Reasons to Update your Website Regularly

Keeping your website is the need of the day and it is essential to keep visitors for your website. Fresh content keep your website alive and as an expert in the market the maximum traffic should be driven towards your website. A balance should be maintained between updating the content and where it is needed to be updated. Follow the right strategies for internet marketing and let your business flourish.


Increase the website traffic

The most prominent factor is to increase the website traffic. Quality content is the reason to drive maximum customers towards your website. Content quality can be analyzed through the search engine algorithms. Search engines do not define the ranking of the website only through the SEO keywords.

increase the traffic stats

Quality content is always considered which may help improve the website rankings.Better content will help draw a bulk of customers.

Management of your branding
With the finest SEO techniques, you efforts towards products and services improve your site popularity.

  • Online branding with consistent efforts
  • Attention to all the details
  • Regularly update your site with new information
  • Brands direction is important for drawing new customers & additional business

Main credibility
After the SEO methods, grab new visitors to your site. Make your first impression lasting one. It is never going to be in favour of your business to post out dated content.

  • Visitors to your site will have better understanding & response through updated content
  • People want to see information on regular basis
  • They come, learn & ready to buy something

Search ranking enhancement

Fresh content always extend the credibility with search engines and SEO results.

SERP increased

  • Provide information on the value topics in your industry
  • You become viewed as an authority by search engines
  • You are always ranked higher by search engines
  • You are more likely to be ranked higher in search engines

Move with the industry
Internet if growing rapidly, the trends are constantly changing and getting more popular. Focus on keeping your site fully updated and move forward with the time.

move-as-per trends

The way your site is designed, it will automatically enhance the visitors who know about your products and services.
Be highly informative
Let your websites be informed on all the latest trends for your company. This could be done in a variety of ways, for instance, with latest news, articles & provide frequent updates. All this process should be maintained visitors must be able to find healthy on your website.

  • Update SEO keywords as per the new trends
  • Go with the industry trends

All this will help new visitors go through search engine until the next customer is likely to search newer technology & current terminology.


Mobilizing the Enterprise: Choosing between Custom Mobile Solutions and Ready-Made Apps

There are many reasons to boost the BYOD (Bring Your Own Device)trend; it has become highly popular among the business employees to enhance the productivity. Having the business apps allow you to handle the data more accurately, such tools help you even outside the office. BYOD play a vital role in making awareness for the companies and enable risk management. It makes the access to the confidential data even more strong.

Choose between custom designed apps and ready made apps

CEO’s of the companies want to keep a tighter control over employees and re-arrange software as mobile apps for the iOS and android. A majority of the says that it becomes so costly to have the readymade apps for their company as compared with the custom made apps which cater the company needs more effectively &prove cost-effective with the long term benefits.

A review has been given for the readymade and custom made apps. One should be able to find the right solutions and find their specific needs.

As per the types of assessing data, enterprise can be divided into the following categories:

apps catagories

Custom-designed apps

It provides high advantages because of the following reasons:

ready made apps vs custom app solution

  • App are designed & developed for the business purposes
  • They are designed keeping the personal user needs in mind
  • The apps will match the existing enterprise
  • Security remains the prime focus
  • Functions have been designed for the present situations and provides many other factors for business plus a strong competitive advantage

Ready-Made Apps

When compared to the cost effective apps above, readymade apps provide the following advantages

  • They can be used right after the purchase
  • There are frequent updates coming from the vendor, they brings into use the innovative technologies without any bigger effort
  • It assesses the entire user community
  • Apart from many other advantages, there are no hidden costs. The amount of purchase remains the same with many additional features.
  • Enhanced features can also make an increase in the cost


After considering both of the apps, it is always advisable to utilize the solution which are available for the marketing data, business purposes & provide custom software for highly unique business possesses. Strategic apps demand more advanced function & the entire level of security can be met via wide audience.

