Investing into iPhone App Development: What I gain, how I earn?

If you have come up with a concept for a new greater app, you might also be thinking about hiring a new team and start working on its release as soon as possible. There are ways to consider before you jump into the application development. It’s always a good idea to invest on the reasonable terms and then expect for a good ROI.

investing into iphone app development

Most of the businesses are going with their mobile strategy. There are already more people on the planet who communicate through the with the text messages than the email and majority have credit cards than the mobile phones as per the latest statistics.

The iPhone economy has generated more than $1 billion for developers and it has become visible that creating software for Apple’s mobile device is a losing position for most of the developers. It is clear that majority of the developers would be targeting mainstream devices, for instance, feature phones and services such as SMS.

There are 80 million iPhone compatible devices in use. This seems to be a big number when compared to the installed base back in 2009.

Consider the following things

Have an idea to beat your competitors and focus on the following ways:

  • Compare data statistics
  • Look at the customer reviews
  • Read the submission hurdles
  • Read thoroughly alternative app directories
  • Carefully analyze rank statistics


investing in ios

  • The iTunes app store has generated 5 billion downloads and 1.4 in revenues, it works out to 20 cents per downloaded app for a developer, after Apple’s 30 percent cut.
  • Consider73% of all the apps which are paid and each of the 164,000 paid apps in the App Store generate an average of $3,050 for a developer in a year.
  • More paid app are there than the free apps. 85% of all the downloads are free. Even with an average of 94 apps installed, each Apple mobile devices only generate $14 for developers annually.
  • Less estimated development cost effort of $15,000 it can take a developer up to 22 years to recoup costs from creating a mobile app, using the median revenue of $682 annually.

Overall gains

The mobile industry today has the power to reshape the world; there are a number of mobile development projects which are going to reshape 2015. If you have chosen to develop the iPhone app then you are on the right track and it is vital for you to take the right direction. When you are on the verge of releasing an app then stay calm and see what happens. The app release in the beginning refers to a journey where you have to wait for an exciting one. Have prior knowledge of the tools and sanity checks. This makes a great difference in your career and provides you \7 good luck you for the sales.


Mobilizing the Enterprise: Choosing between Custom Mobile Solutions and Ready-Made Apps

There are many reasons to boost the BYOD (Bring Your Own Device)trend; it has become highly popular among the business employees to enhance the productivity. Having the business apps allow you to handle the data more accurately, such tools help you even outside the office. BYOD play a vital role in making awareness for the companies and enable risk management. It makes the access to the confidential data even more strong.

Choose between custom designed apps and ready made apps

CEO’s of the companies want to keep a tighter control over employees and re-arrange software as mobile apps for the iOS and android. A majority of the says that it becomes so costly to have the readymade apps for their company as compared with the custom made apps which cater the company needs more effectively &prove cost-effective with the long term benefits.

A review has been given for the readymade and custom made apps. One should be able to find the right solutions and find their specific needs.

As per the types of assessing data, enterprise can be divided into the following categories:

apps catagories

Custom-designed apps

It provides high advantages because of the following reasons:

ready made apps vs custom app solution

  • App are designed & developed for the business purposes
  • They are designed keeping the personal user needs in mind
  • The apps will match the existing enterprise
  • Security remains the prime focus
  • Functions have been designed for the present situations and provides many other factors for business plus a strong competitive advantage

Ready-Made Apps

When compared to the cost effective apps above, readymade apps provide the following advantages

  • They can be used right after the purchase
  • There are frequent updates coming from the vendor, they brings into use the innovative technologies without any bigger effort
  • It assesses the entire user community
  • Apart from many other advantages, there are no hidden costs. The amount of purchase remains the same with many additional features.
  • Enhanced features can also make an increase in the cost


After considering both of the apps, it is always advisable to utilize the solution which are available for the marketing data, business purposes & provide custom software for highly unique business possesses. Strategic apps demand more advanced function & the entire level of security can be met via wide audience.

How a Developer Find Bug in a website?

