Ruby on Rails Fundamentals for beginners

ROR is an interesting web development application framework, which is simple enough to start and overcome the many big issues. It is an open source Web Framework used for writing real world applications with much more simplicity & uses less code than the XML frameworks, According to the official ROR website: it refers to an open-source web framework optimized for the programmers for maximum productivity. It allows you to write amazing code through favoring convention over configuration.

It was basically designed to focus on the simplicity and creativity and often takes an advantage of all such traits. Ruby on Rails fundamentals for beginners provides a clear and concise ways to avoid the code repetition which is highly effective. Developers find it highly successful with less. It requires more CPU power which is a cheaper hardware nowadays and isn’t an issue anymore.

ROR is a dynamic language and brings you a syntax that makes you think when you are reading a sentence. It is object-oriented and proves to be fairly easy for you to write your first couple of lines using the Ruby code.
Learning ruby on rails will make many things clearer and there are ample resources to do so. It keeps you motivated through different challenges you face.

The best mentoring

Before learning ROR, find a project you are excited about and get started. Best way of learning requires you to sit by an expert and learn things such type of interaction with target learning provides you a direction, repetition and correction. This method is rarely practiced and is quite rare.
Online training workshops

This is where the quality of in-person becomes more convenient with affordable training intersecting. Such learning opportunities provides you the chances to ask questions, getting direct instruction and take benefit from the wide community of learners who are on the same learning level.

Learning through Interactive Videos

There are proven ways to learn things especially when you learn through the interactive videos. It happens in the absence of an instructor. This gives a more affordable access to a finest learning method which is more a fun and entertainment.

Live Training Events

Live training programs pave way for more effective learning to learn ROR on a high level. They provide the quality instructions and provide god options to learn ROR. These options provide high ways for training which can be expensive in the training schools. There are certain travel expenses which makes this option unrealistic for the beginners also the heavy time for commitment.

Screencast Videos

They provide an interactive element; screen cast videos can be an effective way to learn ROR. The benefits of the screen cast videos are that they let you explore the deeper on an issue. You can have a great way to learn different things and reinforce this language. You may get to see what is possible and how someone works. The advantage if this tip is that it provides you an advantage to learn the things on a more solid basis.

The Blogosphere

If you want to take huge benefit from ROR, forum, videos etc then they can be on your finger tips for free, all you need to do is to spend some extra time with it. In case, you want full-time tutorials Blogosphere can be a great way to create the fresh content everyday from different people. There are problems which are catered that you come across at some point of time.

Different link building strategies

Getting traffic to ones side is one of the most engaging tasks an SEO practitioner is tend to do. The right definition of link building  is the art of getting more links to your website to improve the ranking in Google. There are different ways to do link building, however, some of the tips and techniques are legitimate whereas, others are not. The legitimate ‘white hat’ refers to the legitimate strategies. Many other techniques are considered as ‘black hat’ which directly lead to spamming. Google’s webmaster’s techniques guidelines are called ‘black hat’ or web spam.

Link Building

Link building forms a relationship between the sites and pages which are important both for the search engines and marketers. Search engine like Google crawls then web, discover new pages, analyze the overall popularity of those pages and determine of it has any relevancy with respect to the search query.

Some of the most effective techniques have been given below:

Using pillar content to earn links

Using different are a great source for earning new links for a site if you are seriously concerned about the website. This can be gained through writing blogs and sharing the information. If there is a serious interest in enhancing the post then it goes at the height of success through the acquired links.

You have to make a distinction here by providing unique ideas which no one else has shared. This strategy may be used with the advanced usage of info graphics and the most important thing is that is must hold some value.

Leveraging through providing the relevant content

Providing relevant content about a particular service pr product refers to leveraging the content. Various tactics have been used to leverage the content through the popular blogs which have been able to earn high links for the high quality domains.

This strategy applies especially when you start a blog and require some strong and solid content to start with. Creating a lot of content isn’t advisable at this stage; instead, content curation takes place here.

Utilizing press contacts to gain more links

This not only directs you to highest success rate but this is an excellent strategy to gain high quality sites. Other important thing is that this thing is strategy is needed apart from your experience about a particular subject and outreach skills. ResponsiveSource and Haro are two exciting services to utilize these techniques.