Email Marketing in 2015

Email marketing is going to be on the rise with the passage of time; it’s going to be more effective in the exiting year. Email marketing is the most known and versatile marketing channel. Various predictions have been made for email marketing, customer behaviors, influences and the doubts as well. Moreover, various marketing tools will keep a certain influence in the email marketing field.

Email Marketing in 2015

Future is looking of email marketing

With the evolution in the technology, many other factors are going to change. We are more connected to each other like ever before; technology runs with us as we step forward. Such dramatically changed scenarios will set the standards more high for email marketing. There are going to be more opportunities for email marketing thereafter; there would also set new opportunities for the digital marketers.

Email Marketing future

Common things in email marketing 2015:

Growing importance of smart phones

  • With the active use of mobile phones, it is more likely to keep focus on the mobile based platforms;
  • Supportive designs for android and iPhone, companies are expecting to make an explosion through the smart phone devices.

Smart content

  • Marketers are supposed to use unique content with an access to the personalized content will bring the rewards.
  • Tags and context aware content is appreciated is brought into limelight
  • Consumers should receive the accurate messages according to the content

 Engagement-based delivery

  • Email providers for instance, Google and Yahoo will deliver email to the spam folder and ensure email are delivered on time with the increased relevancy.

Frequently rising social media

social media rising

  • Various inventions, insight information, precise details and the levels of sharing peer-to-peer network make marketers focus on the social media sharing and the benefits associated with it.
  • Marketers are paying more attention to the sign-ups to email-in lists.

Location-specific marketing
location based marketing

  • It would allow for certain incentives to be delivered to the right time. It can be done through promoting the different services that are based on where the subscriber is located.
  • Location-based services will help engage more customers to deliver what is more likely to be delivered.

One channel

  • Brands think of their multi strategies and act upon them. There is a brilliant strategy to provide a unified extension for the best user experience from one channel to another.
  • By doing this, global users will be able to have a better experience which is more likely to keep them intact.

Secrets of candy crush success

If you adhere to understand the difference behind the addiction of the sandy crush saga then at first you need to know that the game is generating millions of dollars per day. The point to ponder is that this ‘free game’ is close to a million dollars per day for it developer, The biggest feature could be seen in its highly addictive nature. If you are in the start of your new business then there are some important lessons which we could drive from its success.

secrets of candy crush
An increasing desire
What attracts you in most of the games? It’s because they continue as long as you want them to be. Players soon start getting annoyed with such games. The scenario is a bit different in candy crush because players only get five lives before they have to wait for three minutes. In fact, there are some spots in the game in which a player have to wait for until the next day.
Where this obsession comes from?
All the candy crush addicts are the same – totally hooked on the game that’s even beatenFarmvilleto rise to the top spot. People have spent millions of dollars on this game. Only 15% percent of its players are found in the Europe. It has gone on the top that the authorities have started getting worried.
Top 8 secrets of candy crush saga

  • The difficulty increases in sudden leaps, and pushes you to do whatever it takes
  • It gives you goals, which encourage you to struggle on through each level
  • You suffer withdrawal symptoms whenever you put it down
  • It gives you a sense of progress: you don’t have to “start again” when you lose
  • It’s easy to learn: there’s only a handful of rules
  • It’s everywhere: cellphones, Facebook, tablets, laptops
  • It rewards you at random, like a slot machine
  • It appeals to your competitive nature and your desire to avoid negative outcomes

You are never going to get over the frustration

In candy crush saga, five lives you are going to have Five Lives which are exact. When you get failed in completing a level you lose it. After reaching the first few difficult levels, you run out of the lives quickly and this is where candy crush start getting successful.
Play again and again
There are two ways to get more lives, ask any of your Facebook friends to play with you or pay via micro transactions. People spend a considerable amount of money on it. Select from the two options:

  • Ask any of your Facebook friends to play with you
  • Pay up

It is worth mentioning that it’s quite an expensive obsession.




