B2B Lead Generation Strategies

There are a number of channels for B2B marketers, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Pay Per Click (PPC) advertisement, Social Media Marketing (SMM), direct advertisements through the acclaimed and traditional methods.

Not all these channels will be creating equal opportunities for the lead generation. If you are looking for a boom in B2B Lead Generation Strategies then you need to start measuring what actually works for you.

Lead generation takes you on the long track, the better you know about it the better you nurture the process. The goal of lead nurturing help progress leads from the initial interests towards then purchasing intent. It is all about progression.

The online strategies are mainly composed of the basic four strategies:

  • Social marketing
  • Content marketing
  • Search marketing
  • Email marketing

Social marketing

More than 50 percent marketers who are using social media for three years has helped them boost sales. Average marketers spend 4-6 hours on social media each week. They do make struggle with the lead generation & measuring ROI on the social platforms. There is no question that social media is a complex and critical piece of marketing mix.

 Content marketing

Content makes the foundation of lead generation strategies. Different marketers have engaged in different prospects in the customers in today’s buyer landscape. Make sure the content should be able to educate, inspire and grab the attention of the people. It should be helpful towards the lead generation. If you are able to do that you would be able to collect the lead and gain the trust.

Search marketing

Search engine marketing performance is based on the lead generation through the keyword visibility and production. B2N organization are becoming more competent in the digital marketing strategies. Fewer requirements generate volume for lead opportunities, usually visitors don’t like to give information what they have to.

Email marketing

Email marketing play an important role in the lead generation. More than 50% of the audience is more likely to look at the news letters ads without seeing the images. This is because Outlook email and other email readers who don’t pull the images and there are very few people to go ahead and change this setting.

Some of the effective lead generation strategies have been mentioned above. One may be more helpful than the other but all can be used. Lead generation plays an effective role in making the form strategy for business and think of businesses in a different way altogether. Such business with then lead generation not only gain your attention but also connect you well with the future. Using the lead generation, businesses gain the attention in an effective way.

Hurdles developers face for Internet of Things

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a scenario in which the people, objects or animals are provided with some unique identifiers and, the ability transfer data over to another network without human to human or computer-to-computer interaction. IoT has evolved from merging the wireless technologies, micro-electromechanical systems (MEMS) & the Internet. In doing so, there are several hurdles developers face for Internet of Things.

There has been a rise of countless application on the Internet of Things. It has commanded the attention of millions developers around the world. Google has also announced a new operating system named as Brillo operating system which is basically deigned to position Google as a major key player in this growing field. Brillo has been designed to help the business users with the next generation devices. Developers always look forward to join this race.

The Internet of Things

Developing the internet of things may take years. Developers start working form the scratch and slows down the time according to the market trends. Adding facilities and producing hardware, establishing secure and consistent connectivity, strong communication with a high grasp across numerous devices, innovating all of them with the Internet of things may seem out of reach.
Four IT drawbacks have been mentioned below which should be encountered:


IoT devices connect to a range of transport layers, protocols and also support a number of configuration options. You should bear in mind that these devices have small processors and quite a low memory. Brillo promising to overcome all such hurdles. The data travels over the internet, making this device faster for you and running with the speed of new internet of Things application are incredibly challenging.


To actively support the connectivity, all the application must be highly concurrent. Concurrent application development is one of the most demanding disciplines in social sciences. Most of the developers do not have relative experience with writing concurrent code, they even make the highly simple IoT hard to develop.

Poor Internet Infrastructure

Many countries have poor Internet and cellular infrastructures. Even in the U.S., network infrastructure lags behind its European counterparts, and as more connected devices enter the market and absorb more bandwidth, the current Internet infrastructure might not be able to keep up.

Bad internet infrastructure

There are countries with highly poor internet & cellular infrastructure. In the U.S network infrastructure lags behind European counterparts. The more devices get connected to the internet, the more bandwidth is absorbed the current internet infrastructure may not be able to keep up with all the devices.

