How AlphaApps prioritize the work?

Success doesn’t come served in plates. To prioritize the work every business need to adopt key strategies for the business growth. However, there are certain ways to prioritize the businesses and it also depends upon the type of businesses one is having.

Entrepreneurs in Alpha Apps have set the standards high to maintain their business well& spend most of their time to grab success. All the successful minds spend quality time to collect the useful data and keep a constant eye where the changes are required.

Entrepreneurs ensure that only the viable; policies must come out to enhance the customer flow. Thy wisely implement strategies and generate productivity.
Alpha Apps prioritize work in the following ways:

Senior business managers in Alpha Apps plan everything first and then devise strategies.We mainly prioritize the work through the useful tactics and the rapid execution of things. Having said that, long term prioritization is also an essential tool to for the progress of the business.

Meeting the deadlines

We excel in meeting the client deadlines on time and refrain from making delay. This is counted as the key quality of Alpha Apps which makes the prioritization of work even stronger.

How we overcome challenges to prioritization

Alpha Apps defines a clear use of examples of clear rules to define strategies & rely on transparency. We have understood business strategies and they are constantly followed and applied. Challenges are overcome due to clear definition of strategies and prior knowledge of the relevant field. Above all, we never allow too many people to be involved in the decision-making process; this gives vague results.

There is a set of value modes which are used for prioritizing, our value model that explains the entire project organization and management. This model mainly caters for the sensitivity & other risk factors. It rapidly determines the entire sensitivity and takes quick action to capitalize things.

We believe in agile development

We believe in the agile principles and thinking. Agile development turns out to be very exciting. Some projects turn more agile than others through more collaborative approach & visibilities. We deliver efficient working comprised over a shorter period of time with a particular preference to the shorter timescale. We actively work together throughout the project with consistent efforts.

No wastage of time

Despite of making the quick and active business decisions, we take the best business decisions which are sound enough. We divide the sore business projects into pieces & make them prioritize against a chunk of the work. This way the entire prioritization process gets easier an effective.

How To Test Mobile Apps?

Whenever you launch an app it could be full of risks or negative comments. Once an app has been launched and comes in the market place, the audience/ users want it to be perfect. A perfect feedback comes through genuine feedback without making an effect on the ratings.
Building an app& testing is not that easy to test your users, you need to diverse a strategy to attract a real user. You better aim for the high quality user experience. Different ways have given below to test your app:

Mobile App Testing

Are the app goals satisfied?

All goals associated with your app must make a clear sense moreover;you should be able to make your customers satisfied. If an app fails to satisfy the audience then you should try to find the cases in which an app fails. A constant consideration is required.

Make a thorough research

As the title suggests that and make the market research and take your app to the work place and other public places. Meet then maximum targeted audience and please them with your app. Display a reason so that the audience so that the audience get attracted towards your app. It would be a great work to publicize your app.

Reach the actual tester

There are a number of testing apps present in the market, seek assistance from a professional to test your app.  A tester would check every screen and analyze the possible behavior associated with the app. A professional tester will help you have a user-flow in the presence of an app. Also, a regulate budget can help you grow further. This could happen in the presence of professional tester.

Focus groups

Focused groups should be kept into consideration. A professional research employee will help you target the right audience in the market & analyze the right usage of your app. This is considered as one of the best ways to check an app. Customer’s psychology & behavior also result in drawing a conclusion about their interest and demands.

Make your friends familiarize with it

Call your friends home one fine evening and let them download an app. This can prove to be helpful because you take feedback from your personal friends and normal environment. Keep a record track of everything that has happened.

Difference between UX designer and UI designer

There have been many conversations about the ‘UX’ of a product or the ‘UI’ of a website.It is a bit complicated to understand how one becomes a UX or UI designer. This article will provide you a know how on what being a UX or UI Designer really means.



UX designers are basically concerned with how the product appears. Any given design has no single answer to the problems. UX designers bring into use different approaches to find a specific answer for user problem. The extensive responsibility of a UX designer is to make sure that the product logically from one step to another. The UX designer does it by conducting user behavior & identifies verbal and non-verbal stumbling blocks. They refine everything to create the best user experience. An example project is creating an amazing on boarding for a new user.

Tools of the trade: Photoshop, Sketch, Illustrator, Fireworks, InVision


The UI designer is concerned with the overall layout of the product. They take charge of designing every screen pages with what a user interacts and ensure that the UI communicates the path what a UI designer has laid out. For instance, a UI designer creating an analytics dashboard might front load the most important content at the top, or to decide whether slider l makes the most natural sense to build a adjust a graph. UI designers are also considered responsible for creating a wide style guide and ensure that a design language is applied all through the product. The designer is supposed to be consistent in visual elements & defining behavior, for instance, how to display error or warning states stay under the purview of a UI designer.