Human testing can remove the bugs, vague ideas and misunderstandings form the real life. End users will be benefited from your web application. When you report manually for the buys it’s an error some process.
how to find bugs

Developers require an accurate bug report to be more rapid and eliminate a bug for a particular area. To create such a report, dedication, hard work and the relevant experience of a person is required.

Finding a subtle can be most challenging

Yes it can be challenging but once found it gives you maximum satisfaction at work. It isn’t that difficult to catch a bug but it turns difficult when you have to reproduce one. Testing a module form the search engine.

By entering bugs in the tracking system
At the end of these steps, you realize two things:

  • You forget the important details about the bug, for instance, what it was
  • Assign this task to a well learned person

Such a tracking system would prevent your site from losing your task on the back-burner. Being part of team makes it easier to transfer the discussion to others and make the relevant discussion.

A developer finds three things in each of the bug report:

identfying bugs

Following steps are followed by the developers to identify the bugs in web:


  • Sending a message to the Google would let you know exactly what is right or wrong.
  • A crashing bug in the will try running the program in the IDE along the debugger active and check the line of code. This isn’t necessary that the lien contains the bug, but you will get to know more about its nature.
  • After knowing the immediate line, the developers step back to find where the actual bug occurs. Only sometime they discover that the crashing is not creating trouble and data has been conveyed to the stack.
  • A bug can be manifested in in the bright & colorful forums but basically hey are members of the short list.
  • If the bug is manifesting in a system of components then they start disabling one after the other. After that start bringing the components back-line until bug manifests itself again.
  • They go through each module & add more logging statements. Start slowly and get done with one module, at a time, keep on analyzing the logs until the malfunction occurs. If still the blogs don’t respond you about whereabouts then you may carry with the logging statements to more modules.
  • The problem goal of the developers is to come up with a better idea where the malfunction occurs and point out after much consideration with improved tools.
  • Other way is to replace the RAM & hard drives, also servers & work stations. Developers install the service pack and or uninstall the service pack.
  • They pay concentration on the correlations and identify if the bug vanishes at the same time of day.
  • What the developers and try to access the people who know more than them. If they have a vague idea where the bug is coming from, for instance, in the DBM or hardware or even in the compiler.
  • Various OS, compilers, libraries & frameworks, all of them can have bugs. The chances of getting the vendor pay attention are slim if you are unable to reproduce the issue.

5 Legal Aspects to Consider When Designing an App

The mobile application business is going on the rise;it has been driven by the adoption of smart phones. Tablets and the lowering of data costs, the total global market for mobile application is expected to reach $25 billion by 2015.Keep your aware of

legal aspects apps designing

In any type of business, there are many legal aspects involved, if we are not aware of them, it might lead us to certain drawbacks, rather many other worse cases. Before turning them into reality, the legalities of designing a considerable app must be considered.

A proper confidentiality agreement

The nature of nay business takes us to consider the confidentiality of the project and it remains the prime priority of all through the way. Clients usually get hesitate in sharing the ideas & concepts. Alpha apps use highly refined confidentiality agreement. We use NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreements) to make sure that your idea will be safe with us and the sensitive information will not be disclosed at all.

An evidence of copyright


You may design and create an app mockup & also describe and app functionality. In doing so, write an evidence of your specification document s your copyright to brief us regarding the project.

An app development contract

We facilitate you with our very own App development contract and make this process hassle free, pay focus on the ideas and concepts. Moreover, we also provide you deliverables, payment plan and the confidentiality, clauses and IP (intellectual property) rights.

IP Protection

It includes all the work which undergoes the process of conceptualization, development, creation, selling and marketing. Your logo should be trademarked and the name should demonstrate the legal issues. Alpha App is on the top of development, graphics, source code, design and icons. Get the patent protection form the IP Australia &your app function would become unique.