Privacy and security concerns

Many governments are trying to combat the online threats to reduce then effects of terrorism. Customers have now become dishearten of the devices and also the apps used to run them. This casts a direct impact on the companies & businesses developing them. There are manufacturers which are working to lessen the risks of hardware security technology. All these impending fears are not associated with the hardware solutions alone.

In conclusion

There are various challenges which surround Internet of Things and stops you from comprehending its wide potentials. Computer sciences has the ability to meet the customers’ connectivity demands. By associating with the pain points with the Internet of Things, one will be able to combat the multiple issues during the development journey, you can also add glow to this revolution in so many different ways.

Challenges faced by responsive web designs

Responsive web designs have become a well-known implementation of web creation. Just in a quick recap responsive web designs offer various businesses the means to offer a single site that is smooth friendly across different devices. Responsive designs have come into much more detail and serves for an optimum web experience regardless of what device you are using. Challenges faced by responsive web designs help you decide makes you pay attention where the flaw exists.

Responsive Web Designs

How responsive designs work?

Responsive designs work well with the media queries. They determine the screen size of each visitor display the correct layout. Media queries opt an excellent way to display different styles to several devices. As part of CSS3 specification, media queries enhance the role of media attribute that how your styles are applied.

Challenges presented by the responsive webs designs

Responsive web designs is relatively new approach to mobile web design. Different people have multiple views about it.  Some are of the view that it’s a trend, other’s say that it is a framework of constantly changing web, where all the things are considered as web.

Let’s have a look at different challenges need to overcome to build responsive web designs:

Development time

The most prominent and obvious point is when it comes to building responsive website which takes more time. For a lar desktop time, less preparation time is required, also less resources to build it and less effort in testing as well.

The challenge occurs when we have to convert an existing website into a responsive web design which has to be started from the scratch. If you are planning to go mobile then you can do that by making your website responsive and you have to put all that work into the existing desktop version.

Limited support of media queries

Responsive websites work with media queries to determine the screen size of every visitor and then display the correct layout.

All the responsive websites sue the media queries to determine the size of every visitor and they display the right layout. Main problem arises with the old browsers, more specifically Internet Explorer older versions which don’t recognize the media queries.  There are several ways to avoid this problem, for example, using a separate style sheet for IE or designing your website mobile first.

Different Interactions with different devices

Desktop version differs from mobile version also in a practical way. Interaction that works smoothly with a device may work irrelevantly with the other. This is mainly because out interaction with the mobile a desktop devices differ.

On the desktops, we use the keyboard short cuts in a practical way and point the cursor directly wherever we want, whereas, the usage differ with the mobile devices.

The promising content is very important in the responsive designs. The designer may use the effects differently over to the mobile phone device. The positioning of the content takes a key place here.

Distinct Devices

The idea that you can build a website that works equally well across different devices has become seem imaginary. There is one set of code for your website which remains same regarding the content and structure, but different devices require a different way of thinking altogether. People browse your website according to their needs and requirements while not mentioning their unique context of use.

Desktop version displays the content at once, whereas, for mobile usage you exactly need to know what matters the most. They provide two different scenarios for the users and here you need to consider that people will using different devices in different situations with different goals.

All scalable images lose details

There are other limitation of the responsive designs when it comes to scaling of the images. The scaled images lose their details and therefore their meaning. The limitation here is not the scaling is based upon the screen size not on the content.

There are many ways solve this problem in a nice way. The images are stretched and re-arranged all over the screen when necessary. This provides ample space for the images to be rescaled at all.

Another alternative can be applied to the images to crop them. Still they have their meaning & experience which comes after complete alteration.

Navigation menus

It makes the most important part of a website. With the more complex desktops websites multi layered drop down can be created. The smaller devices always encounter limited screen issues which makes designing the navigation a ‘big challenge.’

Bug fixing cycle

Once you are going through the coding phase called ‘the software development life cycle,’ it’s time to remove the bugs from the scratch. There is a long debate to remove the bugs from the software development lifecycle vs. after implementation and deployment. Software developer makes many arguments to detect the fix the bugs as early as possible.

