What are prototypes used for?

Prototypes are used to test an idea in the existing system before a real system has been taken place. The entire goal of prototype is to assure whether all the components in an existing system will be working together. For instance, when a car is manufactured, majority of the people will use computer models to test things there without having the final need to build a car. Software prototypes are building for the same reasons. The big advantage is to fix many problems with less hassle and to test the things in advance. The actual essence of prototypes lies in learning everything during building it.

What are prototype used for

Goal of prototypes

The actual goal of prototypes is to answer the questions that are why they are cheaper to produce. Important details can be ignored without which the actual point would be senseless. There are details which are aren’t important for you at present, would be important for you thereafter. Whenever you are making a prototype for website you don’t have to correct data. You can survive with bad user interface when you are making prototypes for performance tests.

what are prototypes used for?

Prototypes are sued for the following:

  • Correctness
  • Completeness
  • Error-checking
  • Documentation

When a prototype is used, it must be assured that everyone is involved in it should know that you are doing something for the trash bin.


Using prototype model

  • Prototype model should be used when a system needs to have an active interaction with the users
  • Online systems, with a high level of interaction with end users are best suited for prototypes model. It might take some time for a system to be built for users ease and minimal training for the end user.
  • Prototypes require the users to constantly work with then systems and provide a feedback incorporated in the prototype to result in a usable system. Such systems prove to excellent for designing nice computer interface systems.

Advantages of using prototype model

  • Users are actively involved in the development.
  • Some of the benefits are, the users are involved in the development.
  • This methodology is used when a working model is provided.
  • The main purpose is providing users a better understanding before a system is provided.
  • Errors can be detected in then start.
  • Quicker feedback is available for better solutions.
  • Any missing functionality can be identified easily.
  • Any confusion of misunderstandings can be identified at an early level.
  • It requires quick implementation of incomplete but highly functional applications.

Windows Mobile apps design basics

A modern user interface becomes complex when made up of different colors and animations; they are made up of individual pixels of the screen. Whenever a user interface is designed, there can be a big choice of different designs. An app is made of different screens and pages. Each page provides a unique interface which is made up of different elements, for instance, navigation, content elements and commanding.

Designing for windows universal app requires you to design for a variety of devices with distinct display sizes. For an easier interface designing we provide you a set of universal controls to go well with all the devices. Get ensured with the texts and visuals scales between different devices.

Anatomy of an app

anatomy of app

  • Command as the name suggests makes you8 perform various actions like sharing the content. Command elements include; keyboard shortcuts, buttons and command bar.
  • Content elements display the app’s content. A painting app for instance, the content could be a drawing; for an information app the app might be a relevant article or blog.

An app has a responsive screen that defines the user interface. It is comprised of multiple pages, screens, content, command and elements. An image given below shows you navigation, command & content elements.

app UI

Get the templates

These adobe illustrator & Microsoft Power point templates that contain each & everything you need to get started designing universal apps. They also include universal controls, layouts for every universal device structure.

Common UI patterns

If you com one or more than one elements, a pattern is created. Five main UI patterns are present which are usually used to create a pattern once which most of the apps are going to use at once. Such UI elements can serve as cornerstone to build the UI for your app. UI functions can also be added for more complex functionality.

Designing a Universal Windows Platform (UWP) you can create a user interface to suit a variety of devices with the different display sizes. A set of universal controls automatically start working on various devices. This platform performs the work behind the scene and make sure that the visual scale and text are always clear.

Same codes can be used for all the devices and the UI can be tailored to the specific sizes. For instance, the design and interface work together for the tablets and a more customize user experience for the mobile devices.




How to make the Apple Watch user interface design


Apple watch has been launched as the newest and shiniest product; there are designers out there to interact with the device. There are many elements which you may be familiar within for instance, buttons, text styles and switches.

How to make apple watch UI design

Before you get to explore the Apple watch there are some basics which you should keep in your mind whenever you get to design this new value device. De3signers have been busy programming different aspects of the Apple Watch kit and they also have started focusing on the significant UI facets of designing the watch apps.