App Legal

The terms of service and legal have been used in the app stores; they were created for you but also to give them protection. Focus on doing your homework and create a privacy policy even if it requires an access of the personal data, following should be noted down:

apps legal aspects



All the developers and entrepreneur who intend to tap the app publishing market should always be able to take note of these for the minimization to minimize all he liability and to execute the business more appropriately.


Why you need an app?

Mobile apps have become the most important part of every business, regardless of their size & industry. There are many small businesses which have made progress through developing mobile apps. Most of the small scale businesses have got their mobile apps. It has become more profitable to have a mobile app developed.

mobile-apps importance

Some amazing facts

Online business has shifted to a more progressive level where only in 2010,more than 50% of all the internet access was done through handheld of some type. 40% of mobile owners use these devices to download various apps. Around 35% of the android &iPhone users in the US use successful apps for they start their day.
Avail app as a promotional tool
A website proves to be a vital tool to make an effective display for your products& services. Mobile users are increasing day-by-day. A number of mobile users access internet through their smart phones. Things including commerce, trade, payments would be handled through the mobile phone. Would apps are significant that they have become the future of computing. Developing mobile apps & promoting them among your users is of dire importance.

Here is a survey about usage of mobile payments. :

mobile payments by age

Mobile-friendly websites

There are companies which don’t want to create mobile apps & consider making mobile friendly websites. They go along with their budget and utilize it well. Several web developing companies are there who are willing to create their websites on a minimal cost and intend tom engage mobile users in a pleasant user experience.

mobile friendly websites
Getting into partnership with other companies
Enter into partnership with other companies can support you and take you to success. It often helps dragging more customers to your site. Make connections with a number of other companies and run a mobile ad exchange program. Improve your status through mutual efforts.

Earn with your app

Small industries avoid making apps for their businesses because of fear of the costs. The budget goes far from their reach and become an expensive affair. But sometimes, the situation is entirely different, get the costs reduced through smart strategies and avoid doing extra fills. This will bring down your costs and the actual development starts here. What else do you require?

  • A professional app developer
  • A well designed logo
  • Make a planning in advance
  • Start the actual process of development
  • Pay focus on the images and content
  • Use modernized techniques s
  • This will help you make an excellent amount of money.
  • Don’t forget to focus on the app advertisement

Reach out as many customers as you can

Many benefits of developing an app have been discussed above. No one can deny their importance and they are widely used through the younger generation. Your existing customers are ready to pass on anything to their friends and acquaintances. Things to do:

  • Let the users make a generic search
  • Integrate social media network
  • Focus on the app marketing
  • Utilize differentsocial media platform
  • Make your product widely known
  • Be aware of Do’s and Don’ts of social media marketing

Make a brighter display of your products
Make an effective use of your app and make your products and services widely known thought consistent marketing efforts. Let the potential customers visit your website & provide them with instant features of your products. Give interesting features related to your product and spread all the relevant information as well.

mobile apps products


Things to Avoid Before Hiring Android Outsourcing Company

If you are skilled as an android developer & looking for an outsourcing company for the iPhone applications, then consider the best Android Application Development services in the market. You may come across a variety of Android App Developer in market and have a grip over the mist refined quality whenever you are thinking Android Outsourcing.

Now-a-days mobile application has become a bright option for the future. This field is amazing and creative especially for the youth. They are developing the skills and seeking excellence in their career. They are giving their full efforts in this field with the unique services. Android App Development Services are not done by the developers but they hire the best service providers whom are skilled in coding.

before - hire android-company

Three main things to keep in mind

o Option for profit sharing seems impressive and there are usually pitfalls in all such arrangements. The entire conditions for the agreement may be vague, entire goals of this project may be shared by both the sides.

o You need to be completely aware once you have hired an Android Development company and stick to their work if the outsources is responding too quickly to your proposals. Raise immediate questions whenever required and make sure what is getting done for you.

o Punctuality can never be compromised at any cost. When it comes to hire the project and deliver the services. On the other hand, various mobile development projects development projects are gaining attraction these days & outsourcing it is gaining even more attraction. Make the decisions carefully and find lower costs before you pass you pass your money.