Giving more testimonials in exchange of links

Another useful way for existing popularity is through giving the testimonials related to your field. This can be seen on the front pages where the customers share their views about the reputable services. This connects you with the likewise services in a more relevant way.
Scale Broken Link Building
Broken links refer to fixing the web; if you enhance the broken link images with efforts then you would be able to draw better links from that. Better results can be seen through this. All you need to do is to earn reputable links from the relevant niche on the powerful pages. There are SEO crawlers, for instance. Screaming Frog. You may run it from your website or form a server to crawl your site niche and find for the pages with the broken links. This way you can reach the respective sites with prospective replacements from your own site.

Engaging through different quizzes

Engaging in quizzes is a great way to collect emails. This can also be helpful to earn the links too. Engaging quizzes are for the engaging content and such content has the ability to acquire the links in a more natural way. For content promotion strategies, results can be maximized through using this tactic.


Now you have with enough proof for the future link building strategies. You don’t have to be worried about using either of the strategies because they are not going the harm your website at all.

Best self hosted eCommerce solutions

When it comes to starting an online store, there are many things to take into consideration. One of the most important parts of the puzzle is which platform to use to power your e-commerce site. E-commerce pages have been used to build thousands of online stores worldwide through the complete Hosted Ecommerce online business solutions. This suggests that you get everything you need to run a successful online business using the ecommerce solutions.

Each single transaction matters for your business, the more transactions you are going to make the more likely you proceed. Your site should be readily available and should be more secure. In order to achieve the online revenue you need to make the site more functional with a reliable infrastructure and exemplary security.

Selling your products online may make you face certain challenges. An ecommerce website need to upload the images faster and the infrastructure should go parallel with the latest trends. Stay up-to-date with the requirements of the day. Through ecommerce hosting solutions you get help over so many prevailing issues.

A list of top web hosting solutions has been given below:

Magento hosting

Magento is quite popular platform amongst the ecommerce sites. Thousands of worlds websites are build on it and it is the most powerful ecommerce platform used till date. There are certain benefits associated with it, for example, plugins, extensions, new functionality, flawless experienced developers, lower maintenance development & maintenance cost.


This platform is used for building ecommerce websites on WordPress platforms. A number of WordPress websites have the Woocommerce websites built in. The plugin provides rich features and work in user-friendly and cost effective way for smaller businesses and also for those which are familiar with this platform.


Oscommerce is fairly popular platform with 11% of top 100,000 sites are built on using the open sources technology. It is one of the earliest open source platforms available, provides huge support and is an active forum. It helps users with latest platforms which may not have kept up with all the times.

Drupal Commerce:

It is one of the most open used content management system files after WordPress. Drupal commerce is the plug in for the ecommerce websites built on this platform. It’s flawless integration with drupal makes the blogs more convenient than any other content management systems.


Shopify is one of the names that hits the mind when one thinks about the online ecommerce platform. With thousands of users shopify is one of the most popular ecommerce solutions as well.


This is another platform with 17% o top 100,000 sites using hosted ecommerce solutions; and 51,977 sites overall, being built on Bigcommerce.

Zepo is Mumbai based ecommerce stores and has raised an incredible amount of funding back in Deemober 2014 and expanded its plans.


Every platform and CMS has its platforms, with plus minus points which depends on your model and requirements. If you are looking for a hosted platform you may find the best options form the above, for a content management system then Magento can turn out to be the best option. This is also based upon your experience and interest.


Best programming languages used by professional programmers

programming languages used by professional programmers to develop applications, scripts and other set of instructions to be executed by computers. The statements written by the programmers are called “source language” they are converted into computer’s programming language called “machine language” via different programs called compilers, interpreters and assemblers. For instance, when a programmer writes multiply hours time rate, the multiply turns into a code that means to multiply, HOURS and RATE are converted into locations where these items are actually located.



It is considered the perfect language for programmers and developers for learning purposes. It is the type of top programming language that has secured the highest position with android and iOS. It has emerged from a previous position over past some years and maintained the position. Java is utilized for mobile based applications, creating several desktop applications, also for establishing android apps across different devices.