Different types of Apple Watch designs have been given below:

1. Designing app to represent the brand


Whenever phone icons become rounded rectangles, Apple watch home screen will also vary depending on the size where they are positioned parallel to the centre of the screen.

When it comes to design the log shape and size, they will be designed as square images and masks the icons to create a circular shape. Various types of icons are associated with different versions of the watch.

2. Visual effects

The icons must be visually recognizable and reflect your brand, in most cases there will be an exact iPhone replica. Maintaining a close design with the iOS version will help draw mental association on both the platforms. Cramming a lot of image and fonts will result in a well-organized and conceptualized design for the clear delivery to your users.


3. Design with the colors and typography

Apple is transforming its designs again and focus is on making the designs more simplified, smooth interfaces built on the basis of typography and which are purposeful.

Selection of the fonts in Apple Watch will be purposeful for the best legibility based on the least amount of horizontal space. The font size increases and it also changes to adjust the other fonts, line spacing and letter spacing accordingly. Text should be simplified and the accurate settings should be selected.

4. Colors

Apple watch UI (User Interface) creates a distinction between text and background. Make use of the primary colors which symbolize your brand and determine important information. Apple provides suggestion to confirm you having a background for the app. It also maximizes legibility of the text.

apple watch

5. Design with Conceptuality and Unobtrusiveness

The hierarchical paradigm on the Apple watch is similar to that of its iOS sibling. A master detail design model is where you present a view while drilling down a hierarchy to get the final details.

The major difference between the mobile and wearable platforms, master details is where you get easily lost without enforcing the same level of details with you on the iOS version on the Apple Watch. Essential information should be transferred to the larger screen iPhone.

6. Designs for the notifications

Through Apple Watch app you can just rely on the notifications of the watch. If you have decided to use the glances it must be made sure to use them properly. A glance will occur when the user will activate the watch by leaning the wrist.

A glance occurs when the user activates the watch by tilting his wrist. When he taps on the glance icon, it should be contextually aware and present relevant and informative information, unambiguously, allowing the user to decide whether to tap and continue the interaction on the iPhone, or ignore.

7. Design for the Apple watch real-Estate

Apple has provided a set of Photoshop PSD resources to help the designer’s prototype UI, which serves as a main point for conceptualizing and arranging different elements.

The first principle would be to remember that you don’t have the affordance of the screen size they would have on the iPhone, which forces you to emphasize more on the


The Apple watch Human user interface will be the foundation for the designing toolbox, you have been provided with the pertinent design principles for Apple Watch. Right from the working to the notifications to focusing on conceptuality and the predictive analysis, you will have the five important areas to cover to consider when prototyping your interface over few months.



Top Web Designing Principles

Websites are beatified using effective web designs and are judged by the user’s bot by the users of the website. Many factors are involved in the usability of a website and which is not only meant to look good but also be able to know how easy to use the website is.

web design trends.
Design Principle by steve jobs.

Websites which are fully managed perform better tasks than those who perform badly. Google analytics provide metrics to analyse the performance of the website and makes it looks good. Website designing make your websites more pleasing, easy to use & much more effective.

The ultimate purpose

It refers to make the purpose clear as per the needs of the user. If your visitors are looking for latest information, happenings, interaction for the management of your business then each page of your website should specify a clear purpose for the website users. Users find for their needs & website should be worthy enough to come with the solutions.

Communicate effectively

Everyone remains in hurry now a days and people want to have an access on then quick information. Information should be easy to read & absorb. Topics which bear some weight age should be included in your website and should be highlighted to have an easy access.

An image can make the meaning clearer and selection of right images for your website is a must. Make an instant connection with your target audience and serve them well. Moreover,info graphics also cast stronger impact of your website which is a quick means to communicate.

easy navigation
Navigation makes it easier to take quick actions for your website. There are certain tactics for navigation to take certain actions around your website. It suggests designing clickable buttons fork your website to be able to find the relevant information what those clicks are looking forward to.


