Tips to Increase your Android app Market Value

Android phones ranks first in terms of smart phone operating systems & cover more than half of the smart phones around the world. When it comes to build apps for the Android phones it is safe to make the profit. People also prefer free apps than paid in android market. If you think your app has the factor to make it more productive then it will sell for sure.


Useful tips for the promotion of android app

An app developer is required to create landing pages for your app. Once your app gets listed in the app store it’s always a good idea to have a custom page for your app. This not only promotes but also gets you more work in the android app development.

Branding of your page, videos and screen shots will also help bloggers to develop an understanding about your app. developing such landing page on Word Press will not cost a lot. You need to grab a perfect theme for the mobile app landing page.

Mediums for the promotion

The best option for the promotion of an app is Face book ads. It offers advertising for app both iOS and android, target users according to age, location and many other things. You may also prepare a target list probably an email list to get started with.

Optimize your app

Before submitting app to the market, keep in mind that the application fully done with a god user interface. Never submit a partial app. Partial app keep your ratings down. Moreover, Google’s play market algorithm will take your app higher and enhance the user’s rate. This is one of the improved tricks to download the count.

Promotion through reviews

Nobody is going to like your app if you don’t promote it. Marketing of the android app is quite important; make your experience more pleasant through rich content and the reviews. Sites are also available for the paid reviews to target the android market and the service depending on your budget.

Advertise about your app

Developing a paid app, it’s always advisable to set a budget for the advertising too. Creating a landing page for your app and put android app blogs. If you are having budget constrains then goes ahead and takes notice of the Guest blogging and web master. You can also do by making then niche blogs.

Submission on the multiple stores

Submitting your app on the multiple stores, Google play store getting more popular, for instance, Amazon app store, which is also good. If you don’t have to build your app from the scratch, then the marketing graphics size intends to meet the typical store.


Why Dedicated Server is better?

A dedicated server comes as the first option for the web hosting services. If you are running a company or managing any company the IT needs should always be in your mind. There are always reasons why a dedicated server is functional for you. There are any hosting options which you share with other companies but a dedicated server is entirely yours.

Why a Dedicated Server is better

Shared hosting is web hosting in which the service providers serves pages for different websites, each possess its different website domain name connected with a single web server. Most of the companies provide shared hosting. With shared hosting, it costs less for a business to create web presence but it doesn’t go with the websites with high traffic. All such sites need a dedicated server, each is provided by Web hosting.

Why dedicated servers ?

They match your business needs and make it a great solution for your business especially large businesses which require high data collection and necessitate their servers run 24/7. Businesses in the world need huge IT expertise and proper maintenance for better management.


There is also so much debate to add the value of dedicated servers in the new world of cloud. Reality is there is still much need for dedicated hard wares for the new businesses with increased number of applications, for instance, data bases and data collection platforms.

Benefits associated with dedicated server

Several benefits are associated with the dedicated servers which include high performance, accuracy, stability and entire security. Other big advantage associated with them is the flexibility they provide to the businesses. Once the user takes hold of the platform, the owner possesses then decision making process and over different matters. This turns the best solution installed for different devices.

Sites with high traffic

Dedicated servers are highly beneficial to foresee vast amount of internet traffic and makes a potential traffic through the peak seasons.

You can imagine sharing a new apartment with some mates and plan a dinner with them. Your house mates probably have invited some other guests at the same time without communicating with one another. Resultantly, there would be a clash disturbance and a bad experience. Same can be applied when there are higher costs available with this service. Moreover, the efficacy it provides directly goes with the business internet enhanced internet usability.

Using housing as an analogy, imagine sharing a house with a few house mates. You have planned a dinner party at the same time as your house mate does without communicating with one another.

Other prominent advantages

Most of the website owners agree that the advantages to the dedicated servers and the high level of control and flexibility. A business comes entirely under one site provides an optimal environment for the websites which receive high level of traffic and also many flexible resources for expected hits in the website hits.

