Why are you not meeting customer expectations on social media

Many online businesses are falling behind the customer expectations, which isn’t a new thing. Businesses tend to remain in tune with the customer expectations and also want to exceed them. You must have a proper understanding of your customer’s satisfaction which may directly make an impact on your bottom line. Customers set high hopes with the brand and want to have the results right according to what they have thought.

why not meeting customer expectations on social media

There are some examples for not meeting the customer expectations:

Product quality

product quality

Online marketing is on the verge nowadays. Consumers carry high demand with the product quality and want to see the product as it was visible. If a consumer asks for a product to be delivered and he/she doesn’t see the same quality of the product then it clearly suggests that you didn’t meet the customer expectations.

Low quality of services

If you start providing low quality of products to your customers and doing that constantly then it’s a proven fact that your customer is going to get annoyed and dissatisfied for sure.

Not knowing your customers

You can never make impact on your customers if you don’t know the expectation of the customers. Different things matters in this regard for instance, knowing the age of your customers, knowing their areas of interest and most importantly location which matters a lot.

Defining your objectives

If your objectives are vague and not clear then you will fail to satisfy your customers. If there are clear objectives in front of you and you want to target specific audience then things will work out perfectly for you. Otherwise, in the absence of clearly defined goals and objectives on then social media then you have to lose a number of customers.

Social media

Social media makes a high presence for any brand. Through then social media the social lifecycle continues to improve the business but it only happens of the brand is active on the social media.

Being functional on the social media in the race of promoting your business without keeping a pace what the customer intends to have, or what does he/ she desire to have, then remain far behind the on satisfying the customer needs.
Some key instructions

  • You should ensure that the customer service is free of errors all across the platforms with complete maintenance.
  • Understand the customer and analyze how do they interact with the internet, make a strategy and get all the care and attention they deserve.
  • Allow dedicated teams to be in service for more networks for the increased customer satisfaction across different platforms.

In conclusion

It is pertinent to keep the customer engaged and provide him/ her what is needed not what you intend to provide, if a distinction has been made between meeting the customer demands & meeting your own demands then the prevailing issues can be solved. Keep your prime focus on how the customers behave, interact and expects and transform yourself in the same structure to be able to run a prosperous business.

Tips to Increase your Android app Market Value

Android phones ranks first in terms of smart phone operating systems & cover more than half of the smart phones around the world. When it comes to build apps for the Android phones it is safe to make the profit. People also prefer free apps than paid in android market. If you think your app has the factor to make it more productive then it will sell for sure.


Useful tips for the promotion of android app

An app developer is required to create landing pages for your app. Once your app gets listed in the app store it’s always a good idea to have a custom page for your app. This not only promotes but also gets you more work in the android app development.

Branding of your page, videos and screen shots will also help bloggers to develop an understanding about your app. developing such landing page on Word Press will not cost a lot. You need to grab a perfect theme for the mobile app landing page.

Mediums for the promotion

The best option for the promotion of an app is Face book ads. It offers advertising for app both iOS and android, target users according to age, location and many other things. You may also prepare a target list probably an email list to get started with.

Optimize your app

Before submitting app to the market, keep in mind that the application fully done with a god user interface. Never submit a partial app. Partial app keep your ratings down. Moreover, Google’s play market algorithm will take your app higher and enhance the user’s rate. This is one of the improved tricks to download the count.

Promotion through reviews

Nobody is going to like your app if you don’t promote it. Marketing of the android app is quite important; make your experience more pleasant through rich content and the reviews. Sites are also available for the paid reviews to target the android market and the service depending on your budget.

Advertise about your app

Developing a paid app, it’s always advisable to set a budget for the advertising too. Creating a landing page for your app and put android app blogs. If you are having budget constrains then goes ahead and takes notice of the Guest blogging and web master. You can also do by making then niche blogs.

Submission on the multiple stores

Submitting your app on the multiple stores, Google play store getting more popular, for instance, Amazon app store, which is also good. If you don’t have to build your app from the scratch, then the marketing graphics size intends to meet the typical store.


Top highly paid affiliate networks

Affiliate marketing is a simple process; there seem to be no barriers for the affiliate marketers looking for then success. Affiliate marketing has become as the source of how online income for a number of professional beggars. Online businesses are highly involved in affiliate marketing to have more opportunities to make good amount of money with their blog.

Top Paid Affiliate Networks

Multiple businesses are working with the affiliates and most of the affiliate markers networks receive a small cut for the fees generated, they do deserve a valuable purpose in the affiliate marketing environment.


