Best Cost Per Mile Ads networks

CPM advertisements are an effective way of making money out of your website or blogs. There are a number of websites which solely depend on the AdSense, there are other sources of generating revenue which are going to help you more.Different advertisement programs are there, for instance, Cost per scale, Pay per click, Cost per action etc. Google adSense pays you for as many clicks as you have got. Best Cost Per Mile Ads Networks that makes online earning easier for you that you don’t need to do any other thing.

Cost Per Impression

Signing up for a CPM program and put code on your websites to start displaying ads which is a source of earning through the CPM with cost per thousand impressions. You will be paid when the ad is displayed a thousand times. There is no need to be worried about how many clicks you have got, also, how many leads are generating.

Example: If you get 20000 visitors per day and total of 40000 page views and you are getting CPM rates of $2 then you earning can be – 40000/1000 = 40 CPM x $2 = $80 per day. This is not a bad earning at all.

Tribal Fusion

It has changed its name to Exponential, which is the leading advertising network platforms online, its rates are very attractive as compared to the other CPM networks but they have their restrictions and receive only high quality websites.

Requirements: Site must have 500,000 unique visitors per month.

Minimum payments: $50 via Check or PayPal

Advertising.Com is the partners of Aoi networks. It is a great platform for the publishers to monetize their website with CPM ads. They provide the best rates and are among the top CPM networks.

Requirements:  Only accepts websites which have a lot of traffic

Minimum payments: $25 via Check

Casale Media (Index exchange)

It has now changed to index times. The best thing is that they let their publishers choose from the CPM rates. Moreover, it provides fixed CPM ads network.

Requirements:  It demands took have a good amount of traffic per month.

Minimum payments: $25 via Check or PayPal.

Coversant media

It was previously known as ‘value check media’. It is a strong CPM advertising network and allows a lot of publishers and advertisers to be benefited from it. It approves the high quality websites with top domain name.

Requirements: should have a minimum three thousand views per month.

Minimum payments: $25 via Check, PayPal. Or direct deposit.


It is one of the top CPM Ads network this year. It can be used for all the websites and good amount of revenue can be generated through it.

Requirements: your website must have rich quality content

Minimum payments: $50 via PayPal. Wire Transfer or Payoneer.


It is the strong CPM advertising network on the internet. They have foxed and high rates which are set by their advertisers. To become a publisher with this network it is not that easy to come up to its requirements

Requirements: websites must have 500,000 page views each month

Minimum payments: Not specified.

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