Top highly paid affiliate networks

Affiliate marketing is a simple process; there seem to be no barriers for the affiliate marketers looking for then success. Affiliate marketing has become as the source of how online income for a number of professional beggars. Online businesses are highly involved in affiliate marketing to have more opportunities to make good amount of money with their blog.

Top Paid Affiliate Networks

Multiple businesses are working with the affiliates and most of the affiliate markers networks receive a small cut for the fees generated, they do deserve a valuable purpose in the affiliate marketing environment.


MaxBounty comes top of the list for different marketers around the world. It is highly widespread and you can sign up in a quick and easier way. It is required to make bundles of efforts to make your network successful and stop worrying about the low quality sites because they are willing to pay you more.

The drawback is of MaxBounty is that their personal support isn’t available, they are serviceable in the start, but they don’t keep a personal connection with you unless you become one of the most valuable affiliates of them.


It is a highly interesting affiliate  network for one specific reason; this leads to their international presence. It is based in India and the operating costs are also low. This provides an ideal platform for different marketers who are more focused on international marketing.

They are also quick to get up and find time for the acceptance for the payment to be paid over days if not properly timed.

This is one of the oldest networks present in the world and also quite successful. They have maintained their quality of work over the years and offering a wide range of services that includes, domain parking, regular and stable payment.

One prominent thing that makes distinguished is their workers. They have a very helpful staff that handles each case on an individual basis. Many affiliate networks suffer from a disconnection between different departments, but it wouldn’t be found with this one.


It has one of the highest paid offers for any of the CPA networks around the world. It is a very good network to join when compared with other networks. If you are a new beginner in the market and you don’t have a history of established and successful traffic.

Pearly help you make a great living, however, you don’t need to keep all the recommended putting in one basket; once you are aware of the rules and regulations and also avoid the Black Hat techniques. It doesn’t make the worst plan in the world.

Rakuten Affiliate Network

It isn’t a household name for many years and has been renamed as LinkShare, which was very commonly used. It refers to a Japanese company that purchased and brings much support for the affiliate network. If you are concerned about the quality of the network, then Rakuten is going to be your best choice.

Have an access to great tools that make your access easier to get the information. Moreover, you also have got access to a big catalogue of the potential customers for selling purposes.

eBay’s Partner Network

ebay works as an auction site, something like craigslist, where a seller posts an item and buyer bid. There is a lack of affiliates, but ebay has found the place. ebay consist of two main objectives which are as follows;

  • Their commission rate tends to be on a higher stage wham compared with the product base affiliate programs.
  • Second one refers to the new user bonus; when the buyer earns commission. eBay turns out an incredibly lucrative site.


ClickBank is the oldest CPS network and it is surrounded by many myths and stories. It has a massive library of potential customers to promote and become high in performance. Sell the products with individual commission of up to $500. The trial and success depend on different errors.

iTunes Affiliates

The support comes from the Apple and it is then great media platform as an affiliate. Selling the digital products, music, movies supports you with a perfect niche from Apple.

Apple commissions not only work with the apps but with in-app purchases as well. You earn a commission from those perks as well. There can be unexpected benefit of selling free app-in purchase app.


Martini many is familiar, but the networks they have purchased over the years are more familiar. Part of the Matomy comes from the previous popularity and having a number of famous names in their banner.

It has the lowest payout than the rest of the networks and they offer tracking options to provide them an edge over other affiliated networks.

Amazon Associates

Amazon allows you to sell anything that Amazon sells and earns a small commission from those sales. It has a massive library and support behind the product catalog. On the other hand side, it gets easier to run on into the stiff competition with a site that is not optimized.

The success coming from Amazon requires a focused niche, through which you can make a difference in the secondary sales, even if user didn’t buy your product in the first place.

The only drawback is their performance based fee structure that includes you have to sell a decent monthly schedule to reach the highest tiers of commissions.

Wamp vs. Xampp vs. Easyphp, which one is better?