MaxBounty comes top of the list for different marketers around the world. It is highly widespread and you can sign up in a quick and easier way. It is required to make bundles of efforts to make your network successful and stop worrying about the low quality sites because they are willing to pay you more.

The drawback is of MaxBounty is that their personal support isn’t available, they are serviceable in the start, but they don’t keep a personal connection with you unless you become one of the most valuable affiliates of them.


It is a highly interesting affiliate  network for one specific reason; this leads to their international presence. It is based in India and the operating costs are also low. This provides an ideal platform for different marketers who are more focused on international marketing.

They are also quick to get up and find time for the acceptance for the payment to be paid over days if not properly timed.


This is one of the oldest networks present in the world and also quite successful. They have maintained their quality of work over the years and offering a wide range of services that includes, domain parking, regular and stable payment.

One prominent thing that makes Affilaite.com distinguished is their workers. They have a very helpful staff that handles each case on an individual basis. Many affiliate networks suffer from a disconnection between different departments, but it wouldn’t be found with this one.


It has one of the highest paid offers for any of the CPA networks around the world. It is a very good network to join when compared with other networks. If you are a new beginner in the market and you don’t have a history of established and successful traffic.

Pearly help you make a great living, however, you don’t need to keep all the recommended putting in one basket; once you are aware of the rules and regulations and also avoid the Black Hat techniques. It doesn’t make the worst plan in the world.

Rakuten Affiliate Network

It isn’t a household name for many years and has been renamed as LinkShare, which was very commonly used. It refers to a Japanese company that purchased Buy.com and brings much support for the affiliate network. If you are concerned about the quality of the network, then Rakuten is going to be your best choice.

Have an access to great tools that make your access easier to get the information. Moreover, you also have got access to a big catalogue of the potential customers for selling purposes.

eBay’s Partner Network

ebay works as an auction site, something like craigslist, where a seller posts an item and buyer bid. There is a lack of affiliates, but ebay has found the place. ebay consist of two main objectives which are as follows;

  • Their commission rate tends to be on a higher stage wham compared with the product base affiliate programs.
  • Second one refers to the new user bonus; when the buyer earns commission. eBay turns out an incredibly lucrative site.


ClickBank is the oldest CPS network and it is surrounded by many myths and stories. It has a massive library of potential customers to promote and become high in performance. Sell the products with individual commission of up to $500. The trial and success depend on different errors.

iTunes Affiliates

The support comes from the Apple and it is then great media platform as an affiliate. Selling the digital products, music, movies supports you with a perfect niche from Apple.

Apple commissions not only work with the apps but with in-app purchases as well. You earn a commission from those perks as well. There can be unexpected benefit of selling free app-in purchase app.


Martini many is familiar, but the networks they have purchased over the years are more familiar. Part of the Matomy comes from the previous popularity and having a number of famous names in their banner.

It has the lowest payout than the rest of the networks and they offer tracking options to provide them an edge over other affiliated networks.

Amazon Associates

Amazon allows you to sell anything that Amazon sells and earns a small commission from those sales. It has a massive library and support behind the product catalog. On the other hand side, it gets easier to run on into the stiff competition with a site that is not optimized.

The success coming from Amazon requires a focused niche, through which you can make a difference in the secondary sales, even if user didn’t buy your product in the first place.

The only drawback is their performance based fee structure that includes you have to sell a decent monthly schedule to reach the highest tiers of commissions.

Investing into iPhone App Development: What I gain, how I earn?

If you have come up with a concept for a new greater app, you might also be thinking about hiring a new team and start working on its release as soon as possible. There are ways to consider before you jump into the application development. It’s always a good idea to invest on the reasonable terms and then expect for a good ROI.

investing into iphone app development

Most of the businesses are going with their mobile strategy. There are already more people on the planet who communicate through the with the text messages than the email and majority have credit cards than the mobile phones as per the latest statistics.

The iPhone economy has generated more than $1 billion for developers and it has become visible that creating software for Apple’s mobile device is a losing position for most of the developers. It is clear that majority of the developers would be targeting mainstream devices, for instance, feature phones and services such as SMS.

There are 80 million iPhone compatible devices in use. This seems to be a big number when compared to the installed base back in 2009.