Benefits of social media websites in your business

Many benefits can be driven out of a social media website. Social media isn’t only about sharing the content/ image or any product with your followers. Many small businesses have been spread all over the world and contribute towards success through social media. Still there are many ill believers who don’t understand realize the value of social media. Well it’s a fact that they contribute directly towards the growth of a business. Here are some facts given below which can make the skeptics believe the dire importance of social media.

benefits of social media

Social media makes you know your audience

percentage of facebook users by age

The key to any business is to know your audience. Social media platform helps it happen and introduce easier ways to identify the means for your success. The right strategy can help your run campaigns and take determine ways for your prosperity.

Consider the following things:

  • Have an insight about your audience age & gender
  • This helps you cater campaigns
  • Keep your focus on your target audience
  • Provide a better platform for investment

Social media targets audience more efficiently

MiniToy Social Target Group

Targeting you audience is another effective way to provide a specific benefit you your audience. Social media platform works just like ‘fire on water’ and spread content within miraculous frame of time.For instance, Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn etc., are viable platforms to keep your audience up-to-date. Audience can be rightly targeted through the location, age, gender, relationship status and language. For instance, if you want share a post with the people who speak different language then geo-targeting could be a sufficient way to do it. Things to follow:

  • Make sure to know the audience location
  • Use geo-targeting techniques
  • Utilize the best means to grow your audience

Social media provides you help you enhance your audience

All the social media platforms like Facebook, twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn etc. help you identify your audience very well. Potential customers can be found through smart strategies. For instance, if you have just started a business, target audience can be found through the Hoot suite to look for anyone who is tweeting for to ask for your xyz services. After locating about those tweets you can reach that prospective customer and invite them to try your services at your start up business.
Receive an instant feedback through Facebookfeedback in stars
Social media gives a boost to your business and help you have valuable insights on the customer’s perspective. For instance, when you have just launches a new product and place it on the social media for the world to see, you will instantly get to know about how your customers think about it. There are ways to get the desired customer perspective on the social media. Another way to gain the customer could be to learn how to sue your product. Things to do:
o Make sure to learn about your product
o Find the ways to distinguish it with rest of similar products
o Allow your customers to have original ideas
o Another way could be to learn how to sue your product

Social media gives rise to the web traffic

Social media can help increase website traffic and search ranking. Built a website for your business, drive strategies and drive the maximum traffic to your site. Social media wouldn’t only help you direct audience to your website bit it also improves the ways to but it plays the prominent role in driving maximum traffic to your site.

social media increase your web traffic
Keeping in view the above points, the significance for social media can never be ignored. Much has been demonstrated to make skeptics realize the true importance of social media.

Cost, Schedule and Scope: Prioritizing in Software Production

Having a bright to take your business to the next level; needs firm planning and efficacy. For instance, if you are planning to launch a complex mobile app then or an enterprise automation solution things may become complex for you. While planning for any such thing, may vague things may come your way and create constraints. After managing such constrains on your way an idea turns up into working software. To acknowledge the limitations will help you relieve stress and save a lot of money.

There are ways to prioritize all the aspects of software development to eradicate the constraints. There are some basic concepts to look at the software production.

Any software project depends on the three principles:

project-management- by-alpha-apps
Many projects possess a great potential to manage the constraints primarily because the features structure is not understood at the basic level. Moreover, time is never going to turn back so it must be smartly consumed; increase the project scope by adding additional time and speed up the things. Finally, the costs are also a prime part and can be neglected. Make an estimate about how much money are you going to spend on the project to lessen the scope and enlarge timings.

Project Prioritizing

May organizations have got more projects demand that they can actually manage. The project insight allows you to have access to the projects in the portfolio. Make customization of your projects scorecards so that you finalize the associated politics and make a clear identification of the worth profitable projects.