Bug fixing cycle

It’s a fact that, Bug fixing cycle is time consuming no matter when it takes place. Late bug fixing problems can cause huge problems given below:

Time saving strategies

One of the key reasons that bugs should be fixed on time is because little bugs may give rise to bigger issues. One big bug may give rise to another one. On the other hand, one bug fixing may reveal another one. In doing so, more complicated issues can be resolved.

Earl bug fixing take less time of developers, whereas, little bugs give rise to bigger issues.  A developer can easily think about the bug fixing in the start, despite of fixing the time separately and think of fixing them.

More bugs are harder to fix

Bugs multiply if they don’t get fixed on the spot. When they multiply, it’s harder to fix the bug and track the root cause of the problem. The process may take even longer because of sorting out many issues on the way.

Bug fixing sets the tone earlier

On time bug fixing, sets a tune for the developers about the commitment to the code quality. Additional bug’s gives rise repetition and leads to frustration.

Buggy product puts the reputation down

If you present your product to the end user without ensuring that there are as few errors as possible, your reputation can be at stake. Without proper exceptions handling, customers won’t experience normal program execution, which can be frustrating and take away from the overall experience. Word can travel quickly about buggy software, meaning decreased sales or less confidence in your future products.

Presenting your product to the end user ensures that there are few errors possible there your reputation may be at risk. Until the proper exceptions handling, customers won’t experience the smooth program execution which may out your overall experience at stake. It results in the decreased sales and you often find yourself less confident about your future products.


Error monitoring and finding blogs may take a lot of time which may result in upsetting the users. That’s why it’s always a better idea to employ software to help you fix the bugs before they create bundle of problems.

There are different bugs fixing software’s available for example, Planio, SpiraTeam, Airbrake Bug Tracker, Damn Bugs etc.

With the help of intelligent software’s turn down the bugs and fix the errors now. This leaves you with more development time.

Good luck!


Pay Per Click strategies

There are ways to drive the traffic to the social media marketing, email marketing and search engine optimization. These may be used to drive more results but do not produce immediate results. Often, there are businesses to gain instant results through the Pay Per Click Strategies.

PPC advertising utilizes the best email marketing strategy if you are looking for good traffic. Other aspects of PPC campaigns include your ability to control your campaigns. You should check the proven ways to get the most effective results with your pay per click campaign.

Pay Per Click strategies

There are three main functions you are always supposed to perform:

Include a Call to Action

Whenever you design your add, an image and text Call to Action (CTO) can be included. You should always have the right kind of attraction in your ad. You should explicitly tell the visitor that ‘what he should click here for.?’ In the call to action, briefly explain that what they expect before making a click on your ad. For instance, if you are sending them a landing page to send a free report and tell that to them.

Right target

PPC advertising allow you to target your audience right down to the countries. Advertising a product or service that can be on any level with the paid advertising tool. When you intend to advertise for the one who is linked on geographical level then take the advantage by linking the countries where you want your ad to appear.

Design a highly effective landing page

The main purpose of this pay per click advertising is to drive the maximum traffic possible through a particular page type. All you have to do is to make this page look as attractive as you can. It should look professional and user-friendly. You shouldn’t advertise anything unless you are complete aware of what you are updating. The graphics page should look as clean as it can to make it more successful. Also, pay focus on collecting the visitor emails through having a subscription facility available.

I am sure you have enjoyed this blog. Now, you can utilize you pay per click campaigns and let us know if you have any queries.

Difference between 301and 302 redirects

Many webmasters don’t understand the difference between 301 and 302 redirects. Unlike many users the operating browsers and search engines experience different kinds of redirects and handle them in a different way.

A 301 redirect shows that the page has moved to a new location permanently, whereas, a 302 page means that the move is one temporary basis. Search engine need to know how to figure out if they have to keep the old page or it should be replaced with the new location. If ever a wrong direction has been set up, search engine becomes confused and result in losing a lot of traffic. Main difference between them can be understood through the following article.

difference between 301 and 302 redirects
Why it matters?