Consider the following things

Have an idea to beat your competitors and focus on the following ways:

  • Compare data statistics
  • Look at the customer reviews
  • Read the submission hurdles
  • Read thoroughly alternative app directories
  • Carefully analyze rank statistics


investing in ios

  • The iTunes app store has generated 5 billion downloads and 1.4 in revenues, it works out to 20 cents per downloaded app for a developer, after Apple’s 30 percent cut.
  • Consider73% of all the apps which are paid and each of the 164,000 paid apps in the App Store generate an average of $3,050 for a developer in a year.
  • More paid app are there than the free apps. 85% of all the downloads are free. Even with an average of 94 apps installed, each Apple mobile devices only generate $14 for developers annually.
  • Less estimated development cost effort of $15,000 it can take a developer up to 22 years to recoup costs from creating a mobile app, using the median revenue of $682 annually.

Overall gains

The mobile industry today has the power to reshape the world; there are a number of mobile development projects which are going to reshape 2015. If you have chosen to develop the iPhone app then you are on the right track and it is vital for you to take the right direction. When you are on the verge of releasing an app then stay calm and see what happens. The app release in the beginning refers to a journey where you have to wait for an exciting one. Have prior knowledge of the tools and sanity checks. This makes a great difference in your career and provides you \7 good luck you for the sales.


Content writing styles 2015

Whenever you start writing content, the content type may vary because of the difference in its nature. Content marketers make big struggles to produce quality content &work on a daily basis.This refers to produce quality content and follow particular writing styles to produce high quality content.

Content Writing styles 2015

Different writing styles are opted for writing content. It is required to write effective content in accordance of the latest styles because interested and vague content is not going to make an impact anywhere.

Below are the top ways for content writing:

Writing content which is easy to skim and scan

The best writing style is the one which is easier to read for the readers to understand. Whenever users asses your page and develop interest accordingly. Writing for the web requires you to follow a particular writing style. The best way is to provide your audience with the content which is easy to skim and scan. This allows users to quickly find the topics of interest without losing the interest. This make your readers stay on your page for longer.

Writing content to hold your audience for long

There are many common mistakes the ion web content writing styles; one could be selecting the inappropriate writing style and to suit today’s users. Your prime purpose is to keep you’re your readers engaged for long.People remain in hurry now a days and remain impatient for anything especially for finding results; they do not want to wait for the information take too longer. They must be able to assess your page rapidly form different areas of the internet. This can be made easier making the websites easily accessible for them.

Writing with the 3 B’s

Be concise – make your content limited than what you want for print, this makes it easy for the readers on the internet.

Be Factual – follow a specific objective without making things complex

Be direct- focus on the actual point, and address your reader as ‘you’ wherever required
Writing in accordance of the user needs not yours

Cater the user need than yours and provide them with the information of their interest. Despite of beating about the bush and proving non-useful content, be highly focused on the user demands and don’t boost only about yourself.

Writing with the images
Graphic usage has been increased in today’s image rich sites and they enhance the user presence on the page. Text lone can lead to monotony and boredom. Images add significant to the text and make it more meaningful. Moreover, info graphics are also pertinent when writing for the web, they deliver the information in a more concise &rapid way.
Writing with credibility & gain trust

Web content writing in its truest sense refers to gain enough confidence for you& acquire trust. Once you have made your image stronger on the web it does grain trust. Let the users believe your strength though the content.

What is SWOT Analysis, how to do it?

SWOT analysis is a highly useful technique to understand the entire strengths & weaknesses; it also identifies the all the opportunities for which threaten you and create obstacles for you. SWOT analysis an also be used to analyse the business & its surroundings. SWOT analysis deeply identifies all the changes and provides ways for improvement in business.

Carrying a SWOT analysis

Carrying a SWOT analysis effectively bring a good idea altogether. All the ideas are taken across the business also the brain storming sessions. SWOT analysis caters four main areas given below in a brain storming session.


When to use SWOT analysis

SWOT analysis is usually done during proposal stage of the strategic planning; it often acts as a pioneer to perform any sort of action which makes it suitable for the following things:

  • When exploring new initiatives
  • When making policies & also the execution of new strategies
  • Identifying areas for change in the program
  • Redirecting tools for the mid plans & refinement

How the key elements of SWOT analysis perform

As mentioned above, a SWOT analysis is basically focused on allowing companies to identify the key factors involved in making an influence over the strategy. Positive and negative elements together can help organizations perform more effectively.


A SWOT analysis focuses on the individuals, the analysis list has been split into four pieces, and each part makes a different effect. All the four elements; strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats are tied together in one way or the other. They are interrelated in one way or the other. Internal weaknesses and threats help catering the important issues faced by the companies.

After analysing everything, many risks can be identified and a decision has been made about how to identify all the internal weaknesses by assigning your companies different resources to manage the issues. All the problems should be fixed on time to reduce the external threats. All the threatened areas should be carefully met to diminish the risks in the future as well.