The three major differences between Wamp, Xampp and Easyphp have been given below:

local server


WampServer is a windows web development that allows creating various web applications with Apache2, PHP and a MySQL database. It also installs PHPMy Admin to manage then database very easily. You can tune your server without even touching the setting files. In case you want simple web development, WampServer is going to be your best choice.


It is an open source from the Apache Friends which contains Apache web server, MySQL, PHP and Perl for Windows, Linux and Mac. There are also some add-ons which help you install any content management system quite easily on your XAMPP server. The size of this software is big but it becomes suitable if you are a web developer and want to get your website developed on the local machine.


EasyPHP is designed to provide you personal web hosting offline inside your computer. This also include all in one web hosting control panel and is also able to turn a home server into an easy to manage web hosting server. Those who intend to learn web applications, for instance, Word Press, Drupal, Joomla and Prestashop. All these applications can be installed in EasyPHP Web Server and can also be learned without having internet connection.

Easy PHP is consisted of two kinds of software:

easy php

In order to install a complete Wamp environment for PHP developers on your computers and you must chose a complete WAMP environment for easy PHP devServer. In case, you want to run your computer as personal hosting then choose EasyPHP WebServer. Each version of these programs includes different functions except MySQL, Apache, PHP and PhpMyAdmin.

In conclusion:

All main features of Wamp, Xampp and EasyPHP have been mentioned in the article. You can judge which one is most suitable according to your usability and operating system. These entire web servers have been used IT industry professional on daily basis. They prefer all of three as per the usability and use then server which is more compatible and easy to use them.

You are also supposed to go with your ease and select any web server which is more compatible and functions well with your device.

Linux Vs windows, which one is a better choice

There are very basic differences between Linux and Windows which set them apart. There is no rule to say which one would be better; they are in fact, fundamentally different. People remain confused over these two systems and which one is better. It is always useful to consider the primary differences between the two.

linux vs windows

Linux Operating System

  • Low cost: you don’t need to get a license as its software form GNU General Public License. Don’t download high quality download when you want, that is free of cost, and stop worrying about the progress of your program. You may also get it installed from computers without paying.
  • Performance: Linux provides high performance on different workstations and networks. It also helps in making old computers stable & handles numerous users at the same time.
  • Stability: Linux is highly stable and can manage a large number of users which don’t go slow because of the memory issues. It continues over a year.
  • Flexibility: it is merely used in performance applications & also embedded applications. Save disk space & install components to be used for a particular purpose. You may restrict users as well.
  • Security: The security aspect of the Linux is very secure and stable. Even if an immediate attach is made users will immediately be able to cater it.
  • Choice: it is of greater advantage and gives power control over every aspect of operating system. Main features are to control by windows manager.


  • Understanding: keep your patience high to understand Linux and an interest should be there to read it.
  • Software: it has a limited selection of software which is available.
  • Ease: Linux has made much more improvement but windows is still better than that
  • Hardware: Linux doesn’t support many hardware devices.

Windows Operating System

  • Ease: Microsoft has made huge progress and advancements with the changes in OS and it is easier than Linux.
  • Software: with more software users more software programs, games and utilities for windows are meant to be there. Games are suitable for windows and graphics are also supported.
  • Hardware: hardware manufacturers support Microsoft windows. Large amount of Microsoft user and the hardware devices are also supported.
  • Front Page Extension: design programs hosting makes windows easier. You don’t have to worry about it even if it is supported or not.
  • Development: planning windows based applications then windows platform as the case with Linux doesn’t support windows application.


  • Price: Microsoft is costly when compared to Linux with each license. It costs between $50.00-$100.00.
  • Security: windows are more prone to the attacks and other malware.
  • Reliability: there is a possibility of system for the hang and it need to be rebooted periodically
  • Software Cost: even after the system has games, games still cost more than $200.