If you are moving your web page or entire web to a new location, if you have to change your domain name and want to make the visitors easy to make the websites. A redirect helps the user’s browser to automatically set the page to the old location to the new one. You may think that Google and other search engines that follow the redirects, but things get complicated here.

When a site repositions or move, that can be dragged out of the Google search results for various months. May be for a year!

Why redirects are a key to SEO

Almost every site needs to be redirect at some point of time because content is moved or when a site relocates to a new domain. Using the right redirect options the traffic can be kept at the right side and keep the visitors bookmark working.

When 301 and 302 redirect should be used?

An example to use 301 redirect would be to have changed domains or if you launched your website in a new CMS and the URL has changed. Creating 301 redirects to your old content to the point that the new content will let the search engine know that you have moved from A to B for good. This makes the search engines to direct the ranking and value signals to the new URL because they have this understanding that this new location will be permanent place for that content.

There could be a question that if 302 doesn’t value SEO then why would I use it? A good example of this can be seen when you would be in an ecommerce setting and the product is no longer available for sale. In this case, you might need to use a 302 redirect to send the user to the category page. Redirecting 302 tells the search engines that your content is temporarily offline to keep the value of the page intact and not let it pass to another URL.

Whenever you have to make changes in your location it is always pertinent to remember the technical signals. Wrong use of the signals may result in hurdles and loss of the high content value. Ti can become tough to overcome that. While pay attention to the status no one wants to redistribute the things because of the differences between numbers 301 and 302.

Best Cost Per Mile Ads networks

CPM advertisements are an effective way of making money out of your website or blogs. There are a number of websites which solely depend on the AdSense, there are other sources of generating revenue which are going to help you more.Different advertisement programs are there, for instance, Cost per scale, Pay per click, Cost per action etc. Google adSense pays you for as many clicks as you have got. Best Cost Per Mile Ads Networks that makes online earning easier for you that you don’t need to do any other thing.

Cost Per Impression

Signing up for a CPM program and put code on your websites to start displaying ads which is a source of earning through the CPM with cost per thousand impressions. You will be paid when the ad is displayed a thousand times. There is no need to be worried about how many clicks you have got, also, how many leads are generating.

Example: If you get 20000 visitors per day and total of 40000 page views and you are getting CPM rates of $2 then you earning can be – 40000/1000 = 40 CPM x $2 = $80 per day. This is not a bad earning at all.

Tribal Fusion

It has changed its name to Exponential, which is the leading advertising network platforms online, its rates are very attractive as compared to the other CPM networks but they have their restrictions and receive only high quality websites.

Requirements: Site must have 500,000 unique visitors per month.

Minimum payments: $50 via Check or PayPal


Advertising.Com is the partners of Aoi networks. It is a great platform for the publishers to monetize their website with CPM ads. They provide the best rates and are among the top CPM networks.

Requirements:  Only accepts websites which have a lot of traffic

Minimum payments: $25 via Check

Casale Media (Index exchange)

It has now changed to index times. The best thing is that they let their publishers choose from the CPM rates. Moreover, it provides fixed CPM ads network.

Requirements:  It demands took have a good amount of traffic per month.

Minimum payments: $25 via Check or PayPal.

Coversant media

It was previously known as ‘value check media’. It is a strong CPM advertising network and allows a lot of publishers and advertisers to be benefited from it. It approves the high quality websites with top domain name.

Requirements: should have a minimum three thousand views per month.

Minimum payments: $25 via Check, PayPal. Or direct deposit.


It is one of the top CPM Ads network this year. It can be used for all the websites and good amount of revenue can be generated through it.

Requirements: your website must have rich quality content

Minimum payments: $50 via PayPal. Wire Transfer or Payoneer.


It is the strong CPM advertising network on the internet. They have foxed and high rates which are set by their advertisers. To become a publisher with this network it is not that easy to come up to its requirements

Requirements: websites must have 500,000 page views each month

Minimum payments: Not specified.

