What are prototypes used for?

Prototypes are used to test an idea in the existing system before a real system has been taken place. The entire goal of prototype is to assure whether all the components in an existing system will be working together. For instance, when a car is manufactured, majority of the people will use computer models to test things there without having the final need to build a car. Software prototypes are building for the same reasons. The big advantage is to fix many problems with less hassle and to test the things in advance. The actual essence of prototypes lies in learning everything during building it.

What are prototype used for

Goal of prototypes

The actual goal of prototypes is to answer the questions that are why they are cheaper to produce. Important details can be ignored without which the actual point would be senseless. There are details which are aren’t important for you at present, would be important for you thereafter. Whenever you are making a prototype for website you don’t have to correct data. You can survive with bad user interface when you are making prototypes for performance tests.

what are prototypes used for?

Prototypes are sued for the following:

  • Correctness
  • Completeness
  • Error-checking
  • Documentation

When a prototype is used, it must be assured that everyone is involved in it should know that you are doing something for the trash bin.


Using prototype model

  • Prototype model should be used when a system needs to have an active interaction with the users
  • Online systems, with a high level of interaction with end users are best suited for prototypes model. It might take some time for a system to be built for users ease and minimal training for the end user.
  • Prototypes require the users to constantly work with then systems and provide a feedback incorporated in the prototype to result in a usable system. Such systems prove to excellent for designing nice computer interface systems.

Advantages of using prototype model

  • Users are actively involved in the development.
  • Some of the benefits are, the users are involved in the development.
  • This methodology is used when a working model is provided.
  • The main purpose is providing users a better understanding before a system is provided.
  • Errors can be detected in then start.
  • Quicker feedback is available for better solutions.
  • Any missing functionality can be identified easily.
  • Any confusion of misunderstandings can be identified at an early level.
  • It requires quick implementation of incomplete but highly functional applications.

How to make and launch your own podcast

Podcasting refers to audio broadcastings on the internet. The reason behind it became like this, it was directly linked with the iPod in name because many people followed the broadcast, mostly audio shows and listened on their iPods. Now there is no need to listen to the broadcast on the iPods, instead you can listen and enjoy your favorite on your computer with music software.

How to make and launch your own podcast

You can make your podcast library on your smart phone and even in your car. You only need to have some way to play music on your computer to be able to listen to your podcasts.

People podcast for various reasons, many of them want to find a way to express a feeling for particular TV shows, gaining knowledge about a specific personality. Some time they are made to draw attention of specific people, for instance, a newly launched brand wants to gain attention to their songs, a new innovation in the IT industry, moreover, radio stations find alternate means to for the distribution of shows to their customers. Some of the podcasters go into this field just to make money.

Initial step to make the podcast

Once you have to make your own podcast, then nest logical question comes to your mind is the category of the podcast, for this you take into account the podcasts which have already been created. Various categories include; health, sports, music, politics etc.

A podcast can help the football couches to prepare general messages and prepare a podcast of their weekly schedule on the local radio channel and demonstrate their lessons.

How to make the Podcast:

Things you require for the creation for the Podcast:


  • Microphone
  • Audio recording software
  • Podcast Manager & Hosting
  • A computer and mixer (in case using multiple inputs)
  • A webcam/camcorder (in case of video podcasting)

Ways to launch and promote your podcast

Here is answer of how to launch your own podcast, there are many ways to promote the podcast through blogging, blog and tweeting etc. Some effective methods will be helpful of setting up a podcast and promote that effectively. Moreover, there are ways to promote the podcasts.

Platforms for the promotion of podcasts

  • SoundCloud
  • YouTube


SoundCloud is picking a large number of podcasts in a number of ways; it provides the best platform to the musicians to upload their tracks. SoundCloud makes big efforts for the promotion of music/ songs/ podcasts and video recordings.


YouTube is the third biggest in the world and second biggest search engine in the world. Many a time, YouTube is overlooked in the service of promotion but it is a high quality resource for getting your content ready in an appealing video form.

You get your podcast on your blog or on the iTunes & host the original files yourself. These ideas can bring additional views if you would like to try them.

Below are some steps to be followed:

Decide the length

First of all you need to decide the length of your podcast; most of the podcasts don’t exceed 60 minutes. Take into account the length of the media, for instance, pre-recorded introduction. Set a timer to ensure the accuracy, timing

Write a script

Pre write an introduction in the beginning of each segment. Scripting provides a beginning statement to each segment and a smooth structure helps understand the structure of the segment.