Things to be done:

  • Customize your organization scorecard
  • Clearly Define goals and other factors
  • Rate the projects based on your goals
  • Generate weigh scores automatically
  • The entire prioritization depend is based on the scores & ranking with the portfolio

How the analytics begin

After keeping in mind the analytic, get a clearer view of the resources available and find a solution for the satisfactory quality right on time. You need to create a formal description and draw mock ups for the project. Resultantly, you may have active information which is necessary for making decisions.

Analytics begins

  • Time development should be done according to the required functionality
  • A detailed cost evaluation
  • Possible technical knowledge, qualification and experience
  • Make ways to avoid risks

After collecting the information, there is time to prioritize and select the project realization team. Make a comparison of the offer based analytics from offer based analytics and got with the details. Have an important project evaluation for the required questions and detailing.

The possible challenges and to overcome them

4 challenges

If the time set schedule and budget responds to your expectations then the work can be perfectly done. It works with the technical requirements with no need of customization and everything remains flexible.

There are various stages of a process, theta includes, design, solution, development, production etc. meeting the hard deadlines requires you to realize the expected. You can either spend more money & specialists to finish the tasks and consider special effects of the project. Or other way is to do the project in phases and go according to the fixed time table. During the next phases, update the product improve user interface and stretch the schedule. In doing so, you not only meet the deadlines but also money.

  • Phasing the project is a good thing but you need to have sufficient amount of money. Moreover, there should be good balance between the finance and functionality.

Why blog is important for business

Blogs are of dire importance for businesses. Debates are going on whether blogs are relevant in today’s social media marketing environment. Even if you have a small business, a multinational, blogging remains a significant part of your effective online marketing strategies.Currently, there are 152 million blogs present on the internet.


  • Relevant & quality content works as the foundation for your website for social media platforms. The main purpose of this is to give your customers a reason to make a click to your website. Your business could be on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter or anywhere else.


You need to post inbound links directly for your website; this drives traffic for specific landing pages of your website.


  • Blogs increases your SEO in a greater way. It is a key to beat your competitors in in the SEO page results.Make use of the keywords in your articles. List them out according to the topics and categories you want your products/ business to be found with. Use the relevant expression while writing your posts. Blogging becomes a part of your businesses or the product.

blog increase SEO

The customer lifestyle will increase your search keywords & increase results.

  • Well written articles demonstrate your company as an industry leader. Topics should resonate with your market & show your knowledge. You basically market your skills for the business, product or service too. If you are a retailer, for instance, you can write several posts about your products. This becomes the best source of product knowledge for your customers.


  • Blogs enhances your relationship with the clients & deepen connection with the customers. This way your clients would be able to connect directly to your website and know your products from the comfort of your online home base. Your consumers always want to be informed and appreciate what you teach them.

 blog-help-to-build relation-with-client

Moreover, you need to respond to the clients quickly & keep an active interaction   with them. If you have any questions to ask post them accordingly. A blog is easily searchable on your website; the comments on our website are lasting than on Twitter & Facebook Post. Rest of the customers can see your interaction too.

Why developers add dummy text besides of copy pasted

Whenever designers make an attempt to create functional work, we often try to look as neat & finished as much as possible. For instance, if you create a brand new website for someone, most of the times you will have to make sure that the prototype look as finished as possible. The main purpose if this is the person who is viewing the prototype has a chance to understand the idea behind what you have created.


Coming up with the filler text is not an easy task, but this is becoming the requirement of the day. Some designer & developers around the web know this & put together a bulk of text generations to go parallel with your vision. Some are standard (Lorem Ipsum generators) & some turn fun. Pick up one of the following, start generating text and complete your vision.

Such text are quite serious in nature, mostly they have features to increase the business & the effectiveness of your vision. This is one of the best text generators with different languages to generate. This also includes CSS parameters in case you are interested in styling things accurately. Rest of this feature is also standard with particularamountof words, characters or the paragraphs.