5 Inspiring Examples of Apps Bringing Companies a Good ROI

Mobile industry is becoming more lucrative day by day. Billions of dollars are spent on the industry and the business is going upward. Understand well that space is very important and as the competition gets higher.

5 Inspiring Examples of Apps Bringing Companies a Good ROI

Many debates have been made about the types of apps you require; there are those which are free and those which are paid. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that investing in an app is worth investing for the long term benefits. There are reasons behind saying this that apps advertising and different opportunities offer highly useful user friendly services with unique features & awareness about the running brand as well.

If you want to make an estimate how the stock market works then you need to know the market and play the game well. Apps have been given below which are perfectly designed for the initial investors. These apps provide you with comprehensive features and facilitate stock purchases as well. Moreover, you also make an analysis of the mutual funds and track the cash flow.

Acrons app


This app is a great choice for the first time investors and allows users to invest in then change. This app allows users to invest via their debit cards and facilitates through regular purchases. Acrons app is specially designed experienced and new investors and makes it easier to invest and earn quickly.

It has also the ability for small dollar investments. The nature this app demands frequent investment and a monthly fee is charged which is a small percentage of your amount. Leaving an amount in your account will result in diminishing it. You must possess big balance if you want to come on the top as per the strategy “set it and forget it”.

Stock Market Simulator

Stock Market Simulator

This app provides you with an ability to make a try before you buy. A similar version to the actual US stock market can be played& invest the funds without any risks. Apart from it, this message can’t be sued as a decision making tool for the trading. It in fact, provides the way for the trading. It provides a great way for the initial investors to make them learn as much as they want through without even losing the investment.


SigFig app

This app is known for the online investment tools; it manages and keeps track of the present portfolios; it allows users to manage 100% of their investment though the app. All the users need to sign up first, go through the risk profile questionnaire, make a personalized plan and start funding the account. All the investments would be sent to a single dashboard for a real time view and other investment purposes.

There are those free time investors which can get help via optimizing their portfolio and allow users to manage their investments right through the app. This facilitates with the up-to-date market news & places on the right company. First $10,000 in the portfolio would be managed for free;however, there are some other investing ways which provide an overview of the accounts.

Motif Explorer

Motif Explorer

The purpose of this app is that it navigates the trends and provides more investment opportunities. The company build the portfolios and follow the current trends. The app allows the users to completely monitor the Motif performance, search for the new ideas and keep on reviewing the trends.

This system might not be sufficient for the large investments but it does make the investment fun and introduces great way for the beginners to get introduced to the market.

Yahoo! Finance


This app has been designed for the attractive & personalized user experience. Its designs are so smart and sleek that that majority of its users compare it to the iOS 7’s app stock. The app allows users to sync the portfolios across multiple devices. The interface remains ideal to have a quick check on the on the current news so that informed decisions could be made on the companies you invest in.

Reasons to Update your Website Regularly

Keeping your website is the need of the day and it is essential to keep visitors for your website. Fresh content keep your website alive and as an expert in the market the maximum traffic should be driven towards your website. A balance should be maintained between updating the content and where it is needed to be updated. Follow the right strategies for internet marketing and let your business flourish.


Increase the website traffic

The most prominent factor is to increase the website traffic. Quality content is the reason to drive maximum customers towards your website. Content quality can be analyzed through the search engine algorithms. Search engines do not define the ranking of the website only through the SEO keywords.

increase the traffic stats

Quality content is always considered which may help improve the website rankings.Better content will help draw a bulk of customers.

Management of your branding
With the finest SEO techniques, you efforts towards products and services improve your site popularity.

  • Online branding with consistent efforts
  • Attention to all the details
  • Regularly update your site with new information
  • Brands direction is important for drawing new customers & additional business

Main credibility
After the SEO methods, grab new visitors to your site. Make your first impression lasting one. It is never going to be in favour of your business to post out dated content.

  • Visitors to your site will have better understanding & response through updated content
  • People want to see information on regular basis
  • They come, learn & ready to buy something

Search ranking enhancement

Fresh content always extend the credibility with search engines and SEO results.

SERP increased

  • Provide information on the value topics in your industry
  • You become viewed as an authority by search engines
  • You are always ranked higher by search engines
  • You are more likely to be ranked higher in search engines

Move with the industry
Internet if growing rapidly, the trends are constantly changing and getting more popular. Focus on keeping your site fully updated and move forward with the time.

move-as-per trends

The way your site is designed, it will automatically enhance the visitors who know about your products and services.
Be highly informative
Let your websites be informed on all the latest trends for your company. This could be done in a variety of ways, for instance, with latest news, articles & provide frequent updates. All this process should be maintained visitors must be able to find healthy on your website.