PHP helps to enlarge a website efficiently. It is the basic foundation for a number of CSs systems. It is highly valuable for programmers and developers.


It is a highly functional language that assists in generating communication for the website. It can be utilized in various ways. Different style of frameworks can be utilized in JavaScript to build excellent user interface. For web development, it is pertinent to know about JavaScript for making highly interactive web pages. JavaScript is also applied to animations on web pages, loading different images, objects and scripts on web page. It has the ability to provide highly responsive user interface.


When you intend to become a skilled in one language then you should immediately start learning Python language that has the ability to build web apps, user interfaces, , data analysis , frameworks etc. Python is usually utilized for bigger companies to evaluate the data sets; it provides a huge chance to learn Python grammar.


Constructing apps for iOS require you to know about Objective-C language flawlessly. Top choice for all the web developers is Objective-C. After learning Objective-C, start applying for Xcode that is authorized software tool from Apple. You can quickly produce iOS app that can gain prominence in App store.


Ruby and ROR (Ruby on Rails) are other programming languages. This is easy to learn and clearly understandable. In case you have small time you can still a project can be achieved which can be utilized on Ruby language. This is applied for the web programming and become ideal selection for the programmers.


Perl is a well accepted language and offers various tools for systems programming. This program language is a bit puzzling and is a strong one to learn form this year. Perl is mainly used for the web expansion, app development and system administration, test automation, testing databases, web apps, networking devices and many others.

 C, C++ and C#

C++ or C plus is a bit more progressive than C, and utilized immensely in forming hardware speeded games. It is an ideal selection for strong desktop software as well as apps for mobiles and desktop. Known to be the strongest language, C++ is applied in vital operating systems, such as Windows.

After learning these 2, you can go ahead in knowing about C# language. It won’t be difficult for you to get accustomed with C# after knowing C and C++. C# is actually the prime language for Microsoft applications and services. While executing with .Net and ASP technologies, you are required to be familiar with the C# accurately.

Your knowledge can be increased through which sis a distinctive program king language. This should be the first one for start up in the formation of software’s.


Executing databases for instance, as Microsoft SQL server, Oracle, MySQL, etc you become aware of SQL programming or standard Query Language. Regarding this language achieve the data needed and other comprehensive databases.


This is for the most trendy language program which is known to be the best among the ones of 2015. The developers and programmers should make ensure that they are updated regarding them. Having a prior understanding of different programming languages may take them to a greater level where they add more charm to their careers.

What are prototypes used for?

Prototypes are used to test an idea in the existing system before a real system has been taken place. The entire goal of prototype is to assure whether all the components in an existing system will be working together. For instance, when a car is manufactured, majority of the people will use computer models to test things there without having the final need to build a car. Software prototypes are building for the same reasons. The big advantage is to fix many problems with less hassle and to test the things in advance. The actual essence of prototypes lies in learning everything during building it.

What are prototype used for

Goal of prototypes

The actual goal of prototypes is to answer the questions that are why they are cheaper to produce. Important details can be ignored without which the actual point would be senseless. There are details which are aren’t important for you at present, would be important for you thereafter. Whenever you are making a prototype for website you don’t have to correct data. You can survive with bad user interface when you are making prototypes for performance tests.

what are prototypes used for?

Prototypes are sued for the following:

  • Correctness
  • Completeness
  • Error-checking
  • Documentation

When a prototype is used, it must be assured that everyone is involved in it should know that you are doing something for the trash bin.


Using prototype model

  • Prototype model should be used when a system needs to have an active interaction with the users
  • Online systems, with a high level of interaction with end users are best suited for prototypes model. It might take some time for a system to be built for users ease and minimal training for the end user.
  • Prototypes require the users to constantly work with then systems and provide a feedback incorporated in the prototype to result in a usable system. Such systems prove to excellent for designing nice computer interface systems.

Advantages of using prototype model

  • Users are actively involved in the development.
  • Some of the benefits are, the users are involved in the development.
  • This methodology is used when a working model is provided.
  • The main purpose is providing users a better understanding before a system is provided.
  • Errors can be detected in then start.
  • Quicker feedback is available for better solutions.
  • Any missing functionality can be identified easily.
  • Any confusion of misunderstandings can be identified at an early level.
  • It requires quick implementation of incomplete but highly functional applications.