In conclusion

When it comes to decide which one is better, an idea can be made through the advantages and disadvantages. It solely depends upon your requirements and which hosting would be better to suit. Make a choice and go with the right choice.

What are the Advantages of using MVC framework?

Model-view-controller is the name of a methodology or a design pattern for successfully relating the interface with the data underlying models. MVC Pattern is widely used in Custom programs development with the programming languages, for instance, Smalltalk, Java, C and C++.

MCV pattern has been used by many developers as a useful pattern to reuse object code and a pattern that let them reduce the time limit to develop applications with the user interfaces.

MVC is comprised of the following model:

MVC development services


  • A Model represents underlying factors, logical structure of data in a software application and a high level of class associated with it. The object model doesn’t contain any information about user interface.
  • A View is a collection of classes representing elements to user interface. It covers all the things all the things which user which a user can see and respond to them on

Screen, e.g. buttons, screen display and boxes.

  • A controller represents the classes connecting the model and view. It is used to communicate between the classes in model & view.

Some main advantages have been mentioned below to build your applications with the MVC framework:

  • MVC framework is built upon a proven network with then MVC design pattern,        thus it is not something which is very new.
  • Client catching is available with the help of silverlight. After integrating with then silver light, an advantage of it can be taken, this results in applications load faster and processing can be done in web browsers.
  • It not only makes the client site faster but also makes the server side execution quite faster.
  • jQuery integration with the MVC makes it better and a code can be written which runs in the browser and removed the load from then server.
  • It has the tendency to support multiple views.
  • It also supports testing units as part of the Visual Studio 2008 & 2010.
  • There is a hurdle with the NET is HTML size of controls & view state. View states view all the stores the data submission and final HTML which goes large.
  • Moreover, if you find a slow internet connection, you will have to notice time delays. This is taken care in MVC framework & there is no state concept in MVC framework.

Some of the challenges occur while using MVC Framework:

  • It isn’t that easy to understand and code develops understanding and code when you need some customization. If you are building base on a 100% mature database, then you are golden. In case, you have to do frequent changes in the database, it will be annoying to keep building applications over & over again. It will cause your application to break into different parts.
  • While using silverlight part of it. The data access can be limited to web services. You are not allowed to make direct calls through NET or any other stored procedures to a database.


Hidden features in Chrome Developer Tools

Google chrome is the powerful and strong browser used by web developers today. Chrome developer tools refer to a set of Google Chrome Browser that helps web developers inspect the code. Access can be made to the DevTools by using different short keys (Ctrl+Shift+i on the windows & CMD+Option+i on Mac) or by clicking anywhere on a webpage and select Inspect Element from the context menu. All such tools can be found to debug CSS, networking activity and profile JavaScript performance.

chrome developer tools

Functionality of the Devtools

So much functionality has been packed into the DevTools that it becomes hard to know that everything is there. Go through the distinct features of DevTools and get to know more about the tools.

1. Updated Mobile Device Emulator

Having a website means having it optimized for mobile devices for sure. Using Google Chrome, can help you debug website via Mobile Emulator feature, it has been totally restored with many other capabilities. Mobile Emulator, launch the DevTools & click on the icons as shown in the image. The emulator is now equipped with the rulers so that you can exactly view the size of the website.

2. Different Cursors Selections

Adding multiple lines together in a source file can be done through the multiple errors and the selection in the DevTools. Use Ctrl + Click or Cmd + Click to select multiple lines at once.

3.  Down Network Connection

Your website response cam be checked and performance can be enhanced through the DevTools. In the DevTools, press Esc to launch Console Drawer & select Emulation. On the network tab, select the speed type & compare to the throttling connection and see how your website performs within the selected speed.

4. Offline Mode

Google chrome is now equipped with the offline mode and allows you to open the websites while you currently go offline. Developing web application which has to work even when the users go offline, this feature would be of high value. Enable it for the offline mode.

Head to chrome://flags/#enable-offline-mode via the address bar and enable the “Enable Offline Cache Mode” option.