Example (Li Europan lingues):
Li Europan lingues es membres del sam familie. Lor separat existentie es un myth. Por scientie, musica, sport etc, litot Europa usa li sam vocabular. Li lingues differe solmen in li grammatica, li pronunciation e li plu commun vocabules. Omnicos directe al desirabilite de un nov lingua franca: On refusa continuar payar custosi traductores. At solmen va esser necessi far uniform grammatica, pronunciation e plu sommun paroles.

This is also a simpler, with no text generator based on Lorem Ipsum. You basically have to adjust the quantity of paragraphs/ words. A list of bullet lists can also be created that would be based on how many bytes there should be. A brilliant suggestion should be is that is offers background information on the use & history of Lorem Ipsum.

Example (standard):
Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Aenean ultrices bibendum mollis. Sed aliquet, enim at vulputate porttitor, felis nunc vehicula ante, blandit lobortis mi massa non leo. Sed dui enim, interdum non rhoncus vitae, blandit eu eros. Nulla facilisi.

lorem ipsum
This again turns your standard text generator, but the difference here it is available in 10 different languages. You are also able to download your own copy &paste the HTML code or the words itself.
Example (Esperanto):
Meta komentofrazo ci cis, negativa antaŭmetado la oni, havi frida aga ac. Jeso senforte iam ci. Sep mo danki lanta. Ist aliel afrikato ko, finno franjo kondicionalo os vic. Malantaŭe subtegmento co bio, plus artefarita ko tre. Tiel responde nv cis, estiel decimalo iv nia.

Dummy Text generator


The best thing about this is that it was the English option. Moreover, its quiet similar with most of these generators in the functions and feature, but this one asks whether need the Lorem Ipsum or do you prefer to it in English. You are able to insert random styling, which becomes extremely useful.
Example (English):
Life. Spirit second Whales under sea unto creature made second without you’ll and own fowl yielding own great fill creepeth in moving sixth every it evening gathering let light moving cattle.

Random Text Generator

random text generator

This is random yet very simple, this text generator is specially for those who don’t require tons features.It has a number of other languages which can be used to generate text and can possibly pay advantage to those who work with international clients.
Example (French):
Nouvelle trouvait supplice lupanars revendre me la. Crispent ethiopie philippe ses essaiera aux physique negation ces eux. Gagnent car elancer moi effraie ici entendu entrevu. Cravaches annoncait ah epluchant ce. Ans chambrees mal dentelles tiendrons mystiques. Habilement crispation au ne asiatiques un pressaient tu renferment.

Why google is not showing my website in its search results?

When you make a search for any site that has been indexed by Google; you remain unable to see any relevant queries. Most common reasons have been shown in this blog to help you detect and understand the causes for the absence of your website in the search results.


Google is on a lasting mission to provide more accurate information, highly unique content and talented writers. It continuously introduces algorithms to improve the performance of its users and intend to equip with the right exposure which they deserve.

Furthermore, Google also penalize /those who deserve it. At times, penalties are well deserved because of the violation you commit.

Here are the most common reasons why Google doesn’t show your website:

Splash screens for the home page
Your home screen is extremely significant and provides an insight about your business. It may include:

Splash screen

  • Your home page possesses nothing but a Flash screen with fanciful images/animation
  • More words are present on the page than present in the flash screen animation
  • Html titles provide ‘Flash page intro’

The search engine will not know about your website unless it doesn’t have words to index. Google reads the text and restrict use of flash & all the things associated with it, For instance, games, videos which need to be indexed.

More pictures than words

Pictures worth a thousand words, apart from this fact, a picture would be unable to tell about your site. However, if you want search engine to know about your website; you must follow the specific details about the product, and also figure out who are you selling it to.
So if you are solely going to depend in the image then it will result in the unavailability.