Magento vs PrestaShop, choosing the right eCommerce store

Picking up the right ecommerce store provides various options. Magento vs. PrestaShop are two eCommerce stores which are helping the normal businesses to grow and serve the global customers’. When it comes to comparison Magento is older than Presta, but it has 25,000 plugins and the Magento has 1,500 plugins.

Magento vs PrestaShop, suggests that Magento is more powerful on Twitter whereas, Prestashop has got stronger presence at Face book.

Presta is cheaper when it comes to monthly performance, however, Magento provides various advantages form SEO perspective.

Magento vs. PrestaShop

In order to gain a clear understanding of the two one needs to understand them carefully and completely.


Magento is an open source ecommerce platform with multiple features. It provides all kind of facility. With the control of ecommerce solution you may change the overall features, look and the functions as well. Magento makes it highly easy for search engine optimization and it can also be used as a content management tools.

There are bundle of other features associated with this platform. It usually receives a lot of appreciation; this has also been called the best system for the business purposes. It goes parallel with the online technical stores and works smoothly and helps anyone who wants to run an online system. It is comprised of numerous features, modules and extensions.

This system has got a recent partnership with e-bay which makes it a more powerful platform and adds more developers to the community.


It is another effective open-source ecommerce platform with various features. The basic set of this system can be sued without any charge; however, you need to purchase the themes, modules and templates for this platform. It was launched back in 2007 and targets small to medium businesses to gain the maximum online presence.

Another thing is that presta shop comes in 40 languages. But the full support comes in English and French only.  There is no official support available and a range of developers and users can be found in the Prestashop forum. There are no specific requirements to use the program except PHP 5.2, MySQL 5 and a Linux, UNIX or Windows operation system.

Some Other comparisons

Making the decision between Prestashop vs. Magento isn’t easy. These are both great ecommerce solutions. Prestashop targets the small to medium sized business, while Magento caters to the medium to large business. Whether you’re taking your business online for the first time or migrating from another ecommerce solution, both of these programs provide an excellent solution. If you’re technologically challenged and you plan to do the work yourself, Prestashop is the better choice. However, if you’re knowledgeable of technology and web design, you will find Magento a better fit. Customizing your shopping cart is easier with Prestashop, but you don’t get the same control as you do with Magento.

A larger company with a team of experts will find it easier to use Magento for all their shopping cart needs. However, smaller businesses or those without the ability to hire someone to handle it for them will find Prestashop a more affordable option.

Making the primary differences between Magento and Prestashop isn’t that easy. Both of them are ecommerce solutions.

Some other notable things:

  • Prestashop targets the small sized business whereas, Magento caters the big businesses.
  • Both of the programs provide an excellent eCommerce solution for the new or migrated eCommerce solutions.
  • For technologically challenged Prestashop would be a better choice
  • With the sound knowledge of technology, Magento would fit in best.
  • Customizaton of the shopping cart is easier with Prestashop, no same control is available as in the case with Magento.
  • Any larger business will be having a team of experts to use Magento as their shopping needs
  • Smaller business will be hiring someone for better knowledge to handle Prestashop, moreover, Prestashop would be a more affordable option.

Magento vs. Opencart, two kings of eCommerce world

Whenever we are building an eCommerce site, it strikes our mind that which platform is to be used. Making a comparison between magento vs. opencart eCommerce stores brings you at the threshold of making a strong decision because your eCommerce store is going to rely on that chosen one.

There is no obvious answer to such questions, all it depends on your needs, amount of the products, your capabilities and how you integrate with your newly made website. The world of eCommerce is wide and provides you a range of solutions.

A contrast between Magento vs. Opencart, two kings of eCommerce world, has been given in the article, which makes it easier to make a choice between the two.


There are some questions you always need to ask yourself before selecting an eCommerce platform, they are given as follows:

    • For a web development company, you need to define your budget first.
    • Do you want your products appear online fast or you are in need of a flexible solution with complete control of enhanced UX?
    • Define the region where you want to sell your products
    • Are you in need of a hosted eCommerce solution
    • Do you intend to run multiple stores
    • Do you consider SEO as your top priority?
    • What eCommerce strategy is your following?
    • Do you need to integrate your eCommerce store with a WordPress blog?