Placing your website regularly on the web page can end in making the appearance more complex. Grid based layouts make the appearance easier and functional. In the presence of different layouts, sections, columns and boxes make it easier to line up the things and feel more balanced; better looking websites should also be able to assure smooth function ofyour website.

Loading time

A website should take into account least time for the loading purposes. Fully optimized image sizes combine the code into a JavaScript&central CSS, this results in reducing the HTML requests and minify JavaScript, CSS and HTML ( as per the speed of their load time).

Mobile friendly

Many smart devices are used to make an access with the multiple screen times; it includes screen sizes and considers how important the website is. This means that your website be super responsive and adjust to any screen appropriately.


Actively used fonts include, Sans Serif fonts such as Verdana and Aerial. They are easier to read online & come without the decorative touches. The ideal size use for the fonts is 16px to a maximum 3 typefaces in a minimum 3 point sizes to keep your website fully updated.



Sketching tools used for app wireframing

What do you think is the best tool for wire framing? This arises as the main question for many designers. Each designer thinks differently and come with different needs and interests. It becomes complex then they have to select from a variety of options and understand the entire work flow in finding the best tools which are going to work best for you.

wireframing tools


Mock-upsare the best tools so far easy to use with a number of multiple features. It works even without the driver plug-in. Impressive diagrams are made to demonstrate your clients to view the images with the standard JavaScript and HTML which makes it more impressive and is highly recommendable.


Axure allow you to add functionality to the layouts and efficientprototype. All the features of this wireframe also include sitemaps and multiple other features, widgets in the form of different UI elements. Highly interactive HTML mock-ups can also be created for both the website and apps. The designs can be over viewed on the phone with the build-in-share functions.


It resembles to Azure, it includes a library of various drag and drop in options. It also possesses the ability to add various other layersand many other pages. Your prototype would be able to share with your clients for the quick feedback and discussion sessions.


Visio’s actual strength lies in the technical diagrams despite of the wire framing. There are those who are already acquainted with the Excel or word, the interface brings the same results. Viseo also offers different add on tools, for instance, Swipr, which let you create & export HTML prototypes.


When it comes to build different animations, objects and videos, it becomes easy to create a mock-up of a website in the form of an interactive website design with InDesign. This software may also include higher ability to create libraries of page elements so that various graphics can be introduced to create collections of different reuseable interface graphics.


It offers a huge variety of different interface elements; it has become the fast choice for the designers.Those who are not with the adobe products, making sketches of the quick ideas combining different things and layers perform quick processes.

Types of image files and their pros& Cons

Various extensions can be added after the images. Many image formats are there to get one confused. There are different file extensions for instance; gif, bmp, jpeg and many others can be seen right after the image file name. Majority disregard it because of no particular importance regarding that image formats.All these image types differ from each other with their pros and cons.

image files


JPEG is the popular among different image formats used for web. JPEG result in losing a lot form the original image whenever saved in the JPEG file.This occurs because JPEG rejects much information to keep the image small without compromising on the quality.

JPEG turns every friendly because the files are usually small & takes less room, less time is required to transfer the data. JPEG files are less blur than the GIF files and has been considered standard.


  • Vibrant colours, ideal for photographers
  • 24-bit colour, with up to 16 million colours
  • A widely accepted format
  • Compatible with OS (Mac, PC, Linux)


  • JPEG tends to create artifacts after compression
  • They discard data and result in loosing
  • They Cannot be animated
  • Does not support transparency


GIF (Graphics Interchange Format) is the file formats used to display index-coloured graphics & images in HTML documents ion the web. This shows that GIF will only make a display of 256 colors. GIF’s turn great for images with very simple illustrations which are not so suitable options for the photographers.


  • It provides great images with limited colors
  • It is highly suitable for text images
  • It is loss less
  • It supports transparency
  • They have tendency to be animated


  • File size gets larger
  • It only supports 256 colors
  • Not so good for photographers
  • Not good for images more than 256 colors


Other benefits of GIFs include preserve transparency, it suggest that you can use the image without the image editing software to select the colours form the GIF color palette to make it transparent. This provides GIF coloured background and you wouldn’t see any border around the mage.