5 effective steps to design web projects hierarchy

Planning structure of your website becomes the most crucial and critical step. It not only determines the entire structure of your website but add several meanings to the website as well. The most important thing is the navigational structure: in which a search engine or a user navigates through your website. The second important thing is the conceptual and logic structure which provides an ordinary idea about your website.

In theory, the navigational structural design refers to a hierarchy and its images can be found in various web design manuals.

Here is an example of website structure hierarchy: website hierarchy

Here are the main needs and steps to design web projects hierarchy.

web projects hierarchy


Any design must be able to function properly. For instance, if a design has been made for an MP3 player must have the rewind, forward and other digital audio files to be considered an MP3 player. If it remains unable to perform any of the above function then it will be failed. Designs which only meet the basic functionality hold a little value. A fully functional design is expected to meet certain characteristics of a website. Functionality needs might be pages that load in a sufficient time, working links that respond to the browser buttons like Forward and Back.


When your design has meet the basic and functional need, it needs to move on the next level in the design hierarchy to show a more stable and consistent performance. It works over and over again.

Such designs which only meet the reliability are considered of low value. As, we always expect to purchase the products which will work consistently. A reliable website has to work constantly and it should go flawlessly the existing and the new pages.


You should bear in mind that how easily your users can perform the basic tasks. All the usable website design is of moderate value. We have the basic expectation of usability that any things won’t work as we expect them to be. Later, we recognize that things don’t work as we expected they would like. A usable design distinguishes your website from all those on low levels.

Website with usable designs is easily understandable and makes use of an organization which makes the content browsing easily with rich content and an attractive layout.


Your web design will empower people to perform better. Such needs are related to proficiency needs. Designs which are regarded as proficient are perceived to function at a higher level. A design that let people do things which weren’t possible previously and to expand it on the basic functionality would be great.

A proficient website does include excellent and advanced search options. It also covers the ability to combine data from different sources into more refined level of information and web-based tools.


Once all of the above levels have been met, your designs can be made more perfect to meet the creative needs. In this way, a design can interact with people in multiple ways. The design will explore and create things to expand the product in a great way.
Designs that meet the creative needs are of high quality; they create a fan base which suffices their fan needs.

Web project hierarchy designs define the overall structure of a website. This kind of hierarchical structure helps you to precede the designing process in a better way. Resultantly, you gain a clear idea about the entire structure of the website. In addition, development, pages, user experience and the entire flow takes place accordingly.



How to make and launch your own podcast

Podcasting refers to audio broadcastings on the internet. The reason behind it became like this, it was directly linked with the iPod in name because many people followed the broadcast, mostly audio shows and listened on their iPods. Now there is no need to listen to the broadcast on the iPods, instead you can listen and enjoy your favorite on your computer with music software.

How to make and launch your own podcast

You can make your podcast library on your smart phone and even in your car. You only need to have some way to play music on your computer to be able to listen to your podcasts.

People podcast for various reasons, many of them want to find a way to express a feeling for particular TV shows, gaining knowledge about a specific personality. Some time they are made to draw attention of specific people, for instance, a newly launched brand wants to gain attention to their songs, a new innovation in the IT industry, moreover, radio stations find alternate means to for the distribution of shows to their customers. Some of the podcasters go into this field just to make money.

Initial step to make the podcast

Once you have to make your own podcast, then nest logical question comes to your mind is the category of the podcast, for this you take into account the podcasts which have already been created. Various categories include; health, sports, music, politics etc.

A podcast can help the football couches to prepare general messages and prepare a podcast of their weekly schedule on the local radio channel and demonstrate their lessons.

How to make the Podcast:

Things you require for the creation for the Podcast:


  • Microphone
  • Audio recording software
  • Podcast Manager & Hosting
  • A computer and mixer (in case using multiple inputs)
  • A webcam/camcorder (in case of video podcasting)

Ways to launch and promote your podcast

Here is answer of how to launch your own podcast, there are many ways to promote the podcast through blogging, blog and tweeting etc. Some effective methods will be helpful of setting up a podcast and promote that effectively. Moreover, there are ways to promote the podcasts.