Once the above mentioned questions are answered, it makes it even easier for you to select an eCommerce store.


An online store can be started in minutes to build a custom online shopping experience which include various online selling stores on global level. Here comes the main comparison between magento and open cart eCommerce stores:

Main difference between magento and opencart is in its uses and features. Magento has got the popular recognition because for its feasibility to do anything to build the store of your dreams. It offers customizable shopping experience with unlimited design options, powerful SEO resources, unlimited plugins and integrations. Every possible feature you think you think is probably built and available on the magento eCommerce. A trained and professional magento developer can create that solution for you.


Opencart is easier to program but has a small community basis. It proves great for start-ups and that need to be delivered on a quicker basis without so many integrations. It provides a powerful shopping cart, powerful tools which are more intuitive and straight forward. Some of the developers find it too simplistic with not many features to play with. Opencart is better if you are an experienced one. In case, of lacking the essential skills in website building, magento can be a bit confusing.

Which one is more powerful?

Both of magento and opencart are good options for setting up small online shops, but magento performs better in hosting medium to large sized business websites.

It has more customizable features in terms of designs and layouts whereas, opencart is fairly unlimited. Magento allows complete store of your store, it has friendlier SEO optimized URL results and provides even better SEO options. Moreover, it has the ability to access and maintain your history & product comparison. In addition, magento is far better than any other system offered by opencart store. In terms of magento, you get whatever you pay for, for instance, all the benefits and feature. Finally, it weights higher than the free opencart benefits, advantages and features.

Ruby on Rails Fundamentals for beginners

ROR is an interesting web development application framework, which is simple enough to start and overcome the many big issues. It is an open source Web Framework used for writing real world applications with much more simplicity & uses less code than the XML frameworks, According to the official ROR website: it refers to an open-source web framework optimized for the programmers for maximum productivity. It allows you to write amazing code through favoring convention over configuration.

It was basically designed to focus on the simplicity and creativity and often takes an advantage of all such traits. Ruby on Rails fundamentals for beginners provides a clear and concise ways to avoid the code repetition which is highly effective. Developers find it highly successful with less. It requires more CPU power which is a cheaper hardware nowadays and isn’t an issue anymore.

ROR is a dynamic language and brings you a syntax that makes you think when you are reading a sentence. It is object-oriented and proves to be fairly easy for you to write your first couple of lines using the Ruby code.
Learning ruby on rails will make many things clearer and there are ample resources to do so. It keeps you motivated through different challenges you face.

The best mentoring

Before learning ROR, find a project you are excited about and get started. Best way of learning requires you to sit by an expert and learn things such type of interaction with target learning provides you a direction, repetition and correction. This method is rarely practiced and is quite rare.
Online training workshops

This is where the quality of in-person becomes more convenient with affordable training intersecting. Such learning opportunities provides you the chances to ask questions, getting direct instruction and take benefit from the wide community of learners who are on the same learning level.

Learning through Interactive Videos

There are proven ways to learn things especially when you learn through the interactive videos. It happens in the absence of an instructor. This gives a more affordable access to a finest learning method which is more a fun and entertainment.

Live Training Events

Live training programs pave way for more effective learning to learn ROR on a high level. They provide the quality instructions and provide god options to learn ROR. These options provide high ways for training which can be expensive in the training schools. There are certain travel expenses which makes this option unrealistic for the beginners also the heavy time for commitment.

Screencast Videos

They provide an interactive element; screen cast videos can be an effective way to learn ROR. The benefits of the screen cast videos are that they let you explore the deeper on an issue. You can have a great way to learn different things and reinforce this language. You may get to see what is possible and how someone works. The advantage if this tip is that it provides you an advantage to learn the things on a more solid basis.

The Blogosphere

If you want to take huge benefit from ROR, forum, videos etc then they can be on your finger tips for free, all you need to do is to spend some extra time with it. In case, you want full-time tutorials Blogosphere can be a great way to create the fresh content everyday from different people. There are problems which are catered that you come across at some point of time.