Web content without traditional web content & navigation
Entire web content is dependent on the Web 2.0 technology, for instance, JavaScript or AJAX. If your Content is generated using JavaScript, you may encounter the similar issue and the search engine wouldn’t be able to find other pages on your site. When it comes, to traditional web content, try to place normal links onto your page & make it easy for the search engines and visitors to find you.

Nobody is linking to you anymore
Another reason includes that if your site isn’t connected to any other site then it will not be noticed. Some search engines, even Google wouldn’t bother to your website.

no links

Start working in the websites to get your website noticed by others and enhances its visibility by keeping the above mentioned things in mind.

Your Website is Penalized by Google

Last and most important reason is maybe your website is penalized by Google maybe your website is affected by any update of Google. This is because Google is on an inflexible mission. It wants to provide its users access to accurate information, unique content from the finest writers.


If your web has low visibility in search engine than you should contact us to increase search result visibility.

Plugin Development ideas – top WordPress plugins

WordPress CMS has transformed the entire face of the internet & allowed a range of new ideas to get prosper through the open source movement. It possesses a strong presence rooted in the software and web development. WordPress provides a blogging platform which has the skill to launch scripts, for instance, job boards, web forums & a proper CMS.
Plug-ins provides a great way to enhance the functionality of you blog with the extra features. They can be places anywhere inside the template through the function. Over the time the functionality for the WordPress’ plug-in system has made a huge growth with a number of developer-submitted pieces of software.

Plug-in development Ideas

They allow you to add some features to your site and remain unbroken, even after you wish to upgrade your WordPress theme or switch the themes.

plugin development ideas

Creating your plug-in is not a big deal at all. When you copy and paste the useful codes, additional features will update your theme. Plug-in is a safe way to try out new things and implement their functions accordingly.Moreover choosing the right plug-in will help you make up your business more successful.

Top ten WordPress plug-ins in 2015:


WordPress SEO by Yoast

WordPress SEO is not only an SEO plug-in but the entire optimization package. It helps add titles & descriptions to your articles; moreover, it allows you to open the graph Meta data. It’s easier to install and help you write better content. Fully optimized WordPress sites are making use of the WordPress SEO plugin by Yoast.


BackupBuddy is the beginner friendly WordPress backup back up and migration plugin. It allows you to rapidly setup automatic schedule for your website. Backups can be stored on the cloud & your entire content remains so safe.

W3 Total Cache
This plays an imminent role in the search engine rakings. W3 helps optimize the WordPress site for the speed & performances. It allows you to easily setup page & browsing, quick downloads and a delivery network for your sites.

Gravity Forms
It is the beginner and developer friendly contact which form plugin for WordPress. It can be utilized for any kind of website with the string adds ons for online surveys, web directory and submitted posts. It fulfills almost anything where the user input is required.

optin monster
It is the best lead generation for WordPress and makes a great increase in the email subscribers. You may create beautiful options for your WordPress website & convert your potential users into subscribers. There packed features with the analytics, targeting and split testing. They help you hold your users strong when they are about to leave the site.

Edit Flow

It provides aproficient editorial workflow management system for the WordPress. It enables you to see your editorial calendar, assign posts, leaving comments & many other things. Create your customized post status & make firm planning of your content strategy in WordPress dashboard.


It is the best responsive WordPress Slider. Most of the sliders will show down your website which affects your SEO. However, it is the fastest service provider and you can have a free version to try it out.


It is use to monitor the security of our websites. Websites on the internet can be hacked due to massive attacks. Better to be prepared for the real time alerts and offer malware removal software’s.

Floating Social Bar

Floating sharing
Most of the plug ins come with a boat with numerous networks. No one wants unnecessary sites to slow down your website. It is the best social media plug in and provide you a bunch of social networks and assure that t the social network buttons won’t slow the speed.

It’s the default WordPress commenting system and work for few visitors only. Larger sites with user comments are better with Disqus commenting system. It refers to a third party commenting system which shows that the comments will not affect your system. It doesn’t affect the speed and is equipped with the anti-spam filters.