Tools of the trade: Photoshop, Sketch, Illustrator, Fireworks

Top CMS systems – know what CMS is best for your website

“CMS is software that keeps a track of everything on your website & keeps it organized”.

For instance, all the books remain organized in a library and everything is sequenced and stored in a proper way. Same is the case with CMS system that it manages each and every part of your content. The information/ content provided on the website can be in different forms, for example; it could be simple text, images, info graphics, videos and music. The exciting part of CMS is that it doesn’t require any specified skill for the management of the content, neither any other skill, despite of all this the CMS system work for you.

Website Development

When building a website becomes easier:

Building a website becomes far easier with the presence of numerous CMS systems. With a CMS system you no longer have to be put extra efforts with CSS coding & HTML to create web pages. Below you can have a look at multiple options for the excellent CMS systems that have made the jobs quite easier for the website publishers and developers. CMS systems may differ; some of them could be very complicated while others demand technical knowledge. Here in this article you can have healthy tips to have highly customized CMS available.

CMS (Content Management System)

Light CMS provides an easier tom use online services, which includes designs & CMS management tools. It is set for the rapid progress for the websites and facilitated through two options. The finest way would be to start form with a built-in-template, moreover, using an online design editor for the modification of site navigation and handling many other settings.

wp logoWordPress has widely used CMS. It started off with a blogging platform and has always remained a popular platform for the blog oriented websites. It can be used for building different website. A website can be made highly responsive by using the Word Press theme.

WordPress utilizes online themes for instance, PHP, CSS, first of all it determines how a site appears to the user. You need to have a complete grasp of CSS and a basic understanding of the PHP (programming language that motivate WordPress). Benefits can also be extracted from different various guides available which are going to help you all through this process.

When it comes to make a comparison with the open-source systems, WordPress stands form among all. Creative designers are there who prefer to use Joomla & Drupal. Even the selection of the plug-ins, it cannot be made fully customized as other systems are.

drupal logoDrupal software is built through a union where hundreds of volunteers are present, a range of interesting themes and plug-ins can be found, it suggests towards the customization of your blogs and results in bringing life to your site. According to an estimate, there are about 60 million people who use WordPress to empower the websites.

Drupal can help you building several kinds of websites.It may take place of different blogs & enterprise applications. Thousands of online modules & themes are there which help you customize your sites. Drupal can be used to build an efficient database service management. All you need to do is to be aware of some technical knowledge.

Drupal is supported by a number of different diverse people around the world. It is an open source CMS that is used by millions of applications &websites and. A number of web-hosting services provide calm installation of Drupal.

joomla logoIt is an award-winning CMS that assists you build websites which assist build your website as well as many other powerful applications. Installing Joomla is quite easy & doesn’t require any specific technical skills. Joomla is an open source CMS solutions that manages with the web-hosting services. Joomla can be installed with a single click, and you can learn to install it very well, this simplest feature has made it even more popular.

squarespace cmsJust like Light CMS, you can begin something by a number of build-in-templatesand then control panels to build the site. Squarespace proves to be quite spontaneous. Have an access to the interesting drafting options & get your fonts, alignment and sizes modified. There are more advanced formatting options, for instance, placing margins or padding etc.

The online services provided through it re equal to light CMS, which provides more customized and easy to use tools for designing the site and management of the content. Squarespace certainly provides customized tools for the e-commerce, SEP. blogs and improving the traffic etc. All the designers who want to have a firm control of their websites, can use the new developer platform. This platform uses a platform that matches to the Drupal and WordPress.

expressionengineExpression Engine is an exclusive CMS; it lacks the kind of broad ecosystem that you will find with the open source systems. This suggests fewer Ads on, training resources& developers who are well associated with technology. Developers who use Expression Engine give it great marks for flexibility, performance and scalability .An Expression Engine template possesses a single document that you create via CMS interface. The common type of a webpage, which include static HTML or content generated from the database. Express Engine core could be used for personal/ non-commercial use only. It’s a refined way to add the right value of the software. The drawback, it lacks some of the features in full version, for instance, mailing, e-commerce & management.

Other options for the creation of templates

The other options would be to cover you own templates. HTML files possess small bits of tokens and then convert it into the page. These could be uploaded to the sites with the CSS, JavaScript & image files.). No matter which method you choose; designs include functions which are editable, by the clients.



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