5. Drag and Drop HTML into the Editor

When you need to make a copy of the HTML element to your editor, despite of copying & pasting it on the text editor, simply go for the drag and DOM and drop into the editor.

6. Auditing CSS

You may now have the access to audit your CSS such as inspecting useless style rules, which haven’t been used on the top page. To do so, go to the audits, Tab and Run click to start editing the CSS. Get to see a list of the classes that are not used on the front page.

7. Addition of Source Map

With source Map, you can unbuilt the version of CSS or JavaScript (JS). Such a feature will be useful for the developer who composes styles or JS using Pre-processors like Sass, LESS, or Coffee Script. Find the location of code on the generated JS or CSS on a certain column number. The updated version of the chrome allows you to add the source map annually.

How to make the Apple Watch user interface design


Apple watch has been launched as the newest and shiniest product; there are designers out there to interact with the device. There are many elements which you may be familiar within for instance, buttons, text styles and switches.

How to make apple watch UI design

Before you get to explore the Apple watch there are some basics which you should keep in your mind whenever you get to design this new value device. De3signers have been busy programming different aspects of the Apple Watch kit and they also have started focusing on the significant UI facets of designing the watch apps.

Different types of Apple Watch designs have been given below:

1. Designing app to represent the brand


Whenever phone icons become rounded rectangles, Apple watch home screen will also vary depending on the size where they are positioned parallel to the centre of the screen.

When it comes to design the log shape and size, they will be designed as square images and masks the icons to create a circular shape. Various types of icons are associated with different versions of the watch.

2. Visual effects

The icons must be visually recognizable and reflect your brand, in most cases there will be an exact iPhone replica. Maintaining a close design with the iOS version will help draw mental association on both the platforms. Cramming a lot of image and fonts will result in a well-organized and conceptualized design for the clear delivery to your users.


3. Design with the colors and typography

Apple is transforming its designs again and focus is on making the designs more simplified, smooth interfaces built on the basis of typography and which are purposeful.

Selection of the fonts in Apple Watch will be purposeful for the best legibility based on the least amount of horizontal space. The font size increases and it also changes to adjust the other fonts, line spacing and letter spacing accordingly. Text should be simplified and the accurate settings should be selected.

4. Colors

Apple watch UI (User Interface) creates a distinction between text and background. Make use of the primary colors which symbolize your brand and determine important information. Apple provides suggestion to confirm you having a background for the app. It also maximizes legibility of the text.

apple watch

5. Design with Conceptuality and Unobtrusiveness

The hierarchical paradigm on the Apple watch is similar to that of its iOS sibling. A master detail design model is where you present a view while drilling down a hierarchy to get the final details.

The major difference between the mobile and wearable platforms, master details is where you get easily lost without enforcing the same level of details with you on the iOS version on the Apple Watch. Essential information should be transferred to the larger screen iPhone.

6. Designs for the notifications

Through Apple Watch app you can just rely on the notifications of the watch. If you have decided to use the glances it must be made sure to use them properly. A glance will occur when the user will activate the watch by leaning the wrist.

A glance occurs when the user activates the watch by tilting his wrist. When he taps on the glance icon, it should be contextually aware and present relevant and informative information, unambiguously, allowing the user to decide whether to tap and continue the interaction on the iPhone, or ignore.

7. Design for the Apple watch real-Estate

Apple has provided a set of Photoshop PSD resources to help the designer’s prototype UI, which serves as a main point for conceptualizing and arranging different elements.

The first principle would be to remember that you don’t have the affordance of the screen size they would have on the iPhone, which forces you to emphasize more on the


The Apple watch Human user interface will be the foundation for the designing toolbox, you have been provided with the pertinent design principles for Apple Watch. Right from the working to the notifications to focusing on conceptuality and the predictive analysis, you will have the five important areas to cover to consider when prototyping your interface over few months.