Platforms for the promotion of podcasts

  • SoundCloud
  • YouTube


SoundCloud is picking a large number of podcasts in a number of ways; it provides the best platform to the musicians to upload their tracks. SoundCloud makes big efforts for the promotion of music/ songs/ podcasts and video recordings.


YouTube is the third biggest in the world and second biggest search engine in the world. Many a time, YouTube is overlooked in the service of promotion but it is a high quality resource for getting your content ready in an appealing video form.

You get your podcast on your blog or on the iTunes & host the original files yourself. These ideas can bring additional views if you would like to try them.

Below are some steps to be followed:

Decide the length

First of all you need to decide the length of your podcast; most of the podcasts don’t exceed 60 minutes. Take into account the length of the media, for instance, pre-recorded introduction. Set a timer to ensure the accuracy, timing

Write a script

Pre write an introduction in the beginning of each segment. Scripting provides a beginning statement to each segment and a smooth structure helps understand the structure of the segment.


Scheduling your podcasts on weekly or daily basis makes it more convenient. By giving a month or more gaps will provide you more time for preparation (depending on your topic).


You will need artist consent to play videos or music during your podcast. When you make contact to the content creator for the consent, this enhances the scope for the small artists increase their scope. Media files can also be used through for licensed effects and recordings.

Get yourself recorded

This could be done on a smart phone, microphone that is plugged with your computer, set it in a recorder. The most important thing includes; keeping your mind as clear as your want. The sound quality does really matter, if it interrupts somewhere people are not going to hear it.


Download editing software because not everything you say is worth listening to. Keep you listener’s indulgence higher. There are also many benefits to editing. Eliminate all the flaws form the natural speech and keep your reader engaged for the first 30 seconds, they will otherwise more likely to go somewhere else.

Top PC backup softwares list 2015

We all are well aware of the fact that we should back up our files and keep them secure. In case you PC hardware crash, your digital files and data can be at a loss. The best thing is to always keep them in perfect place without having the fears to lose them. After installing the backup software’s, your important photos, images and favorite music can be stored in a separate hard drive or on the cloud. In doing so, you will never have to worry for any unexpected loss.

backup softwares list 2015

Have a look at the top & free PC backup softwares list:
Pipemetrics Bvckup 2
Bvckup 2 is one of the applications where you don’t have to give much heed after it set up. It is reliable software with high-end features to help you all the way. Delta copying speeds up the backups when compared with the full file copies. It works with complete reliability also with the intelligent error handling & detailed logging. Bvckup 2 represents great value for the users.

Easeus ToDo Backup Free 3.5

It is the best software programs in existence despite of some of the minor user inabilities problems. It is one of the amazing backup programs. IT can be sum up as a rare user will expect any other thing more than it provides.

Acronis True Image 2014 Premium

It has the backup utility to beat and 2014 Premium product adds online storage to its arsenal of data security utilities. There has been a disappointment with the compression, backups are quickly created and with a lot of flexibility in how you set them and schedule everything.

EaseUS Todo Backup Home

EaseUS Tod is a quite cwide backup tool which is supposed to cover the top essentials for file and system backup with excellent scheduling and firm support for the copy destinations. It goes a little expensive and doesn’t include sync or mobile file access Acronis True Image 2013, but also for the mainstream PC data security. It justifies its job.

Acronis True Image 2014

The 2014 version is worth giving a look. If you are new to the backup products then simply get to know that it doesn’t make it better than the Acronis True Image for an average user. R-Drive Image for the pros is also recommended.


Looking at the business backup solutions you may need a variety of things; security is one of them along with all the speed and ease of the code. The security issue is answered in part ISO 27001 certification to make sure that the company is properly safeguarding your data. The transfer speed is fastest than the fiber optics connection.


Crash plan provide you regular backups to a huge variety of media, it also includes hosting of your personal backup on your personal computer and crash plan is a more secure and cleaner plan.