Scheduling your podcasts on weekly or daily basis makes it more convenient. By giving a month or more gaps will provide you more time for preparation (depending on your topic).


You will need artist consent to play videos or music during your podcast. When you make contact to the content creator for the consent, this enhances the scope for the small artists increase their scope. Media files can also be used through Freesound.org for licensed effects and recordings.

Get yourself recorded

This could be done on a smart phone, microphone that is plugged with your computer, set it in a recorder. The most important thing includes; keeping your mind as clear as your want. The sound quality does really matter, if it interrupts somewhere people are not going to hear it.


Download editing software because not everything you say is worth listening to. Keep you listener’s indulgence higher. There are also many benefits to editing. Eliminate all the flaws form the natural speech and keep your reader engaged for the first 30 seconds, they will otherwise more likely to go somewhere else.

Top PC backup softwares list 2015

We all are well aware of the fact that we should back up our files and keep them secure. In case you PC hardware crash, your digital files and data can be at a loss. The best thing is to always keep them in perfect place without having the fears to lose them. After installing the backup software’s, your important photos, images and favorite music can be stored in a separate hard drive or on the cloud. In doing so, you will never have to worry for any unexpected loss.

backup softwares list 2015

Have a look at the top & free PC backup softwares list:
Pipemetrics Bvckup 2
Bvckup 2 is one of the applications where you don’t have to give much heed after it set up. It is reliable software with high-end features to help you all the way. Delta copying speeds up the backups when compared with the full file copies. It works with complete reliability also with the intelligent error handling & detailed logging. Bvckup 2 represents great value for the users.

Easeus ToDo Backup Free 3.5

It is the best software programs in existence despite of some of the minor user inabilities problems. It is one of the amazing backup programs. IT can be sum up as a rare user will expect any other thing more than it provides.

Acronis True Image 2014 Premium

It has the backup utility to beat and 2014 Premium product adds online storage to its arsenal of data security utilities. There has been a disappointment with the compression, backups are quickly created and with a lot of flexibility in how you set them and schedule everything.

EaseUS Todo Backup Home

EaseUS Tod is a quite cwide backup tool which is supposed to cover the top essentials for file and system backup with excellent scheduling and firm support for the copy destinations. It goes a little expensive and doesn’t include sync or mobile file access Acronis True Image 2013, but also for the mainstream PC data security. It justifies its job.

Acronis True Image 2014

The 2014 version is worth giving a look. If you are new to the backup products then simply get to know that it doesn’t make it better than the Acronis True Image for an average user. R-Drive Image for the pros is also recommended.


Looking at the business backup solutions you may need a variety of things; security is one of them along with all the speed and ease of the code. The security issue is answered in part ISO 27001 certification to make sure that the company is properly safeguarding your data. The transfer speed is fastest than the fiber optics connection.


Crash plan provide you regular backups to a huge variety of media, it also includes hosting of your personal backup on your personal computer and crash plan is a more secure and cleaner plan.

Tips for efficient editing with Adobe Lightroom

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom is a processor developed by Adobe which allows the editing and Photoshopping of a huge number of digital images. Its edits are non-destructive but despite sharing the name with Adobe Photoshop, it fails to add, remove or alter the appearance of individual image items.

editing with Adobe Lightroom

Also, a user has to import the pictures onto light room which is why it accepts only recognized image formats. For such reasons, the limits of using Lightroom are pretty much clear. But, we are here to help you make the best of Adobe Lightroom and your editing experience!

There are some useful tips to keep in mind if you want to edit your pictures efficiently and professionally.

Organize into groups

Organize your work into groups. For example, divide your photo session into any sort of specified format like all the pictures from similar background into a single group. This way it will be easy for you to edit one after the other and you would be able to edit a whole group one by one.

Import pictures

As mentioned before, with Lightroom, you need to import pictures in order to edit them. To import pictures, copy your memory card onto your desktop and manually import photos onto Lightroom.

Another way to import pictures is to import them directly onto Lightroom. This will be a better option as desktop operating system may not let you keep similar pictures with identical names as it will consider the file as a single image. Importing directly to Lightroom will ensure that all pictures that need to be uploaded are uploaded hassle-free.

Delete or reject photos

Pictures which do not seem to be acceptable to you, for example the ones in which someone blinked or looked away, can be deleted or rejected.