PNG (Portable Network Graphics), provide a huge range of inspiring features along with a full range of colors, it provides decency in image transparency, better interlacing options and automatic corrections. PNG images hold a short text description and of the image’s content which allows different search to search for encrypted text descriptions.


  • Transparency support
  • Excellent for Logos
  • Excellent for text images
  • It has smaller file sizes


  • It cannot be animated
  • Not great for large images as compared to JPEG
  • It doesn’t support the web browser
  • It is not supported in initial versions of Lotus Notes

PNG formats are of two types:

  • PNG-8
  • PNG-24

PNG-8 format is similar to GIF’s and saved with 256 colors. PNG-24 displays millions of colors but with a larger file size. Rule of the thumb is to select the appropriate format, color& as per the particular needs.

PNG are also capable of producing background images which can be used for photographs. They possess large files sizes than JPEGs. They are not supported for the web browsers and the early versions of Lotus Notes.


5 Legal Aspects to Consider When Designing an App

The mobile application business is going on the rise;it has been driven by the adoption of smart phones. Tablets and the lowering of data costs, the total global market for mobile application is expected to reach $25 billion by 2015.Keep your aware of

legal aspects apps designing

In any type of business, there are many legal aspects involved, if we are not aware of them, it might lead us to certain drawbacks, rather many other worse cases. Before turning them into reality, the legalities of designing a considerable app must be considered.

A proper confidentiality agreement

The nature of nay business takes us to consider the confidentiality of the project and it remains the prime priority of all through the way. Clients usually get hesitate in sharing the ideas & concepts. Alpha apps use highly refined confidentiality agreement. We use NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreements) to make sure that your idea will be safe with us and the sensitive information will not be disclosed at all.

An evidence of copyright


You may design and create an app mockup & also describe and app functionality. In doing so, write an evidence of your specification document s your copyright to brief us regarding the project.

An app development contract

We facilitate you with our very own App development contract and make this process hassle free, pay focus on the ideas and concepts. Moreover, we also provide you deliverables, payment plan and the confidentiality, clauses and IP (intellectual property) rights.

IP Protection

It includes all the work which undergoes the process of conceptualization, development, creation, selling and marketing. Your logo should be trademarked and the name should demonstrate the legal issues. Alpha App is on the top of development, graphics, source code, design and icons. Get the patent protection form the IP Australia &your app function would become unique.

App Legal

The terms of service and legal have been used in the app stores; they were created for you but also to give them protection. Focus on doing your homework and create a privacy policy even if it requires an access of the personal data, following should be noted down:

apps legal aspects



All the developers and entrepreneur who intend to tap the app publishing market should always be able to take note of these for the minimization to minimize all he liability and to execute the business more appropriately.


Difference between UX designer and UI designer

There have been many conversations about the ‘UX’ of a product or the ‘UI’ of a website.It is a bit complicated to understand how one becomes a UX or UI designer. This article will provide you a know how on what being a UX or UI Designer really means.



UX designers are basically concerned with how the product appears. Any given design has no single answer to the problems. UX designers bring into use different approaches to find a specific answer for user problem. The extensive responsibility of a UX designer is to make sure that the product logically from one step to another. The UX designer does it by conducting user behavior & identifies verbal and non-verbal stumbling blocks. They refine everything to create the best user experience. An example project is creating an amazing on boarding for a new user.

Tools of the trade: Photoshop, Sketch, Illustrator, Fireworks, InVision


The UI designer is concerned with the overall layout of the product. They take charge of designing every screen pages with what a user interacts and ensure that the UI communicates the path what a UI designer has laid out. For instance, a UI designer creating an analytics dashboard might front load the most important content at the top, or to decide whether slider l makes the most natural sense to build a adjust a graph. UI designers are also considered responsible for creating a wide style guide and ensure that a design language is applied all through the product. The designer is supposed to be consistent in visual elements & defining behavior, for instance, how to display error or warning states stay under the purview of a UI designer.

Tools of the trade: Photoshop, Sketch, Illustrator, Fireworks