What are the three qualities the developers must possess?

3 things to consider


Tips to Choose perfect logo for your website

A sound logo defines your business very well. Creative logo designs cast stronger impact of your business and also make a stronger display of your product. In the absence of a meaningful logo, your business wouldn’t make such reputation when compared with useful logo design. In this article, you can have multiple ways to be aware of a logo importance. Realize the importance of logo and consider the following points.

  • Gain a proper understanding of your business
  • Create a powerful toolbox for logo designs
  • Understand what makes a logo design stand out
  • Things you need to consider before starring a toolbox


For a startup business, give a fresh look to your business and let it flourished. Your company logo and brand provide an insight about your business. It is often the impression that a customer catches and gets attracted. Once a logo has been created, it gives a clear impression about your business. A sound logo goes parallel with our business; it strengthens your business, promotes professionalism and drive potential customers to your quality.

Simplicity of designs simplicity

When it comes to logo designs, the first priority should be to keep it simple. Think about the possibilities how your logo will appear when it would be displayed anywhere.The simpler the logo is, the more likely it is to adjust the any environment.In case, your logo is complex, neither it will be understandable by a layman nor the message it depicts would ever be displayed.

Font sizes

Such a font should be used that is original and makes your brand stand out among the tough competition that persists today. A precise font will make your brand stand unique. Avoid using which are too general, for instance, Comic sans, Arial or Times New Roman etc.
Logo color

The color scheme used in logo would be the prime cause for its brilliancy. It should covey the message that goes with environmental sustainability. Think deep and take time in the selection of bright colors only then you would be able to choose the right logo. The color scheme goes with the overall reputation of your business, for instance, blue is the color of reliability and hence added in the brands related to life insurance and investment.

logo shapes

A logo consists of two elements, for instance, a word mark and a symbol.  A new start-up business cannot rely on a particular symbol for representation. In fact, it needs a lot of marketing & advertising should be done before the brand goes viral. As mentioned, logo is not going to bear all the burdens of your business; the name of your company help maintain the right equilibrium between the two.

How a Mobile App Cost me, a rough estimate of mobile app

Technology is getting more rapid with the passage of time. As per the statistics, the average mobile app usage has remained grew by 76% in the year 2014. Right after the introduction of Apple Pay, Apple reserves 90% access to the US credit cards.

Creating apps is becoming more wide and interesting day by day. The app industry is flourishing and has spread across many platforms, for instance, Blackberry, Android   and many others.


Having an app for the business

Having an app for your business isn’t a bad idea. There are repeatedly changing market trends with the effective marketing tools and ways to generate revenue. Billions of dollars can be earned out of a simple app, for instance, angry birds has made about a billion dollars. It’s all about the idea which brings business to success.

Have Mobile Apps For Business

Make estimates

Costs can be calculated which are based on the following things:

  • Designing Costs
  • Development costs
  • Marketing costs
  • Your wage
  • Start-up-funding

Making budgets for the app costs

Once you gave carried out the market research and have got to know the potential competitors. Having worked with the start-up costs for the development of an app determines what it is going to cost you.Above all, you need to know the ‘type’ off an app and analyze whether it will be productive or a lifestyle app.

Bring into focus the following things:

  • The platforms; iOS, windows or android
  • Entire functionality
  • The submission, fee an processed

apps- budget-planning

Estimated costs of mobile apps

App costs depend on the ‘app development’. All such costs vary person to person and the type of the type as mentioned above. There are firms which would like to spend about, $1,000 and there are those who would spend & 50,000 for developing an app.

Above all, it depends upon the quality of the app and also firm you have hired.

Next thing to consider can be the mobile marketing strategy and how are you going to price your mobile application.

Generally speaking, it would be a more appropriate to consider the quality of an app you are going to generate & what are the concerns regarding your entire ROI for all your efforts.

Finally, if paying a big price provides you with a big return, you must consider it a highly profitable and sound enough deal for your business and get flourished.