To delete a picture from your collection, click command+delete in Adobe Lightroom and it will be deleted but just from the imported picture collection.

If you simply want to reject a picture, go to the Library, enable filters and then Library, then filter by flag, and then select the ones you choose to edit.

Create batches

Instead of editing images one by one, which will obviously take too long, create a work flow which enables batch editing. Photos can be edited one after the other and you can even copy paste the setting of the previous similar photo which will come handy as you will not have to memorize the editing format of it to do on the rest.

By dividing your picture collection into batches, your editing span will be shortened and easier. It will also outline the framework of a good workflow plan.

With these tips in mind, your use of Lightroom will be much more managed and efficient. Editing will not be as hard a task and you will definitely enjoy editing your pictures. Best of luck!






Linux Vs windows, which one is a better choice

There are very basic differences between Linux and Windows which set them apart. There is no rule to say which one would be better; they are in fact, fundamentally different. People remain confused over these two systems and which one is better. It is always useful to consider the primary differences between the two.

linux vs windows

Linux Operating System

  • Low cost: you don’t need to get a license as its software form GNU General Public License. Don’t download high quality download when you want, that is free of cost, and stop worrying about the progress of your program. You may also get it installed from computers without paying.
  • Performance: Linux provides high performance on different workstations and networks. It also helps in making old computers stable & handles numerous users at the same time.
  • Stability: Linux is highly stable and can manage a large number of users which don’t go slow because of the memory issues. It continues over a year.
  • Flexibility: it is merely used in performance applications & also embedded applications. Save disk space & install components to be used for a particular purpose. You may restrict users as well.
  • Security: The security aspect of the Linux is very secure and stable. Even if an immediate attach is made users will immediately be able to cater it.
  • Choice: it is of greater advantage and gives power control over every aspect of operating system. Main features are to control by windows manager.


  • Understanding: keep your patience high to understand Linux and an interest should be there to read it.
  • Software: it has a limited selection of software which is available.
  • Ease: Linux has made much more improvement but windows is still better than that
  • Hardware: Linux doesn’t support many hardware devices.

Windows Operating System

  • Ease: Microsoft has made huge progress and advancements with the changes in OS and it is easier than Linux.
  • Software: with more software users more software programs, games and utilities for windows are meant to be there. Games are suitable for windows and graphics are also supported.
  • Hardware: hardware manufacturers support Microsoft windows. Large amount of Microsoft user and the hardware devices are also supported.
  • Front Page Extension: design programs hosting makes windows easier. You don’t have to worry about it even if it is supported or not.
  • Development: planning windows based applications then windows platform as the case with Linux doesn’t support windows application.


  • Price: Microsoft is costly when compared to Linux with each license. It costs between $50.00-$100.00.
  • Security: windows are more prone to the attacks and other malware.
  • Reliability: there is a possibility of system for the hang and it need to be rebooted periodically
  • Software Cost: even after the system has games, games still cost more than $200.

In conclusion

When it comes to decide which one is better, an idea can be made through the advantages and disadvantages. It solely depends upon your requirements and which hosting would be better to suit. Make a choice and go with the right choice.

Hidden features in Chrome Developer Tools

Google chrome is the powerful and strong browser used by web developers today. Chrome developer tools refer to a set of Google Chrome Browser that helps web developers inspect the code. Access can be made to the DevTools by using different short keys (Ctrl+Shift+i on the windows & CMD+Option+i on Mac) or by clicking anywhere on a webpage and select Inspect Element from the context menu. All such tools can be found to debug CSS, networking activity and profile JavaScript performance.

chrome developer tools

Functionality of the Devtools

So much functionality has been packed into the DevTools that it becomes hard to know that everything is there. Go through the distinct features of DevTools and get to know more about the tools.

1. Updated Mobile Device Emulator

Having a website means having it optimized for mobile devices for sure. Using Google Chrome, can help you debug website via Mobile Emulator feature, it has been totally restored with many other capabilities. Mobile Emulator, launch the DevTools & click on the icons as shown in the image. The emulator is now equipped with the rulers so that you can exactly view the size of the website.

2. Different Cursors Selections

Adding multiple lines together in a source file can be done through the multiple errors and the selection in the DevTools. Use Ctrl + Click or Cmd + Click to select multiple lines at once.

3.  Down Network Connection

Your website response cam be checked and performance can be enhanced through the DevTools. In the DevTools, press Esc to launch Console Drawer & select Emulation. On the network tab, select the speed type & compare to the throttling connection and see how your website performs within the selected speed.

