Bug fixing cycle

Once you are going through the coding phase called ‘the software development life cycle,’ it’s time to remove the bugs from the scratch. There is a long debate to remove the bugs from the software development lifecycle vs. after implementation and deployment. Software developer makes many arguments to detect the fix the bugs as early as possible.

Bug fixing cycle

It’s a fact that, Bug fixing cycle is time consuming no matter when it takes place. Late bug fixing problems can cause huge problems given below:

Time saving strategies

One of the key reasons that bugs should be fixed on time is because little bugs may give rise to bigger issues. One big bug may give rise to another one. On the other hand, one bug fixing may reveal another one. In doing so, more complicated issues can be resolved.

Earl bug fixing take less time of developers, whereas, little bugs give rise to bigger issues.  A developer can easily think about the bug fixing in the start, despite of fixing the time separately and think of fixing them.

More bugs are harder to fix

Bugs multiply if they don’t get fixed on the spot. When they multiply, it’s harder to fix the bug and track the root cause of the problem. The process may take even longer because of sorting out many issues on the way.

Bug fixing sets the tone earlier

On time bug fixing, sets a tune for the developers about the commitment to the code quality. Additional bug’s gives rise repetition and leads to frustration.

Buggy product puts the reputation down

If you present your product to the end user without ensuring that there are as few errors as possible, your reputation can be at stake. Without proper exceptions handling, customers won’t experience normal program execution, which can be frustrating and take away from the overall experience. Word can travel quickly about buggy software, meaning decreased sales or less confidence in your future products.

Presenting your product to the end user ensures that there are few errors possible there your reputation may be at risk. Until the proper exceptions handling, customers won’t experience the smooth program execution which may out your overall experience at stake. It results in the decreased sales and you often find yourself less confident about your future products.


Error monitoring and finding blogs may take a lot of time which may result in upsetting the users. That’s why it’s always a better idea to employ software to help you fix the bugs before they create bundle of problems.

There are different bugs fixing software’s available for example, Planio, SpiraTeam, Airbrake Bug Tracker, Damn Bugs etc.

With the help of intelligent software’s turn down the bugs and fix the errors now. This leaves you with more development time.

Good luck!


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