Magento vs. Opencart, two kings of eCommerce world

Whenever we are building an eCommerce site, it strikes our mind that which platform is to be used. Making a comparison between magento vs. opencart eCommerce stores brings you at the threshold of making a strong decision because your eCommerce store is going to rely on that chosen one.

There is no obvious answer to such questions, all it depends on your needs, amount of the products, your capabilities and how you integrate with your newly made website. The world of eCommerce is wide and provides you a range of solutions.

A contrast between Magento vs. Opencart, two kings of eCommerce world, has been given in the article, which makes it easier to make a choice between the two.


There are some questions you always need to ask yourself before selecting an eCommerce platform, they are given as follows:

    • For a web development company, you need to define your budget first.
    • Do you want your products appear online fast or you are in need of a flexible solution with complete control of enhanced UX?
    • Define the region where you want to sell your products
    • Are you in need of a hosted eCommerce solution
    • Do you intend to run multiple stores
    • Do you consider SEO as your top priority?
    • What eCommerce strategy is your following?
    • Do you need to integrate your eCommerce store with a WordPress blog?

Once the above mentioned questions are answered, it makes it even easier for you to select an eCommerce store.


An online store can be started in minutes to build a custom online shopping experience which include various online selling stores on global level. Here comes the main comparison between magento and open cart eCommerce stores:

Main difference between magento and opencart is in its uses and features. Magento has got the popular recognition because for its feasibility to do anything to build the store of your dreams. It offers customizable shopping experience with unlimited design options, powerful SEO resources, unlimited plugins and integrations. Every possible feature you think you think is probably built and available on the magento eCommerce. A trained and professional magento developer can create that solution for you.


Opencart is easier to program but has a small community basis. It proves great for start-ups and that need to be delivered on a quicker basis without so many integrations. It provides a powerful shopping cart, powerful tools which are more intuitive and straight forward. Some of the developers find it too simplistic with not many features to play with. Opencart is better if you are an experienced one. In case, of lacking the essential skills in website building, magento can be a bit confusing.

Which one is more powerful?

Both of magento and opencart are good options for setting up small online shops, but magento performs better in hosting medium to large sized business websites.

It has more customizable features in terms of designs and layouts whereas, opencart is fairly unlimited. Magento allows complete store of your store, it has friendlier SEO optimized URL results and provides even better SEO options. Moreover, it has the ability to access and maintain your history & product comparison. In addition, magento is far better than any other system offered by opencart store. In terms of magento, you get whatever you pay for, for instance, all the benefits and feature. Finally, it weights higher than the free opencart benefits, advantages and features.

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