4. Offline Mode

Google chrome is now equipped with the offline mode and allows you to open the websites while you currently go offline. Developing web application which has to work even when the users go offline, this feature would be of high value. Enable it for the offline mode.

Head to chrome://flags/#enable-offline-mode via the address bar and enable the “Enable Offline Cache Mode” option.

5. Drag and Drop HTML into the Editor

When you need to make a copy of the HTML element to your editor, despite of copying & pasting it on the text editor, simply go for the drag and DOM and drop into the editor.

6. Auditing CSS

You may now have the access to audit your CSS such as inspecting useless style rules, which haven’t been used on the top page. To do so, go to the audits, Tab and Run click to start editing the CSS. Get to see a list of the classes that are not used on the front page.

7. Addition of Source Map

With source Map, you can unbuilt the version of CSS or JavaScript (JS). Such a feature will be useful for the developer who composes styles or JS using Pre-processors like Sass, LESS, or Coffee Script. Find the location of code on the generated JS or CSS on a certain column number. The updated version of the chrome allows you to add the source map annually.

What is Web Scraping and how it works?

Web scraping is also termed as Web Data Collection, Screen Scraping and Web harvesting etc. It refers to a technique which is employed for the extraction of data from the websites. For instance, it helps conversion of the web pages to another format.


Data available from the third party websites can only be views through a web browser. Various examples can be seen at the yellow pages directory, social network websites, e-commerce websites & contact databases etc. The only options remains are to copy and paste the data displayed in your browser to a local file present in your computer. This can become a very tiring job and take up many hours to complete the process.

For journalists and researches

Being able to do web scrap is one of the most persuasive reasons to learn the programming. Different agencies and organizations don’t always release their information in easy formatted databases. There arises a need to learn then web scraping which is freely available in any kind of online formats. This also becomes one of the best practices to practice programming because the ultimate goal is clear in case you have the data or not.

How Web Scraping works?

Web scrapers are often small pieces of codes which are written in a programming language for instance, Ruby/PHP or Python. You are supposed to select the right language which determines which community you have access to. If someone else in the room isusing the same language then it is advisable to use the same language.


The complex situation arises in the scraping process when is extract the right pages within the given pages. All these are aren’t about programming but they also help you understand the structure of the website & the database.

Whenever s site displays; the browser utilizes two technologies, HTTP becomes a way to communicate with the server & make a request to specific resource for instance, videos, documents and images. HTML is the language which websites are composed.


How to increase website load speed

Time is precious and has become even more precious in this era of technology. Multiple devices are available and you can access the web page through different sources. People spend most of their times on the browsing different things. The worst thing appears when you have made a clock on a website and feel drowsy because it takes too much time to open. Such URL’s put you on the frustration mode.
How to increase website loading speed

Customers making visits to your websites want to visit your website within seconds. If they remain unable to do so then your marketing budget can be wasted and yes a lot of customers would also be lost.

Some of the effective ways have been given below to enhance the sped of your website:

Optimizing your images

Image makes the image of your website more vibrant. Images should be optimized before uploading in the website. Use Photoshop for the image optimization with the image quality of up to 60 percent. Make use of the progressive images and for a flawless user experience. At times, the images look same but in reality they differ in sizes, one is of 80KB and the optimized one is 4 times smaller than that.

Enable compression

When your compress your JavaScript& CSS script sites, it helps you download the files faster. Gzip compression helps reduce files size 200+KB to less than 40KB. Right after making the compression enabled you can get advantage from it. Make sure that your users will have a super speed for your site for any device.

Reduce the number of HTTP requests
More HTTP requests directly slow the loading time on your website. Merge your JavaScript files, combine CSS files & combine the images in data elves to assure as few requests as possible. The major goal is to reduce number of HTTP requests as per the page.

Optimizing your database
Data base driven sites for instance, Word press& other CMS based sites, make it sure to optimize your data base. Keep a check on the code for monitors; if you are using a database server then fully optimize your database & server configuration.

Enable caching
Caching truly improves load duration of the pages and don’t change that often. Once you enable caching on your site, your code won’t generate the same page again & again. User experience is enhanced this way & it’s much easier to handle.

Using a Content Delivery Network
Using CMS, Magento, Joomla or Drupal is a custom made HTMKL site, they are highly recommended for configuring a CDN (content delivery network). CDN refers to the distributed system of servers in multiple data centres across the internet, stagnant images like the CSS files and Images are served form the server which are near to them so that they perform better. The load on your server is reduced in a great way using CDN.

