer?

Do you think that money can buy most of the important things in life? If so then you could, be wrong, because then it comes to promote your business then effective strategies matter more than anything. Do you think that customers play an effective role in driving your business? If wouldn’t be say that customers make your business, in the absence of products & services, you wouldn’t be able to cast an impact on the customers.

Impression does matter

make first impression
Focus on the important things first and give your business a new shape&place, every step you take in the start could be time consuming but it pays you back thereafter. Do not only attracted towards your products but also provide them with the interesting information & significant features. Stay connected with your customers and extracts as many ways as you can to benefit your business.

Keep the communication active & spontaneous
You need to understand the client needs and read his mind. This can happen of you keep an active communication with the prospective customers and facilitate the accordingly. Moreover, keep your customers engaged all the way.

customersMake sure not to be inefficient, for instance, not providing the customers with an active response, otherwise company and client relationship would be at stakes. If you notice that find that certain do not respond to you emails, it often indicates that that they have lost their attention in your company.

Keep the customers engaged and generate new ideas. Keep things clear and in introduce new ideas and opinions. Make estimates from the customer behavior whether they want to enter new a market, and what are their goals, are they short term or term.Initiate brain storming sessions and not stick to a single idea.

Be the trusted advisors
Customers should see your company as a trusted advisor; it suggests that you should be the person which they can contact whenever they need any help.

In order toke b a trusted advisor,focus on providing assistance before the customer plans to do so, also determine your commitment to the relationship. In doing so, you will be able to add more value and to this relationship.

Regular feedbacks
There are cases when the constant feedback coming from the customers help in solving a number of problems. If you are actually exerting your efforts in making the relationships be better, then provide them with a regular feedback.

feedback400Make sure to meet the customer’s needs no matter how much effort do you have to put into this. Whatever you do, do it with a proper survey so that you develop a stronger insight into this relationship.

Let the consumers be on top priority
All the customers you have to cater wouldn’t be same thinking preference. You need to keep 100% of your customers satisfied; it otherwise can result in loosing revenue.

It is pertinent to skip treating everyone on the same ground, the excellent consumer and determine the ways for to please the customers. A successful company is the one which provides tailored services for the sake of its customers. Don’t let small issues turn into big ones and affect your business. In other words, you need to be on high alert when you treat your customers.

Loyal customers are going to pay you back
Once you have built your website, continue the follow up. Utilize the cost effective tools and stay connected with your customers using a medium, either through email or social media platform. Release offer letters and keep the interaction alive. Let them hear the amazing deals/ opportunities you have to offer. When you consider the customer trust, they would be pleased saying “XYZ is really good is providing something,” or I have had an amazing experience on XYZ company site.”


Tips to Choose perfect logo for your website

A sound logo defines your business very well. Creative logo designs cast stronger impact of your business and also make a stronger display of your product. In the absence of a meaningful logo, your business wouldn’t make such reputation when compared with useful logo design. In this article, you can have multiple ways to be aware of a logo importance. Realize the importance of logo and consider the following points.

  • Gain a proper understanding of your business
  • Create a powerful toolbox for logo designs
  • Understand what makes a logo design stand out
  • Things you need to consider before starring a toolbox


For a startup business, give a fresh look to your business and let it flourished. Your company logo and brand provide an insight about your business. It is often the impression that a customer catches and gets attracted. Once a logo has been created, it gives a clear impression about your business. A sound logo goes parallel with our business; it strengthens your business, promotes professionalism and drive potential customers to your quality.

Simplicity of designs simplicity

When it comes to logo designs, the first priority should be to keep it simple. Think about the possibilities how your logo will appear when it would be displayed anywhere.The simpler the logo is, the more likely it is to adjust the any environment.In case, your logo is complex, neither it will be understandable by a layman nor the message it depicts would ever be displayed.

Font sizes

Such a font should be used that is original and makes your brand stand out among the tough competition that persists today. A precise font will make your brand stand unique. Avoid using which are too general, for instance, Comic sans, Arial or Times New Roman etc.
Logo color

The color scheme used in logo would be the prime cause for its brilliancy. It should covey the message that goes with environmental sustainability. Think deep and take time in the selection of bright colors only then you would be able to choose the right logo. The color scheme goes with the overall reputation of your business, for instance, blue is the color of reliability and hence added in the brands related to life insurance and investment.

logo shapes

A logo consists of two elements, for instance, a word mark and a symbol.  A new start-up business cannot rely on a particular symbol for representation. In fact, it needs a lot of marketing & advertising should be done before the brand goes viral. As mentioned, logo is not going to bear all the burdens of your business; the name of your company help maintain the right equilibrium between the two.