Why are you not meeting customer expectations on social media

Many online businesses are falling behind the customer expectations, which isn’t a new thing. Businesses tend to remain in tune with the customer expectations and also want to exceed them. You must have a proper understanding of your customer’s satisfaction which may directly make an impact on your bottom line. Customers set high hopes with the brand and want to have the results right according to what they have thought.

why not meeting customer expectations on social media

There are some examples for not meeting the customer expectations:

Product quality

product quality

Online marketing is on the verge nowadays. Consumers carry high demand with the product quality and want to see the product as it was visible. If a consumer asks for a product to be delivered and he/she doesn’t see the same quality of the product then it clearly suggests that you didn’t meet the customer expectations.

Low quality of services

If you start providing low quality of products to your customers and doing that constantly then it’s a proven fact that your customer is going to get annoyed and dissatisfied for sure.

Not knowing your customers

You can never make impact on your customers if you don’t know the expectation of the customers. Different things matters in this regard for instance, knowing the age of your customers, knowing their areas of interest and most importantly location which matters a lot.

Defining your objectives

If your objectives are vague and not clear then you will fail to satisfy your customers. If there are clear objectives in front of you and you want to target specific audience then things will work out perfectly for you. Otherwise, in the absence of clearly defined goals and objectives on then social media then you have to lose a number of customers.

Social media

Social media makes a high presence for any brand. Through then social media the social lifecycle continues to improve the business but it only happens of the brand is active on the social media.

Being functional on the social media in the race of promoting your business without keeping a pace what the customer intends to have, or what does he/ she desire to have, then remain far behind the on satisfying the customer needs.
Some key instructions

  • You should ensure that the customer service is free of errors all across the platforms with complete maintenance.
  • Understand the customer and analyze how do they interact with the internet, make a strategy and get all the care and attention they deserve.
  • Allow dedicated teams to be in service for more networks for the increased customer satisfaction across different platforms.

In conclusion

It is pertinent to keep the customer engaged and provide him/ her what is needed not what you intend to provide, if a distinction has been made between meeting the customer demands & meeting your own demands then the prevailing issues can be solved. Keep your prime focus on how the customers behave, interact and expects and transform yourself in the same structure to be able to run a prosperous business.

A complete overview of magento CMS

Magento is a strong ecommerce system with a sheer learning curve, aimed at bigger commercial sites. When it comes to develop ecommerce solutions, it is required more than technology. Choosing magento as ecommerce software may get concerned with the evident lack flexibility with the CMS functionality provided by default, leading them to integration between magento and other platforms, for instance, Joomla, WordPress and Drupal.

A complete overview of magento CMS

Magento CMS functionality is suitable for fulfilling the maximum use cases.

CMS Pages

CMS pages are used for the pages on ecommerce store that fall outside the below mentioned user flow:


There could be very simple text pages, for instance, terms and conditions page, complicated and media rich pages. Creating a CMS magento wants you to present, what you see is what you get (WYSIWYG) into the entry box. It also allows you to add text, media, images, CMS blocks and widgets into page without any coding or HTML knowledge. CMS pages also allow selecting particular templates & layouts for the designing purposes, setting the URL path and additional Meta Data that is connected with the SEO.

CMS blocks

CMS Blocks are similar to the pages but they are not accessible independently. When a CMS block has to be appearing on the website, it must be inserted into a CMS page.

With the CMS pages, WYSIWYG inbox is available for you to add a variety of content, unlike CMS pages; CMS blocks can add a number of pages and multiple regions. A CMS block could be easily used to create a block to deliver information about your shipping and delivery policy and prices. The block can be replaced in the side bar of the site and makes firm management.

Magento CMS Widgets

CMS widgets are available where you can get cleverer with the CMS content. It also allows you to insert various elements in specific formats. This may range from a rotating banner, the sort you may have the focal point on the homepage, at the three popular blocks, an interactive feature and nearest store locator with map integration.

magento CMS widget

CMS Widgets can be also be inserted into CMS Pages or Blocks, widgets may be able to appear in a variety of methods.

Custom modules

There are some circumstances where the above mentioned options may not but it doesn’t mean that the magneto cannot provide desired CMS functionality. Magneto codebase is constructed means the custom modules. The way Magento codebase is constructed suggests that the custom modules can also be crafted with full grip over the platforms. This makes the content updating more frequent with ease and low costs.