Make sure you have KeepAlive enabled

Apache is sued through the low cost web host companies, possess a great called KeepAlive, which keeps the connection opened for the for more HTTP requests. Having an access to the httpd.com allows you to enable Keep Alive & make sure that you have Keep Alive on in it.

Send JavaScript files towards footer

JavaScript libraries for instance, Mootools, jQuery& the prototypes, they help extend the website functionality & disable rendering for your website. Browsers don’t start downloading the content unless the files in the JavaScript have been downloaded.

There are easier ways to resolve these issues through transferring your JavaScript files, which wouldn’t be required in the page rendering.


Reasons to add water mark in images

There are polarized opinions regarding watermark on the images, you will find the primary reason why the images are usually watermarked.

do you need to watermark your images

Photographers use watermarked images worldwide which are because of the following reasons:

  • They never want their clients to copy their photos including prints, low resolution images on the internet, because they are intended to provide the best possible prints to their clients.
  • They want to be credited for the hard work they have exerted and do not want their content/ images to be posted on their sites without their consent.

Above two comes out as the primary reason why the images are reproduced and shared on the internet.

Other possible reasons for watermarking

  • If you are in favor of watermarking your images, bear in mind that to use a wide watermark that covers most of your image. In the absence of a giant watermark placed in the centre of your image; it would be fairly easy to remove that mark. That is why you are supposed a big watermark to deter your images.
  • If you think that the clients will take the images from your business on the Facebook account. Go for an agreement despite of water marking your image restricts them for the any illegal usage in any condition.
  • 90% of the businesses will make an attempt to steal your image to they may ask the stock agencies, for instance, Stocksy, Shutterstock or Getty. Most often, your images would be shared online through someone else. It can take form of anything and there are people who would instantly share on different social media platforms, for instance, LinkedIn, Tumbler and Pinterest.
  • If you are curious in finding hoe your images are used online, or how your images are sued online, insert your image in the Google search and find out if it has been used online. Uploading your image will take you to the exact location of your image.

If you are an enthusiast to share your images online then use a watermark that properly fist your photography style & make your business prominent. Make this entire fun more subtly as most of the people will notice the watermark than noticing rest of the photo.

To conclude, the big water marks prevent your images from any sort of misuse & make it hard to be removed.

Secrets of candy crush success

If you adhere to understand the difference behind the addiction of the sandy crush saga then at first you need to know that the game is generating millions of dollars per day. The point to ponder is that this ‘free game’ is close to a million dollars per day for it developer, King.com. The biggest feature could be seen in its highly addictive nature. If you are in the start of your new business then there are some important lessons which we could drive from its success.

secrets of candy crush
An increasing desire
What attracts you in most of the games? It’s because they continue as long as you want them to be. Players soon start getting annoyed with such games. The scenario is a bit different in candy crush because players only get five lives before they have to wait for three minutes. In fact, there are some spots in the game in which a player have to wait for until the next day.
Where this obsession comes from?
All the candy crush addicts are the same – totally hooked on the game that’s even beatenFarmvilleto rise to the top spot. People have spent millions of dollars on this game. Only 15% percent of its players are found in the Europe. It has gone on the top that the authorities have started getting worried.
Top 8 secrets of candy crush saga

  • The difficulty increases in sudden leaps, and pushes you to do whatever it takes
  • It gives you goals, which encourage you to struggle on through each level
  • You suffer withdrawal symptoms whenever you put it down
  • It gives you a sense of progress: you don’t have to “start again” when you lose
  • It’s easy to learn: there’s only a handful of rules
  • It’s everywhere: cellphones, Facebook, tablets, laptops
  • It rewards you at random, like a slot machine
  • It appeals to your competitive nature and your desire to avoid negative outcomes

You are never going to get over the frustration

In candy crush saga, five lives you are going to have Five Lives which are exact. When you get failed in completing a level you lose it. After reaching the first few difficult levels, you run out of the lives quickly and this is where candy crush start getting successful.
Play again and again
There are two ways to get more lives, ask any of your Facebook friends to play with you or pay via micro transactions. People spend a considerable amount of money on it. Select from the two options:

  • Ask any of your Facebook friends to play with you
  • Pay up

It is worth mentioning that it’s quite an expensive obsession.