Investing into iPhone App Development: What I gain, how I earn?

If you have come up with a concept for a new greater app, you might also be thinking about hiring a new team and start working on its release as soon as possible. There are ways to consider before you jump into the application development. It’s always a good idea to invest on the reasonable terms and then expect for a good ROI.

Most of the businesses are going with their mobile strategy. There are already more people on the planet who communicate through the with the text messages than the email and majority have credit cards than the mobile phones as per the latest statistics.

invest in iphone apps benefits

The iPhone economy has generated more than $1 billion for developers and it has become visible that creating software for Apple’s mobile device is a losing position for most of the developers. It is clear that majority of the developers would be targeting mainstream devices, for instance, feature phones and services such as SMS.

There are 80 million iPhone compatible devices in use. This seems to be a big number when compared to the installed base back in 2009.

Consider the following things

Have an idea to beat your competitors and focus on the following ways:

  • Compare data statistics
  • Look at the customer reviews
  • Read the submission hurdles
  • Read thoroughly alternative app directories
  • Carefully analyze rank statistics


  • The iTunes app store has generated 5 billion downloads and 1.4 in revenues, it works out to 20 cents per downloaded app for a developer, after Apple’s 30 percent cut.
  • Consider73% of all the apps which are paid and each of the 164,000 paid apps in the App Store generate an average of $3,050 for a developer in a year.
  • More paid app are there than the free apps. 85% of all the downloads are free. Even with an average of 94 apps installed, each Apple mobile devices only generate $14 for developers annually.
  • Less estimated development cost effort of $15,000 it can take a developer up to 22 years to recoup costs from creating a mobile app, using the median revenue of $682 annually.

Overall gains

The mobile industry today has the power to reshape the world; there are a number of mobile development projects which are going to reshape 2015. If you have chosen to develop the iPhone app then you are on the right track and it is vital for you to take the right direction. When you are on the verge of releasing an app then stay calm and see what happens. The app release in the beginning refers to a journey where you have to wait for an exciting one. Have prior knowledge of the tools and sanity checks. This makes a great difference in your career and provides you, good luck you for the sales.


5 Inspiring Examples of Apps Bringing Companies a Good ROI

Mobile industry is becoming more lucrative day by day. Billions of dollars are spent on the industry and the business is going upward. Understand well that space is very important and as the competition gets higher.

5 Inspiring Examples of Apps Bringing Companies a Good ROI

Many debates have been made about the types of apps you require; there are those which are free and those which are paid. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that investing in an app is worth investing for the long term benefits. There are reasons behind saying this that apps advertising and different opportunities offer highly useful user friendly services with unique features & awareness about the running brand as well.

If you want to make an estimate how the stock market works then you need to know the market and play the game well. Apps have been given below which are perfectly designed for the initial investors. These apps provide you with comprehensive features and facilitate stock purchases as well. Moreover, you also make an analysis of the mutual funds and track the cash flow.

Acrons app


This app is a great choice for the first time investors and allows users to invest in then change. This app allows users to invest via their debit cards and facilitates through regular purchases. Acrons app is specially designed experienced and new investors and makes it easier to invest and earn quickly.

It has also the ability for small dollar investments. The nature this app demands frequent investment and a monthly fee is charged which is a small percentage of your amount. Leaving an amount in your account will result in diminishing it. You must possess big balance if you want to come on the top as per the strategy “set it and forget it”.

Stock Market Simulator

Stock Market Simulator

This app provides you with an ability to make a try before you buy. A similar version to the actual US stock market can be played& invest the funds without any risks. Apart from it, this message can’t be sued as a decision making tool for the trading. It in fact, provides the way for the trading. It provides a great way for the initial investors to make them learn as much as they want through without even losing the investment.


SigFig app

This app is known for the online investment tools; it manages and keeps track of the present portfolios; it allows users to manage 100% of their investment though the app. All the users need to sign up first, go through the risk profile questionnaire, make a personalized plan and start funding the account. All the investments would be sent to a single dashboard for a real time view and other investment purposes.

There are those free time investors which can get help via optimizing their portfolio and allow users to manage their investments right through the app. This facilitates with the up-to-date market news & places on the right company. First $10,000 in the portfolio would be managed for free;however, there are some other investing ways which provide an overview of the accounts.

Motif Explorer

Motif Explorer

The purpose of this app is that it navigates the trends and provides more investment opportunities. The company build the portfolios and follow the current trends. The app allows the users to completely monitor the Motif performance, search for the new ideas and keep on reviewing the trends.

This system might not be sufficient for the large investments but it does make the investment fun and introduces great way for the beginners to get introduced to the market.

Yahoo! Finance


This app has been designed for the attractive & personalized user experience. Its designs are so smart and sleek that that majority of its users compare it to the iOS 7’s app stock. The app allows users to sync the portfolios across multiple devices. The interface remains ideal to have a quick check on the on the current news so that informed decisions could be made on the companies you invest in.

WordPress Vs Joomla: what are the differences between these two giants in CMS world?

Joomla and WordPress are the two main rivals on the internet. CMS has made a great contribution to the internet and they have prevented those with the technical expertise to make a presence on the web. CMS has gone through years of experience and has made its name prominent. The main distinction can be made between the two in a way; WordPress is for the blogs and newsy websites whereas, Joomla is for rest of the things.
WordPress Vs  Joomla


It is the most popular Content Management system; which has started out as the platform mainly for blogging, which has significantly grown over the past years. It has been made more advanced over the past years. Majority of the website are using WordPress which demonstrates its popularity. It has a lot of advantages to offer to its users:


  • A number of hosting companies provide automatic installation of WordPress sites, it shows that you can have new site up, running into 5 minutes; you can create a site in less than an hour.
  • WordPress has themes, plug-ins & a number of other options than any other CMS. This is basically because of its popularity. The designers for such items are always required to create for the Word PRESS.
  • It is free to install for everyone, a range of plug-ins are there to choose from. Premium themes are also available but these are not for beginners.
  • Millions of websites are using WordPress. To resolve any kind of issue community support is available where contributors help within no time.


Joomla is taken as the compromise between WordPress and Drupal. It’s a powerful CMS system & runs on web servers without any problems. It requires the same level of technical expertise to run as Drupal. It also has some extra features; Drupal, WordPress and Joomlaoffers multiple plug-ins & themes. Customize your site to look more functional and choose Joomla:


  • Its main benefit is to create social networks, which are powerful for many websites & make them easier to run quickly.
  • An online store is very simple with Joomla;it makes the store run more fast and easier.
  • Joomla according to many is to manage a WordPress website. Majority can run a Joomla site even in the absence of a technicalsupport; there may be some issues which could be solved through the technical support.
  • Joomlaprovide a portal for asking questions. Although it is not as fast as the WordPress, but quicker & cheaper.
  • Unlike Drupal, Joomla is available free on the webs servers but there is no option for the hosting like the WordPress offers.

WordPressdoesn’t seem perfect in every way, there are some common complaints against the WordPress when it grows large & need back to back changes whereas, Joomla has done a brilliant job after combining the benefits for the benefits of WordPress& Drupal. It has grown in popularity over the past years and is likely to continue rapidly. Joomla has made its market more powerful where others are ready to invest more rapidly than the WordPress.