  • Update SEO keywords as per the new trends
  • Go with the industry trends

All this will help new visitors go through search engine until the next customer is likely to search newer technology & current terminology.


Benefits of social media websites in your business

Many benefits can be driven out of a social media website. Social media isn’t only about sharing the content/ image or any product with your followers. Many small businesses have been spread all over the world and contribute towards success through social media. Still there are many ill believers who don’t understand realize the value of social media. Well it’s a fact that they contribute directly towards the growth of a business. Here are some facts given below which can make the skeptics believe the dire importance of social media.

benefits of social media

Social media makes you know your audience

percentage of facebook users by age

The key to any business is to know your audience. Social media platform helps it happen and introduce easier ways to identify the means for your success. The right strategy can help your run campaigns and take determine ways for your prosperity.

Consider the following things:

  • Have an insight about your audience age & gender
  • This helps you cater campaigns
  • Keep your focus on your target audience
  • Provide a better platform for investment

Social media targets audience more efficiently

MiniToy Social Target Group

Targeting you audience is another effective way to provide a specific benefit you your audience. Social media platform works just like ‘fire on water’ and spread content within miraculous frame of time.For instance, Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn etc., are viable platforms to keep your audience up-to-date. Audience can be rightly targeted through the location, age, gender, relationship status and language. For instance, if you want share a post with the people who speak different language then geo-targeting could be a sufficient way to do it. Things to follow:

  • Make sure to know the audience location
  • Use geo-targeting techniques
  • Utilize the best means to grow your audience

Social media provides you help you enhance your audience

All the social media platforms like Facebook, twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn etc. help you identify your audience very well. Potential customers can be found through smart strategies. For instance, if you have just started a business, target audience can be found through the Hoot suite to look for anyone who is tweeting for to ask for your xyz services. After locating about those tweets you can reach that prospective customer and invite them to try your services at your start up business.
Receive an instant feedback through Facebookfeedback in stars
Social media gives a boost to your business and help you have valuable insights on the customer’s perspective. For instance, when you have just launches a new product and place it on the social media for the world to see, you will instantly get to know about how your customers think about it. There are ways to get the desired customer perspective on the social media. Another way to gain the customer could be to learn how to sue your product. Things to do:
o Make sure to learn about your product
o Find the ways to distinguish it with rest of similar products
o Allow your customers to have original ideas
o Another way could be to learn how to sue your product

Social media gives rise to the web traffic

Social media can help increase website traffic and search ranking. Built a website for your business, drive strategies and drive the maximum traffic to your site. Social media wouldn’t only help you direct audience to your website bit it also improves the ways to but it plays the prominent role in driving maximum traffic to your site.

social media increase your web traffic
Keeping in view the above points, the significance for social media can never be ignored. Much has been demonstrated to make skeptics realize the true importance of social media.

Why blog is important for business

Blogs are of dire importance for businesses. Debates are going on whether blogs are relevant in today’s social media marketing environment. Even if you have a small business, a multinational, blogging remains a significant part of your effective online marketing strategies.Currently, there are 152 million blogs present on the internet.


  • Relevant & quality content works as the foundation for your website for social media platforms. The main purpose of this is to give your customers a reason to make a click to your website. Your business could be on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter or anywhere else.


You need to post inbound links directly for your website; this drives traffic for specific landing pages of your website.


  • Blogs increases your SEO in a greater way. It is a key to beat your competitors in in the SEO page results.Make use of the keywords in your articles. List them out according to the topics and categories you want your products/ business to be found with. Use the relevant expression while writing your posts. Blogging becomes a part of your businesses or the product.

blog increase SEO

The customer lifestyle will increase your search keywords & increase results.

  • Well written articles demonstrate your company as an industry leader. Topics should resonate with your market & show your knowledge. You basically market your skills for the business, product or service too. If you are a retailer, for instance, you can write several posts about your products. This becomes the best source of product knowledge for your customers.


  • Blogs enhances your relationship with the clients & deepen connection with the customers. This way your clients would be able to connect directly to your website and know your products from the comfort of your online home base. Your consumers always want to be informed and appreciate what you teach them.

 blog-help-to-build relation-with-client

Moreover, you need to respond to the clients quickly & keep an active interaction   with them. If you have any questions to ask post them accordingly. A blog is easily searchable on your website; the comments on our website are lasting than on Twitter & Facebook Post. Rest of the customers can see your interaction too.