Top Web Designing Principles

Websites are beatified using effective web designs and are judged by the user’s bot by the users of the website. Many factors are involved in the usability of a website and which is not only meant to look good but also be able to know how easy to use the website is.

web design trends.
Design Principle by steve jobs.

Websites which are fully managed perform better tasks than those who perform badly. Google analytics provide metrics to analyse the performance of the website and makes it looks good. Website designing make your websites more pleasing, easy to use & much more effective.

The ultimate purpose

It refers to make the purpose clear as per the needs of the user. If your visitors are looking for latest information, happenings, interaction for the management of your business then each page of your website should specify a clear purpose for the website users. Users find for their needs & website should be worthy enough to come with the solutions.

Communicate effectively

Everyone remains in hurry now a days and people want to have an access on then quick information. Information should be easy to read & absorb. Topics which bear some weight age should be included in your website and should be highlighted to have an easy access.

An image can make the meaning clearer and selection of right images for your website is a must. Make an instant connection with your target audience and serve them well. Moreover,info graphics also cast stronger impact of your website which is a quick means to communicate.

easy navigation
Navigation makes it easier to take quick actions for your website. There are certain tactics for navigation to take certain actions around your website. It suggests designing clickable buttons fork your website to be able to find the relevant information what those clicks are looking forward to.


Placing your website regularly on the web page can end in making the appearance more complex. Grid based layouts make the appearance easier and functional. In the presence of different layouts, sections, columns and boxes make it easier to line up the things and feel more balanced; better looking websites should also be able to assure smooth function ofyour website.

Loading time

A website should take into account least time for the loading purposes. Fully optimized image sizes combine the code into a JavaScript&central CSS, this results in reducing the HTML requests and minify JavaScript, CSS and HTML ( as per the speed of their load time).

Mobile friendly

Many smart devices are used to make an access with the multiple screen times; it includes screen sizes and considers how important the website is. This means that your website be super responsive and adjust to any screen appropriately.


Actively used fonts include, Sans Serif fonts such as Verdana and Aerial. They are easier to read online & come without the decorative touches. The ideal size use for the fonts is 16px to a maximum 3 typefaces in a minimum 3 point sizes to keep your website fully updated.



Online marketing trends 2015

The rise of online marketing can’t be denied, current content marketing trends have continued to flourish with the passage of time. Digital marketing rely more on these marketing tactics. Companies rely more on the accurate content to meet the immediate customer needs provide more accurate content

.online marketing trends 2015

Marketing tactics will be more prosperous

Different marketing tactics are going to get more hold with the passage of time. Company’s products and services are displayed in a clearer way. As per a recent survey, marketing trends will get more booms in the year 2015.

It has been predicted that it will grow by 50%. Marketing data will be of crucial importance in the marketing efforts to gain the customer attention. Its acquisition would be made easier and faster. Consumers will have an access to the detailed information and through the specialized software which is going to make sense.

A year for unlimited business

The entire business content is going to be more effective in the following year. Selfish are also of the prime importance in this year. Some business members are found given a selfie before making a start.

Email marketing has to be more smarter
Providing newsletters through email marketing was found effective in the past. The visitors have found it difficult to leave their email id’s and they have become tired of it. But the present day needs are different, the users have to be provided smarter ways to submit their email id’s and get in the list.

Businesses have to be smarter about promoting their businesses and providing the relevant content and recognizable content to the audience. Only smart business types are going to work this time and there is no place for the vague, unclear and slow means to grow the customers.

Businesses have finally realized that it wouldn’t be enough to send a lot of emails but it would be wise to send better emails to the worldwide customers for good.

Content marking will bring this true value
Content Marketing 2015

Finally, 2015 will be the year when content marketing will be on the peak, competition has been on the rise. The right and effective content marketing strategy have combines the insights have increased the rankings and attracted the followers. This should be noticed that the low quality content will cast damaging effects for the websites also for the SEO purposes. So the top quality must be prioritized to give a boom to the business.